DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – July 2014

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - July 2014


After the media campaign by DHA Karachi about development of Red Zone Sectors i.e Sector 3, Sector 5 and Sector 7; market took 30 to 40% price jump in these sectors, plus all these three sectors detailed maps along with plot numbers has been issued too as many people were waiting for the detailed maps and finally maps are here.

DHA City Karachi also made the announcement of starting of development work in other sector too i.e Sector 2 (A, B & D), Sector 6 (A & B) and Central Business District (CBD). Commander 5 Corps and President Executive Board DHA Lt. Gen Sajjad Ghani HI(M) inaugurated and approximately 200 people including Govt Officials, Real Estate, Media, Defence Residents and Locals attended the ceremony. Because of this announcement; mentioned sectors also took price jump, and market witnessed sharp increase in commercial plots of CBD.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

Now after all this happening in the month of June 2014, market become dull and price which increased in Red Zone Sectors started coming down and couldn’t maintained that higher price. Now in the Holy Month of Ramadan market become more slower, and it feels that market will come down more by 10 to 20% from its higher level.

Besides the Red Zone Sectors, all the other sectors are almost very dull and there is no demand in those sectors. Many people feel that because of this price appreciation in Sector 3, 5 and 7 market will take positive impact on other sectors, but unfortunately it become more dull and buyer is only interested in Red Zone Sectors.

Now-a-days, it was very difficult to sell plots in some sectors which originally fall in Green Zone. Now for the time being there is no news to make market positive. And everybody is waiting for some good news, like Malir Motorway announcement, etc. Plus there is another thought roaming that DHA might go for new balloting either on its other piece of land which is 8000 Acres, or existing land. Because of this many people are waiting for that and not interested in buying at ON Money price.

New Price Calculation Formula:

As per our suggestion about price calculation based on New Formula, we already conducted the polling in this regard, Alhamdolillah 1000+ plus votes casted, and 70% is in favor of New formula. So, from now onwards we will follow the new formula for price quotes.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) New Price Calculation Formula

Total Price of Plot (July 2014):

Total Price for Residential and Commercial Plots in DCK for the month of July 2014 are as follows:

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - July 2014 (Full Amount)

Note: The above mention plot prices are total accumulated prices and as DCK plots are sold on installment basis, so the remaining installment will be deducted from the full price at the time of full payment. Remaining installment could vary in different categories of plot and also could vary on individual client basis, some paid up to date and some paid less installments. This price means the total plot cost after making the full payment including all the remaining installments.

Price range varies according to Sectors and Sub-sectors. Map issued sectors will also follow the particular Location, Corner/Non-Corner, Small/Big Roads, Park Facing etc.

Decade Cycle of Real Estate:

Besides all this about DCK there is another thought of mine, about the Decade Cycle of Real Estate in Pakistan. According to that theory market is in the phase of stability and we might not witnessed any bullish trend in coming years. Though by the passage of time and different developments creates impact on the market in particular segment, but overall it will remain stable.

Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure (USA) Award:

After a year-long evaluation, the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure in Washington DC, USA, has given the “International Award” to DHA City Karachi. DCK had now become a sustainability benchmark, which will be followed in developing other cities around the world.


As we are in the Holy Month of Ramadan, business activities become more slower. Not in all the business as many have their season time, but in Real Estate it is very slow period, particularly when market is already in slow pace.

We had budget last month, but there is no major changes, only one new addition is in the shape of Advance Tax, which is applicable on the immoveable properties more than 3 Million (1% for Tax Payers and 2% for Non-Tax Payers). This thing will not create any major impact specially in DCK.

From the Sindh Govt. there is 20% increment in the Collector Value (Still not confirm, waiting for official notification) even this thing will not make any impact on DCK as we follow its own official value, price offered by DHA at the time of balloting in 2009.

So, over all the forecast is same as last months. No major changes expected, even we can say now onwards we don’t have any news for DCK, all the major news and events already done. Though Development work is in as usual good pace, now everyone is waiting for 2016. As DHA endorse Sector 3, 5 and 7 will be live-able by 2016.

During this time only Malir Motorway news could bring any spike.  But as always mentioned that for long term investment DCK is ideal investment opportunity and by the time these figures will change and it will produce best ROI in 3 to 5 year time. DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable, Green and Smart City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand & supply and price can be changed either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

Citi Associates – Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services

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  1. Fazal says:

    I am regular visitor at your website and follow DHA City plot prices quite frequently. I am quite disappointed to see the way prices are presented now. For example, 300 sqyds plot price ranges from 23 lac to 37 lac. Difference of 14 lac b/w min and max prices makes no sense if it’s not taken in context of sectors and zones. You are kindly requested to provide estimates based on sectors and zones otherwise they are meaningless for investors.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Fazal,

      Even before this post, we never posted the prices based on Sectors. All the time, we mentioned the price range of a particular size plot.

      MIN shows the Sectors which will be developed last whereas the MAX shows the currently under development sectors.

      So, as per your example of 300 Yards, 23 Lacs shows the price of Green Zone whereas 37 Lacs shows the price of Red Zone. The difference makes sense.

  2. Arshad says:

    Very good unbiased information and very close to reality.

  3. HAROON says:

    please indicate price for under mentioned plots ( on money or otherwise 8 installments paid)
    1)commercial plot 200 sq. yds. sector 3B , C4 k-category ( 20 years installment period)
    2) residential plot 500 sq. yds. sector 13 D k -category (20 year installment period)

  4. Sajjad ahmed says:

    Thank you for updates but i dont know when appreciation spike arrived and now again in slower pace.

    I coudnt get when market is in appreciation phase you are out and when market is in depriciation phase your inn at your website may be my observation is wrong but i am following you from at least 1 year and find so

    please rectify me

  5. Ahmed says:

    urgent sale for 500 sq.yd. plot in DHA city Karachi, with following details

    – category : J (Residential)
    – sector : 10-B (yellow zone)

    need urgent payment, all instalments are up-to dated.

  6. sajjad haider says:

    Sir i have 200 sqy dck plot in sector 9C half benefit with kpy NOC…. So what will be price?

  7. fomee says:

    I want buy a 200 sq yd commercial plot in green zone main Blvd .whom should I contact and can I know the total demand , including ON if required.

  8. asad says:

    I need plot for 200 what is the procedure

  9. Muhammad says:

    Anyone in North america / Canada interested in selling their plot in any DHA City zone please reply to this post.

  10. faheem says:

    i want to sell the a plot of Sector 4-A near main gate yellow zone, installments are paid till June-14
    contact only serious buyers

    Demand ON 2,500,000/-

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Faheem

      Your ON Amount is pretty high as per the current market situation. Recently a plot is sold at PKR 29 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  11. Mujahid says:

    i want to sale my 200 sq yard plot sector 11-E Yellow Zone, Cat. J

    My Demand is Rs. 1,700,000/-

    Muhammad Mujahid

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Mujahid

      Recently a plot of 200 Yards in Sector 11-E is sold at PKR 19 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

      • Mujahid says:

        Dear Dha Today Team,

        19 Lacs for Green Zone while 11-E in Yellow Zone. you mentioned yourself 19-29 range for 200 sq yard plot. so plz define it in zone.

        • DHA Today says:

          Dear Mr. Mujahid

          The value of 11-E is even less than Green Zone Sectors because there is Graveyard located right next to 11-E.

          As of today, there are limited buyers for 11-E.

    • akhtar says:

      where is your plot i will bye

  12. Ali Sher says:

    i have a plot in sector 16 of 1000 Sq Yards. i want to know the price.


    Ali Sher

  13. Imran says:

    I want to sell a 500 square yards ‘J’ category plot in 9-D. What is the anticipated amount that I can get?

  14. Amin says:

    I want to sell a 300 square yards civilian category plot in sector 9C. Please let me know the sell price.

  15. Manzoor Ahmed says:

    I have a 200 com plot in sector 14D cummunity c-4. How much I can get for this plot.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Manzoor

      For 200 Yards Commercial in Sector 14-D, you will get around PKR 58-63 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  16. Ghulam Shaikh says:


    Recently I visited Pakistan in connection with my 2 plots one in commercial area and the other in residential area.

    I had completed all the formalities as regards to membership is concerned and submitted all documents attested by Embassy of Pakistan. When went to DHA CITY office for asking my membership it transpired that my all documents which I had sent my carrier sevices DHL were missing so I had to go through a lengthy process and would like to explain all people who are holding plots in DHA CITY to take note as follows:-

    1. Without registration card as MEMBER in DHA CITY you can not do any transaction of buying and selling of any new plot. So you have to complete the following documents ready to be presented to the registrar of DHA CITY, Karachi.

    1. Original National Identity card VALID. If expired it will not work.

    2 you need to have photo graphs of your spouse and all children married or unmarried.

    3. Now a days, DHA is not sending any intimation letter to any foreigner indicating the plot number and sector number. You can check on internet you plot number but this letter in original needs to be with you which is available in file and you have to personally present to collect it.

    In case any information required in Saudi Arabia my mobile number is 00966506865946. Similarly any one wanted to buy and sell their plot I can provide complete information and the latest developments as well as estimated price of your plot within 16 sectors.

    Moreover, Any one interested to Sale or buy a new plot I can assist from Saudi Arabia and guide you. During my stay in Pakistan, I found few good straight forward honest property agents in DHA PHASE 2- 8 and DHA CITY.

    This service is free of charge for humanity.

  17. Shehzad says:

    I want to sell a plot of 300 square yards in Sector 4-B, I have paid 16 installments Rs.480,000. I much can I expect as the selling price?

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Shehzad

      For 300 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 4-B, you will get around PKR 28-29 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  18. Khurram says:

    I want to sell my 200 Yd plot at sector 6D……… Please advise the selling price…

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Khurram

      For 200 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 6-D, you will get around PKR 23-24 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  19. sharik says:

    Dear Sir, AOA, I have two plots, 200 Res. sector 13A and 300 Res.in secor 13F in green zone. Installments paid upto June, 2014.How much I can get for these plots.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Sharik

      For 200 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 13-A, you will get around PKR 19 Lacs Total Amount.

      For 300 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 13-F, you will get around PKR 23 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  20. Farooq says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq yd plot is sector 11-D

    Kindly advise the anticipated total price.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Farooq

      For 500 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 11-D, you will get around PKR 36 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  21. imran khan says:

    dear dha today,i wana sell my plot in sector 10d residential j catagory,i have paid 8 lac sofar of instalements.what is own mony i can get except instalements.

  22. Farrukh Mohsin says:

    I want to sale my 500 Sq Yd Residential Category J plot Sector 15B.
    What total price I can get. And suggest if it is the right time for disposal.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Farrukh

      For 500 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 15-B, you will get around PKR 36 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

      If you are not in need of money, then don’t sell this plot.

  23. zeeshan says:


    I want a 300 commercial or 100oresidential plot in red zone.what is the price right now .sector 3 5 and 7 I can buy the 200 or 300 commercial plot and what is the date for living this sector.

  24. Imran says:

    Then who is stopping you, please sell them out……

  25. Tariq says:

    I want to sale 300 sq. yards plot in Sector 11-E urgently.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Tariq

      For 300 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 11-E, you will get around PKR 23 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  26. Wajiha says:

    When did the permission grant to the alloty of Khayaban e khyber sector D?

    Kindly assist …


  27. mobin says:

    I want to sell 500 Yard plot sector 11D B category .
    what will be the price and is it the right time to sell?

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Mobin

      For 500 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 11-B, you will get around PKR 36 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  28. Ahmed says:

    I called one real estate agent for selling 1000 sq yrds in yellow zone,He quoted me 4.5 m own…..
    is there any one to tell me clear picture of 1000 sq yrds yellow zone own money?

  29. Asif says:

    Whats the price / total money on 500sq yards residential plot sector 9D.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Asif

      For 500 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 9-D, you will get around PKR 41 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  30. Imran says:

    How much is the total that I can get from a 500 square yards civil plot from sector 9-D.

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Imran

      For 500 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 9-D, you will get around PKR 41 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  31. Imran Ahmed says:

    I want to sale my 500 Sq yds plot in sector 11 – D. kindly update me the current price and best possible offer

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Imran

      For 500 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 11-D, you will get around PKR 36 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  32. Asif says:

    I want to know current value of my residential plots 300sq (4-C) and 200sq (13-B).

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Asif

      For 300 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 4-C, you will get around PKR 29 Lacs Total Amount.

      For 200 Yards Residential Plot in Sector 13-B, you will get around PKR 19 Lacs Total Amount.

      Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price.

  33. Usman says:

    Dear Jakvani sb / DHA Today Team ,

    When CBD plot map will be made public ?

    Please advice – One should purchase 10 million + , 200 yards commercial plot in cbd without plot location
    whereabouts ?


    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Mr. Usman,

      There is no concrete news about maps of CBD. I would advise you to wait till the release of map.

      If you want, you can go for Commercial Plots in Sector 3, 5 and 7.

  34. Noman says:

    i have a DHA City J-200 s.yards block 6-D (Resid) plot. 18 installments paid.
    Demand; 25 LAC (total amount).
    serious buyer can “negotiate” with me(plot owner).
    Noman Khan

  35. Iqbal says:

    I want to sell 500 square yards plot in DCK in sector 13 D. What is the best price that I can get?



  36. Imtiaz says:

    Do you have any idea about the development plan for Sector 2C. Further on the map it is close o Super highway; does it mean that it may have higher demand. What is purchase price of 300 sq yard in Sector 2.

  37. tabassum mumtaz says:

    I need a commercial plot 100 yrd.can someone link with me.

  38. The above said price included cost of actual plot means it is fictitious price . On is the clear price . Each and every body knows easily price. Yours price is not on over market basis , at least ten lacs below the price have u mentioned from the market price !
    Kindly don’t confused to used term by methamtic calculation to fixed price. All the always known the actual price rate?

    • DHA Today says:

      Dear Tanveer, Thanks for your input. Kindly let me know in which plot category our Prices vary from the Market Price? You said there is 10 Lacs variation, kindly highlight that plot.

    • Ghulam Shaikh says:

      Dear Engineer Tanveer Saheb,
      My name is Ghulam Shaikh, I am resident in Saudi Arabia and in Finance field for the last 30 years. I am sure you are also an engineer from the profession and must have calculated how come the people of DHATODAY can calculate such a vast deviation in price from the market. Dont you think that they have to remain in the market of real estate.

      I think you have some sort of confusion that is why your assessment seems to be wrong. Why I am saying because I had a practical experienced with DHATODAY CEO Mr.Mohahammed Shafi Jakvani when in the last 3 months I sold one of my plot with the help of them and whatever the price I got that was most appropriate to the market rate.

      May be you need to give some clarification as to how you have been able to be confused.

      In case you need any clarification my email is
      ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com or my mobile in Saudi Arabia 00966506865946 u are welcome for any clarificaiton.

  39. Farooq says:


    Kindly advise on following points.

    1)What is the distance in km from Bahria project till DHA City.

    2)What is the overall size(Land occupied) of both projects.

    Highly appreciate.


  40. Ahmed says:

    Hello there..Some times back. DHA declared that there would be no red, green and yellow zones in DCK and that all the sectors would be developed by the year 2020. If I am not wrong then this was declared by the DHA administration in their meeting with the DHA realtors at DCK and news were there at DHA Today web site as well. What happened later on? Has the plan been altered or developement of DCK (including all sectors)by the year 20202 is still on the cards..Can someone comment on this?…

  41. Zahid says:


    Can you please let me konw the price of 500Yards plot in J cat in 15B and how can i konw my plot number and how can i verify from DHA Site,i dont know my plot number and i am in KSA

    Regards & Thanks


    • Ghulam Shaikh says:

      My dear Mr. Zahid,
      I am also in Saudi Arabia, Dammam. DHA already announced plot number in 2013 and all registered members have been communicated by INTIMATION LETTER the plot number but the map for plot has only been issued for sector 3,5, and 7.

      But all foreigners have not been posted this intimation letter. It is in the file and when you go to you can have it immediately.

      But on internet you can have your plot number when you open the site of DHACITY.ORG. After inserting your national identification card number and the information letter bearing the reference number.

      For obtaining the best information, your plot number and your estimated price I give you a reference please contact Mr. Jakavani or Ali Raza on 00923008299101 with my reference and you will have absolutely correct amount.

      I had a good deal with them in last 2 months when I sold one of my plot

      in case you need to contact me my number is 0506865946 dammam

  42. SIDDIQUI says:

    full benefit
    200 sq yards residential plot.
    sector 9c.
    for sale.
    Asking price – 34lac, negotiable

  43. Ghulam Shaikh says:

    I have a residential plot in RED ZONE (Sector 7). It is a corner plot near to Primary and secondary school, near to park as per map. I have already paid up to June 2014 all installments. Any one residing in Saudi Arabia and interested to purchase, the deal will be easy as I am also residing in Dammam.

  44. Raza says:

    What do you mean by booking price

    I want to buy a 200yds plot in 6D (full benefit), pl tell me the approx. price

    • Noman says:

      i have a DHA City J-200 s.yards block 6-D (Resid) plot. 18 installments paid.
      Demand; 25 LAC (total amount).
      serious buyer can “negotiate” with me(plot owner).
      Noman Khan

  45. Imran Khan says:


    My name is Imran Ullah Khan Pakistani nationality living abroad

    I m intrested to purchase land about 500 sq yrd for future resident..

    This is my personal mail ID . Imran_f22002@yahoo.com

    Plz advice how can we make deal transparet and comfertable for both of us without my presence to karachi .. paymeny registration transfer etc.. or which stage I must have be there also plz breifly reply the payment scheduals for 3 to 5 years


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