DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – May 2014

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - May 2014


After the print and electronic media marketing campaign by DHA in March 2014, Market climbed up particularly in RED Zone i.e. Sectors 3, Sector 5 and Sector 7 has been increased. As mention in the last month analysis that market seems to be stable as many transaction made at this increased price level, no major moves expected. After this increment in the price market become slower in April 2014 and now it feels that the high price will correct a little bit.

One more thing about the sectors is that besides the Red Zone sectors, all the other sectors are now in white color. Now there are two types only, Short Term Development by 2016-17 and rest of the land in other time frame which is 2020.

The sectors that previously falls in Yellow Zone are facing price depreciation and it looks like that it will be equivalent to Green Zone sectors, though there will be a price difference according to their location as well. Previously, there are three price levels i.e. Red, Yellow and Green. Now it has only two levels, plus the particular location of the sectors. As recommended by us last year that the more suitable buying is in Green Zone for investment purpose.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

In the same time duration, Bahria Town Karachi files prices coming down and many are already stuck there and market is feeling the pressure of upcoming installment of BTK, due date is 7th May 2014. Prices drastically dropped down in BTK and it looks like that there will be no support in the prices till installment date. After the installment it may change the pace, but doesn’t look like that. This trend will continue for some time.

Besides all these, DHA City Karachi development work continued at good pace. Recently shared Google Map of DCK land identify that the work has good pace and changing physical situation of the land on monthly basis. It is very good sign for DCK plot owners and this will work out in the long run.

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ON Money (May 2014)

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - May 2014 (ON Amount)


Market moves a little bit on the higher side in March 2014 because of DHA City Karachi media campaign and then became stable in April 2014. Little price correction was witnessed in some categories and sectors and prices also moved upward in under development sectors and categories.

Market reactions always follows the real actions, and there is similarity in both. As overall it seems like that the market is stable and no major movement either side. It is not recommended for those who want to buy for short term and make quick money, as it is not recommended any time, besides the seasonal market when market is in bullish trend and prices changes on daily basis.

Currently market is in the middle period where things become slower and did not take any major changes. But as always mentioned that for long term investment DCK is ideal investment opportunity and by the time these figures will change and it will produce best ROI in 3 to 5 year time.

DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable, Green and Smart City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Saleem Khan says:

    I have a 200 square yard Commercial plot in sector 6B-Red Zone in Civilian quota. All instalments are up-to-date. What is the own price on this plot?

    • usman says:

      @ saleem khan. pls ur demand

      • Saleem Khan says:

        I am an overseas Pakistani and have no idea where the market is heading and want a realistic view on the value of my property before I demand something.

        • ghulam says:

          Mr. Saleem Khan,
          I am also working in Saudi Arabia and interest to purchase a plot. It will be very much convenient to have straight forward deal if you tell us what sector you have plot how much amount you have paid and how what is demand.

          if you want to contact us my email is ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com.

          you are welcome.

  2. rana says:

    Sector 14 b 300 sqr yds army disabled quota price

  3. sajid says:

    Sector 5 b 500 sqr yds army quota price pls

  4. Ahmad says:

    I am serious buyer and looking for a plot in sector 8 of 500 or 300 sqr yards in DHA city.

  5. Sameer says:

    I am confuse just need to know that my plot is in Sector 6A is it included in the development plan of 2015??

  6. faheem says:

    I want to sell the plot
    Sector 4-A 300 J- Residential
    Near main gate
    ON 2,300,000
    Only serious buyer can contact
    you do not have to pay the commission i am Seller
    contact # 0335-1287071

  7. Akbar says:

    Hi All,

    I have some investment in DHA City Karachi which I want to sell. please reply with updated prices so that we may close the transaction.
    – One plot 500 sq yds in sector 7 (RED ZONE)
    – One plot 1000 sq yds in sector 16 (YELLOW ZONE)
    – One plot 500 sq yds in sector 6 (YELLOW ZONE) in retired army category
    – One plot 200 sq yds (commercial) in sector 16 (YELLOW ZONE)

    I can be contacted on 0345 5126364 and 0322 5126364


    • Ahmad says:

      I am interested 500 sq yards in sector 8. I got your contacts, I will speak to you soon.


  8. Also 1000 yards in 5D civil plot in DHA city for immediate sale. please come with reasonable offer.

  9. Saqib says:

    I have 300 sq yds plot in both k & s category. Anybody interested to buy kindly quote a price.

  10. Bilawal says:

    1000 yards in 15-D civil plot in DHA city for immediate sale. please come with reasonable offer.

  11. Muhammad Hussain says:

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I have a plot in DHA City in Sector 4C, Plot No. 179 Category KPTS. What is the offer at this time.

    Muhammad Hussain

  12. Babbar says:

    I have a 300sqyds Civilian Residential plot in sector 2A DHA Karachi City for sale. All installments paid up to date.

  13. Noor Mohammad says:

    I want to sell the plot
    300 Yard in K Categori Sec.11E
    Plesa Contact:03333503187

  14. Ahmad says:

    The prices are getting very unrealstic. its not only the on money you have to pay. As per my calculations, THE TOTAL COST OF THE PLOT = THE ON MONEY + INSTALLMENTS PAID + INSTALLMENTS REMAINING + COMISSION OF THE AGENT + TRANSFER FEE + ETC +. At the end of the day you will be no where. still you have to wait for three or four years to build the house, sorting out kids schools/college, commute to work, daily stuff shopping. It will be a big mess. It will be kind of a migration in the middle of the desert. Than from there it will take at least ten years to settle down. Genuine buyers please be patient, be very careful. this is not END OF THE WORLD.

    • Qamar says:

      IN late 90s, I was told to stay away from Phase 8 by some of my friends who were property dealers as it was a long term project though it was very much affordable. Now look at Phase 8 prices which are beyond reach of so many people. Therefore people should decide for themselves, track record of DHA is very good. If they can make DHA (phase 1 to 8) successful, they can do same for DHA City. Where else you would get 500 yards plot in this price???

      • Kainat says:

        Although Ahmad’s concern is not out of place, I tend to agree more with Qamar. In 2010, I wanted to buy a plot in DCK but I was advised by pundits that a plot in DCK is something to be considered to be given to one’s grand-daughter in dowry! They gave sincere advice but now look, just in 3-4 years prices of DCK plots have seen manifold increase. I think with the present pace of development in DCK, all we need is M-9 and an announcement for start of work on Malir Expressway–and prices of DCK plots will shoot through the sky.

    • G.R.SHAIKH says:

      Mr. Ahmed,
      I have gone through your message of 7th May 2014. You have very clearly explained in detail what you think or perhaps you are not aware of property market in Karachi specially in DHA CITY. There are 2 view points. the first one is that it is a long term investment. and the project is 9-10 years. Government has already explained in advance that it is not a short term, secondly people who are buying they have to think that even after 10 years some more time will take to settle there. Have you seen that DHA SECTOR 1-8 how many years took to settle down and now phase 8 is still in the process even if 20 to 25 years.

      Hence you will buy either for your children if over 50 or you will buy it for investment purposes. Now all sector in DHA CITY whose only few installments have been paid but they are getting on money between 15 to any limit, so why such a negative attitude. My experience as a Pakistani foreigner is very much positive. I had paid very few installments and got substantial margin in one of the plot and not only I was able to pay my full amount of remaining installments and saved a substantial amount. I highly recommend that every Pakistani who want to purchase a plot do not hesitate invest and you will be in better position.

  15. Mujahid says:

    200 Sq yard plot for sale….. sector 11-E (Yellow Zone) Cat. J (Civillion)
    Demand 1,700,000/-

    Muhammad Mujahid

  16. Mobeen says:

    I am selling my 500 yards plot in sector 9A DHA city, offers please?

  17. arshad says:

    want to sell k category,500 yard,red zone,offer please…

  18. Imran says:


    I have a J 300 sq yrds in sector 2C. I want to sell it. please give me your prices. Thanks

    Contact No: 0302 2264887.

  19. Zafar says:

    I am interested to sell J category, sector 4-D, 1000 sqy plot. Will sell to best offer received arround 38 lacs.

    • Rehman says:

      33 lacs final.

    • Abdul Basit says:

      33.50 lacs pls cont me abdul.b@fdirections.com or 00971503003738 dubai thanks

      • Imran says:

        Hi All,

        I have some investment in DHA City Karachi which I want to sell. let me know if you want to purchase any of the following.
        – One plot 500 sq yds in sector 7 (RED ZONE)
        – One plot 1000 sq yds in sector 16 (YELLOW ZONE)
        – One plot 500 sq yds in sector 6 (YELLOW ZONE) in retired army category
        – One plot 200 sq yds (commercial) in sector 16 (YELLOW ZONE)


  20. Muhammad says:

    I want to buy a residential plot 500 sq. yards in DHA Phase 9, soonest possible. Kindly contact me via e-mail first: haroon.abumaaz@gmail.com

  21. ak says:

    I want to purchase a commercial plot in CBD of DCK. Kindly advise availability and price bracket.

  22. Nadeem says:

    I want to sell 300 residential in sector 2C . Best offer ?

  23. MOHIBI says:

    I want to sale 300 yard DCK residential plot (civilian) in sector 6D, my demand is 21 Lakhs ON money.

  24. Usman says:

    I intend to buy a plot 500 sq yds in red zone, payment is in cash. anyone interested to sell please contact…..

  25. Babbar says:

    03215163340 Babbar

  26. Noman says:

    I want to sell my own plot J-Res-200 S.Yards Sector-6D.
    only interested buyer plz contact me. its argent call.

  27. Aslam says:

    I have 3 plots in DCK for sale:

    Overseas Pakistani categories.

    300 sq yd. commercial
    2000 sq yard Residential
    1000 sq yd Residential

    Only serious inquiries please.

    • Aijaz Siddiqui says:

      AoA I’m interested in 300 commercial.
      Plz call @ 03336107725

    • ghulam says:

      Mr. Aslam,
      I am also residing in Saudi Arabia and interested to buy your plots as mentioned. can you please elaborate how much you have paid against each plot and according to ballot in which sector your plots are located.

      You can contact me on my email ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com or my son mobile 00966505883495
      Thank you

    • Waqas says:

      How much are you asking for 300 yard commercial plot?

  28. faheem says:

    I want to sell plot in sector 4-A 300sq ft, near main gate. Development work of main road is going on, near three(3) red categories sector 5 6 7,
    demand ON 2,500,000.

    • Ahmed says:

      Please provide your contact info, so we can discuss.


      • faheem says:

        @ Ahmed
        my contact is 0335-1287071
        I want to sell plot in sector 4-A 300sq ft, near main gate. Development work of main road is going on, near three(3) red categories sector 5 6 7,
        demand ON 2,500,000.

  29. Amir says:

    I want to sale DHA city sector 6D 300 sq.yds, payment till June 2013. I am expecting ON money of Rs.2.4 million.

    • G.R.SHAIKH says:

      Mr. Amir,
      According to your statement you have paid up to June 2013, please check on the internet or the payment schedule that “if 8 consecutive installments are not paid the plot is subject to cancellation. Before it is too late it is better to disposed it off or pay the remaining installments. Demanding 2.4 is too much. I am real buyer and staying in Saudia if interested please let me know the real demand. I am not a broker.

      • faheem says:

        A plot for sale Sector 4-A yellow zone but near main gate, demand ON 2.3 million
        installments paid up to june-14,
        contact only serious buyer

    • hammad says:

      I am agree to buy it @ 2.4 Million on price but you have to clear all pending instalments till 30th June 2014

  30. Aejaz says:

    I am interested to buy 500sq.yd plot in DHA phase-9.

  31. Raheel says:

    I am in UAE and want to sale my 300 Yard residential plot in Sector 9C. My demand is 2.2 million on money and my e-mail ID is raheel.rizvi.sr@gmail.com

    Anyone who are interested, contact me at my e mail ID.

    • G.R.SHAIKH says:

      Mr. Raheel,
      How many installments have been paid and how much outstanding. If more than 8 consecutive installments pending that first check your plot is still valid or cancelled. pl check payment schedule and note attached to it under the schedule.

      I am expecting response and final demand.

  32. Babar Hussain says:

    I have 500 sq yard plot in dha city karachi of category H sector 10B.
    all installment are up to date.

  33. Amir says:

    I have an Army Category (20 yrs plan and total 10.5 lac) 500 yds plot in Sector 7-A. I am interested to sell at 5.5 Million ON. If some one is interested, please reply this post and provide contact info.
    Regards, Amir

  34. waqas says:

    I want to sale 500 sq yard plot.

  35. mudassir says:

    I have 500 sq yards residential plor for sale in sector 4E. All the payments are up to date. Kindly let me have your best offer

  36. Ali Sher says:

    i got 1000 Sq yards in sector 16-A, just want to sell it any offer

  37. Ahmed says:

    500 sq. yd. residential plot
    Cat-J, Sector 10-B (yellow zone)
    is available for sale. Please let me know your reasonable offer.

  38. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    I have plot in sector 7 red zone.
    I am a serving officer, total installments are only 10 lacs
    I have already paid first 10 installments

    Any offer?

    • Rasheed Ahmed says:

      Dear: Muhammad Abdullah
      If you have 500 yads Plot at Sector 7 Red Zone, then my offer is Rs.35 Lac (OWN).

    • Ghulam says:

      My dear Mr. Abdullah,
      As you know sector 7 is in red zone and it is very soon expected that the location map is going to be issued within a week or so (just my expectation) as the maps of 3 & 5 already issued and only 7 is pending. Once the location of your plot is know it will fetch any price up to 65 on. So do not decide to sale just wait. You will be benefited. The possession is expected 2014-15.

  39. Zaheer. says:

    I have 300 yard J cat. In sector 4-b yellow zone and want to sell if there is good on money offer.

  40. Imran says:

    You forgot to update the prices for the month of June. Must be busy with budget???????????????

  41. kashif says:

    i have 200 yards plot in sector 6d,jcat yellow zone,wants to sell

    • hammad says:

      Sector 6 is now in red zone as development has been started from may 2014 start so consider it as red now

  42. Khurram says:

    Dear Shafi Sb,

    I think DCK is getting tougher day by day for predictions therefore no analysis and plot prices for this month by you

  43. asad says:

    want to sell my plot. army quota 500yds. two installments paid.

  44. Babu says:

    Some responses say OWN/ON price, what is meant by that, can someone please clarify.
    I have 500sq plots in sector 10 and 12, what will be their cost now.

  45. alimahr says:

    I have a 500 plot in 10c cat j , I want to sale plz forward your offer

  46. khurram says:

    I want to sell my 500y RES plot in 15C.. my demand is 3 million on money.

  47. ghulam says:

    My dear readers,

    The reason for writing this email is that most of my friends are living abroad and are unable to know what is going on in DHA CITY PROJECT. Very recently I visited the DHA office Karachi and found lot of new information.

    1. First we have been paying installments in foreign currency the conversion in Pakistani is too much and we will loose the money If any one wants to sale the property. As the buyer will pay you all your paid installments in Pak Rupees either 50,000 or 1 lac instead of $ whatever you have paid. Hence you are allowed to pay in Pakistani rupees instead of $

    2. The second point you need to know is that there are many formalities still are not completed by us such as obtaining “membership card” or “information letter” for allotment of plots which are still in DHA office in the respective files of buyers. Hence it is advisable to come to Karachi, stay here for one week of so and complete all formalities to get all documents in your file.

    I myself completed all formalities in a week time and all DHA STAFF SO COOPERATIVE that you can not even think.

    As regards to monthly expected price, each month DHA.TODAY and other property dealers are having expectations on the board but these are their expectations and they are not specifying sector wise.
    They provide the ranges between x- to y but again it depends upon Demand & Supply area wise. If the Demand
    is more than Supply the prices some time cross the limit on the higher side and vice versa. So don’t thinks that what range is specified you will get. Some times more than specified and sometimes less than the minimum. So do not curse the estimators and ask them questions Why?

    I came across DHA.TODAY MR. SHAFI JAKVANI AND MR. ALI RAZA, had meeting with them and found them very professional. honest, and dedicated towards the job. I recommend all my friends and readers on the board that you can get free advise from them honestly and very fair deal.

    Any one wants to contact me my email is ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com Finance Manager Abdullah Salman Matrood, Dammam Saudi Arabia.

  48. Hassan says:

    I want to sell 300yrd plot in sector 9C. Please give reasonable offers thanks

  49. wajid says:

    need price location

  50. Farooq says:

    Salam All readers,

    DHA City provides a great opportunity for secured real estate investment with an unimaginable upside. The swings and monthly reports are microscopic approach of looking on real estate investment and comparing with earlier property investment opportunities reminds me of initial years of Gulistan Jauhar and DHA having various issues of water, transportation etc. Both developments had their ups and down but with time both proved to be great assets and right now the properties are in millions. So for all investors hang on tight and all that matters is credibility of developer which in case of DHA is undoubtedly solid and firm.

    Overall Pakistan is getting a good response from investors around the world, biggest being the world bank and imf recently approving loans seeing growth and improved trade prospects. However all is dependent upon few good governance years and sane mindset from political parties,this can change the outlook similar to 2000 to 2004.

    Sign off,
    A Non Political Determined Pakistani

  51. faheem says:

    For sale a Plot 300 sq ft Sector 4-A near main gate
    demand ON (2.4)

  52. Zubair says:

    I want to buy plot of 200 sq full paid in sector 13 C, please quote price.


  53. Rayyan says:

    I want to sell 500 Yard Plot in Sector 15-B.

  54. Rayyan says:

    Anything more than Rs. 2.6 million, please.

  55. NN says:

    Dear All
    I’m selling my 1 kanal Plot of Sector 12D in 3 million ON Money. NOC and Membership Card available.

    Reasonable Offers accepted through email.


  56. Imran says:

    I want to sell my Plot 200 sector 6 D , All Installment cleared.

  57. khurram says:

    200 yards plot 4 sale in Q category sector 13A on money 18 lac final – 1st installment will start from September 2014 total amount of plot is 5 lac 50 thousand will be paid in 10 years easy installments

    cell#: 03332214701

  58. Yasir says:

    Wanted to sell, please give me your offers. I am owner.
    Sector J
    Category C
    Type R
    23 installments paid.

  59. faisal says:

    I want to sell army serving cat plot in sec 14c,no127 and applied for noc,put me the right offer and i will be there to sell.thx

  60. ghulam says:

    I am interested in plots in category 9A or 9B sector. Any one interested to sale please contact me on my email ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com.

  61. Javed Anis says:

    I have a 200 sqyds commercial plot in sector 5 D (Red Zone) Cat B in DHA City. All the dues are cleared uptill now. If any one interested to buy this plot may contact me.

    Javed Anis

  62. Imran says:

    When will be the price update for June uploaded, please. The month is about to end.

  63. Nauman Iqbal says:


    I want to sell my plot(200 Yards) in DCK, please give me your offers.The details are given below.
    Sector: 13 – B
    Category: S
    Type: R
    Demand: 2600,0000/= (OWN + installments are included)
    (Full paid file no installments and no other expenses only transfer fees)


  64. Afzal says:

    I want to sell my plot of 500 yards in sector 5B. Anyone interested ?

  65. Danish Iqbal says:

    I want to sell my 200 Sqf Staff plot in Sector 6-D. Anyone interested? I m waiting for ur Offers

  66. AOA to All,
    Thanks for your kind interest and share your views, We respect all the views, but as we already mention the polling system,by which we can adopt the method for upcoming prices. See the post here http://dhatoday.com/polling-dha-city-karachi-dck-new-price-calculation-formula/

    As today 10th we were planed to close this polling on 10th and provide price for the month of July with either new formula or old price method, according to polling results.

    Alhamodilliah in comments there are in double digit, but on polling side we have 1000 plus votes, and out of that 70% percent are with new price foumula.
    So onward we will follow the new formula. Some are suggest that we should give the price RED, Yellow and Green zone wise, but unfotunately these color will be no more in the future, and simply sector number will valid till the end. In new price formula price range will mention only for size of plot, and there will be no category mention, price will be same for all categories, only the remaining amount will be different, and amount of installment also differ in different categories, and time frame too. for the surcharge as we mention that, at the time of payment remaining amount will be less means surcharg will be deduct automatically.

    This all from my side, July rates will be published soon In Sha Allah,
    Thanks for shar your Precious feed back. Do always share your feed back in the future too.

    Muhammad Shafi Jakvani
    CEO – CITI Associates

  67. faheem says:

    Thanks for extra information

    for the surcharge as we mention that, at the time of payment remaining amount will be less means surcharg will be deduct automatically.

  68. shahzad says:

    A genuine offer is invited for my plot( # 492 , Sector 11(D)) in DHA City Karachi.

  69. taj youns says:

    dear sir any bady know wahen the peshowar project astard whatsapp 00966-551559388
    very thainks for reply sir

  70. Syed says:

    Plot for Sale 300 SQUAREYARD sector 9C yellow zone.

  71. Syed says:

    Plot 300 SQUAREYARD 9C Yellow zone

  72. Mahad Ajaz says:

    Plz can anybody tell me what is the ongoing price of 1 kanal Plot of sector 3-A in Dha City Karachi!
    Its urgent i am looking for an investmeninvestment!
    No broker plz
    Genuine Sellers and Advisors!

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