DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – May 2015

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - May 2015


As we are in the middle of 2nd quarter of 2015, market showed bullish trend for last two months, and prices came up very fast. Particularly the DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) prices came up sharply and it increased more than 25% in last two months.

In fact in the month of February 2015 when DHA imposed additional development charges in Zone B, C, D, E and Phase VIII-Ext. and Zone A Commercial too. Market was too dull at that time, and it looks like that it will go down and additional charges will have to observe entirely by seller, but unfortunately market rebounded just after two three weeks and till the 10th May 2015 prices of Phase VIII plots were at the highest ever level in the history.

Market touched its highest price of 11 Crore rupees for 2000 yards plot in Phase VIII (Normal Plot). As I mentioned in last analysis that Overall market has a good tempo, and it might take some positive move, and it happened. We all witnessed that market came up. As mention earlier that Phase VIII prices came up drastically, and many profit taking happened and the amount that is available for re-invest was moved to DHA City Karachi. In DHA City Karachi prices came up almost 30 to 40% from January to May and still have potential to further go up.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

One very important factor that DHA Karachi prices are continuously increasing and by this the price gap between DHA Karachi and DHA City Karachi is increasing and ultimately it creates space to increase for DCK. As we know the minimum price of DHA Karachi for 500 square yard plot is around 60 to 70K per square yard, even in the area where construction permission is not allowed yet, and the area where construction permission is allowed, the minimum price of plot is around 80 to 90K per square yard, and the maximum price range there is more than 100K Plus per square yards too.

As compared to DCK price range, the minimum price range for the same 500 square yard plot is around 9 to 10K per square yard and maximum price range is 15 to 16K per square yard. This comparison for the size of 500 square yard plot only, for other sizes it may vary.

Many Overseas Pakistanis want to invest some little amount (their extra income) and there is no other potential and reliable investment opportunity available, they only rely on DCK and easily convince to buy in it.

Because of all this even recent price of DCK increased little bit, and market has stable situation. We also witnessed the increasing number of daily transfers of plots in DHA office plus the new memberships are also at good pace. On the daily basis there are new memberships made, this is very positive sign and shows the interest of many new people for DHA City Karachi.

The charm of DHA City Karachi increased more because of Sector 17 files availability in the market. It attracted many buyers as these files are available at very attractive price, because till Sector 15 and 16 500 yards plot prices touched till 45 Lacs, and instead of this Sector 17 files are available at 30 Lacs only. It has great potential to invest as it is just at 6 K per square yard.

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Total Price of Plot (May 2015):

Total Price for Residential and Commercial Plots in DCK for the month of May 2015 are as follows:

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - May 2015 [Price Chart]

Note: The above mention plot prices are total accumulated prices and as DCK plots are sold on installment basis, so the remaining installment will be deducted from the full price at the time of full payment. Remaining installment could vary in different categories of plot and also could vary on individual client basis, some paid up to date and some paid less installments. This price means the total plot cost after making the full payment including all the remaining installments.

Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price

Price range varies according to Sectors and Sub-sectors. Map issued sectors will also follow the particular Location, Corner/Non-Corner, Small/Big Roads, Park Facing etc.


Market is in good pace and recommended for investment, not for very short term but it will produce good returns by the time. Though this time market generate quick returns for plot owners, and it increased the price almost 30 to 40% in last 5 months, which is very good return. It is always recommended for long term investment plan, as it will produce very good returns over couple of years.

I found very interesting figures for Real Estate move in last 35 years, particularly based on Phase VIII residential plots. Very interesting it shows that Phase VIII plot prices increased drastically, it increased 2199 times (PKR. 25/= to PKR. 55,000/= per square yard) over the last 35 years (1980 to 2015). This figure also compared with other commodities like Stock, Forex and Gold but all other things were very far form Real Estate Growth, and it has been proven that nothing beats Real Estate Returns.

On the basis of Phase VIII move we can analysis DCK move for coming 30 years. It has increased minimum 2 times and maximum 4 times in DCK in last passage of last 5 years. In these five years market was too dull for 2 and half years, even it was in minus in early days. If we made the calculation from that minus price we can say it increased 4 times to 6 times within the last 2 and a half year time.

DCK has potential for investors and will produce good returns over coming years as DHA City Karachi as it is first ever Planned Green, Sustainable and Smart City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand & supply and price can be changed either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Rashid Ahmed says:


    I have a 300 square yards residential plot in Sector 6D Category J, Yellow Zone, available for sale.
    You can contact me on ramughal@gmail.com


  2. Aaron says:

    I have a plot in Green Zone Sector 13, 200 yards. How much will I get for it.

  3. Muhammad Ali Malik says:

    What is the price of 500 square yards plot sector 7D, red zone, army quota

  4. Nsyab says:

    I have a 500 yard residential plot in sector 12 , what is current price plz?

  5. pervez says:

    i have 500 sqyds plot in sector5B red zone if any body interested pls contact my e-mail and also 300 in sector11F demand 50lacs and 75lacs for 500yds.


    • Syed says:

      Dear Mr. Pervez
      I am interested in 500 sqyds plot, please email me your demand and your contact number.
      Thank you

      • Hadi Admani says:

        if you want to buy or sell plots in dha city please contact 03152611453 MAX REALTORS

        • Naeem says:

          Want to sell 500 Sq Yard Category A ( Military Serving 20 years payment plan) Sector 10 D plot. Demand is 42,00,000/- on money. You can contact me on 03007971672.

  6. Idrees says:

    What would be the price of a 500 square yards civil plot in 9-D.

  7. Ahmed says:

    DHA making fraud with civilians

  8. Abdul Basit says:

    10c 500 sq.yds @ 32 if any one interested

  9. zeeshan says:

    I am interested to buy 500 sq yds in DHA city.

    Only the owners may please send me your asking price and sector number at


    Urgent payment can be made for reasonable demand.

  10. shams says:

    I have a plot measuring 500 sq. Yds. In sector 13. How much its market price???.Reply on spervaiz20002000@gmail.com

  11. Fahim says:

    I have 200 sq yrd plot in 6d catagory J. what is its current market price? Plz reply me on fahim021@hotmail.com

  12. Usman J says:

    Hi, good day
    I am interested to buy a 500 yds file/plot. Kindly quote me the least expensive price. for instant Payment. Thanks&urges….Usman 03218234201

  13. Big A says:

    Hi All

    I have two plots of 500 Sq. Yds. in J category:

    7-A (Red)
    11-C (Yellow)

    My demand is Rs. 11,500,000/= for both, all dues paid (final…..no negotiations). I am original owner of both plots. No agents please.

  14. Big A says:

    Hi All

    I have two plots of 500 Sq. Yds. in J category:

    7-A (Red)
    11-C (Yellow)

    My demand is Rs. 11,500,000/= for both, all dues paid (final…..no negotiations). I am original owner of both plots. No agents please.

  15. Dr Waqar says:

    I wish to sell my plot

    Ploy type: Residential
    Size: 500
    Sector: 12
    Sub Sector: C

    My contact is

    Text me before you call. Call preferably after 6.

  16. Nayab says:

    What is your demand plz

  17. Hussain says:

    I have a plot at DCK and want to sell. Details:-
    Size 500 Yds
    Sec 5 A
    Intrested can contact cimic68@gmail.com

  18. Jamil says:

    I have a 300 sq. yds. plot available for sale in Sector 6-D.

  19. keep it up.Everything iz fantastic.

  20. I have a plot 500 sq yard,Residencial in sector 11c. I NEED A REASONABLE OFFER.ALL DUES PAID(DCK).

  21. Bilal says:


    I own a plot in DCK and want to sell, the following are the particulars

    Plot size: 500sq yards
    Sector: 15A
    Category: Army B
    Zone Green
    Installment paid till 31st March 2015

    Only interested and serious buyers can send their offer on bilalmaani@gmail.com.

    • Shahrukh says:

      I am the serious buyer want to buy your plot
      please tell me about your offer or amount you want
      which phase the plot is.
      How much instalment you paid & remaining instalment

      • Naeem says:

        I have military category A plot in sector 10d 500 sq meter. Demand is Rs42,00,000/-. Can conect me on 03007971672

  22. Khurram says:

    I own a plot in DCK and want to sell, the following are the particulars

    Plot size: 300sq yards
    Sector: 9C
    Category: Civilian
    Installment paid till 30th September 2014
    Demand: 2250000 on Money
    Contact: please Text me on this No.0333-3024895

  23. Babu says:

    I have a plot 500SQ yds in sector 12C for immediate sale. This is an overseas J category with all dues up to today are fully paid. Please send your offers as soon as possible

    Babu Saudia

  24. Sajjad says:

    I own a plot in DCK and want to sell, Details are as follows:

    Plot size: 300sq yards
    Sector: 9C
    Category: Civilian
    Demand : 2,400,000 on money

    interested buyer can text me at this number 0333-3024895.

  25. Waqas Haider says:

    i have a 200sq yards plot in sector 2E category U, Army quota what is price of it ? plz email me

  26. XYZ says:

    What is the market price of plot 227 sec 6A ?

  27. Abdul aziz says:

    I want to buy 500 s. Yds plot in sector 11-B. Please send your demand on aziz270685@gmail.com.

  28. Ahmad A says:

    I want to buy 300 yards plot in sector 9 or 10. Sellers please text at my uae number 971-557302103.

  29. AA says:

    Its been months, there is no latest update. I would request please, update Bird’s eye view progress report for those who cannot visit DHA City.

  30. zain ahmed siddiqui says:

    i want to sale my plot 300sq yd dha city karachi sector 3b

    contact for further info zainahmed_5@hotmail.com

  31. Iqbal says:


    I own a plot in DCK and want to sell, the following are the particulars

    Plot size: 500sq yards
    Sector: 15B
    Category: Civilian (J)
    Zone Green
    Installment paid till 30th. June 2015

    Only interested and serious buyers can send their offer on

  32. Ayaz says:

    I have a plot in DHA city sectore 13A Red Zone , 200 Yards.
    If anyone in intrested let me know ASAP.
    I have to sell it within this week.
    Let me know your demand on immediate basis…

    Here is my contact details…

  33. Hadi Admani says:

    if you want to buy or sell plots in dha city please contact 03152611453 MAX REALTORS

  34. Hadi Admani says:

    if you want to buy or sell plots in dha city please contact 03152611453 MAX REALTORS

  35. Inam says:

    I am interested to buy 300 or 500 yards plot in Sector 4,9,10 or 6D. Seller please send me complete details on my email address: inam_rehman_82@yahoo.com

  36. Abbas says:

    I want to buy a plot of 300yds in DHA CITY, If anyone have plot please mail me.


  37. kashif says:

    no update of the prices from couple of months…..i have already hv one plot on DCK…..plz advise should i invest more or dispose off the presenr one

  38. I am looking for a 500 sq yds ‘A’ category plot, in Sector 5, DHA City, Karachi …

    Only “Plot Owners” interested in selling their plots, may contact me at ” shahid.bukhari@gmail.com ” …

    Please quote your demanded Price, and, when we can possibly meet up to negotiate the offer and see if a deal is possible …

  39. abdul qadir says:

    Any plot you want tell me sir abdul qadir . 0336 2800559

  40. abdul qadir says:

    Any one have plot in dha city in 2d 500 yards contect me 0336 2800559. I want it urgent

  41. Arslan says:

    I have a 500 square yards plot (Army Cat) in sector 5C on main road. My demand is 7.5 Million.

    • Dear Sir

      I am interested in your 500 Sq. yds plot located in DHA City, Sector 5-C and would would like to negotiate your Demanded price [Rs. 75 lacs].

      Kindly contact me on my Cell phone No. 0321-2307176, or Land-line, No. 34917257 …

      S.H.S. Bukhari
      27th August, 2015

  42. abdul qadir says:

    I hve 14b for sale 300yards any one intersted to buy contect me abdul qadir wasif associates. 0336 2800559.

  43. Mohammad Waseem Siddiqui says:

    If you want to sale or purcshed Plot in D.H.A City then Please contact 03002983092

  44. Pervez says:

    I have a 500 square yards plot (Army Cat) in sector 6 sub sector A. My demand is 7.8M.Call without hesitation 03330271726

  45. i have 125 sqyre yard in DHA city sector 14 B . i wan to sell it if anyones interested let me know 03009866670

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