DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – November 2013

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - November 2013


October 2013 was too dull, as market is bearish and continued coming down. Not many transactions witnessed. As mention earlier that the market is in the wait and see position, and normally whenever market took this type of move, it will take some time to settle down.

According to ON Money prices, market is almost further decreased by 10 to 15% and become overall down by 40%. Very thin volumes of transaction has been witnessed. Now at these price level not many sellers agree to sell and people would like to take chance and wait for positive news. Some needy seller made the market down and buyer take advantage of this. Overall, we can say is that it’s the buyer’s market right now and it looks like that it will continue like this till the year end.

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Behind this fall there are many reasons, as mention earlier that that correction is due whenever this kind move happened in the market. In the correction period market went 10 to 15% down and become settled. Buyer are there in the market but currently market already came down 30 to 40% and there are not many buyers take interest in this type of market.

During the same period, Bahria Town announced their projects in Karachi and got a very good response. Just after the closing date of registration of clients, people are ready to buy those slips with ON Money amount, even without any confirmation of location of its project i.e. Bahria Town Karachi.

Very interesting thing is that these slips have no confirmation that you will get the Plot etc because it requires the balloting process. No body knows how many registrations has been done? What will be the balloting percentage? As we all know that in DCK Balloting which happened in 2009, at that time 40,000 applications were received and out of that only 20,000 applications were allotted the plots, it means 50% was the balloting result.

As we have the New Islamic Year starting, and in the month of Muharram, many business activities get slow down and normally people don’t take any major decisions, so the market will become more slow and dull.

Because of all these factors it looks like that market will be in the wait and see strategy and may it will remain the same till December 2013 or further drop down by 5 to 10%. About the prices I feel that the bottom is very close and now onwards market will not go down much more, if it will stand may it will slide little more but no major changes will happen.

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After witnessing this whole movement and the diversion of investors to Bahria Town, we all know that many people believe to just follow the trend and once anything new comes up, everyone want to enter in that. Because of all these factors, people should follow the wait and see practice and don’t be in panic. Do not float the plots in the market because of panic selling market will go down further.

For new investors, this could be the good time for buying at 40% lower rates, but should wait for two three weeks and after Aashura, we can see the market direction. Besides all these the development work on the site is continuously going on, and again this is very positive sign. DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable and Green City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Sajjad says:

    Appreciate your analysis. Would suggest that you also mention pmention prices of DHA Karachi.

  2. Adeel says:

    I have a 200yards Sector 13A plot (Green zone). I am asking minimum price (16 lac on money) . Let me know if anyone is interested.


  3. Arshed Butt says:

    I must appreciate your objective analysis and forecast of DCK prices.I don’t find any other website in Pakistan
    Real Estate Sector.Please let me know if any one knows about it.
    Please also explain the simple math of ON Money with an example.How much the buyer gets the financial benefits.
    My sincere compliments to Mr Jakvani for this splendid work.Kindly publish your recent snaps!!

  4. Sindhi says:

    Dear All, whats reason still DHA City payment acknowledgement website page is not working, whats probelm…??????

    • Mid-East says:

      Could be lot of reason.

      whatever, I can see this link is down for the last couple of months and I had sent them email, but no one bother to reply. That’s why we are so behind in all aspects of the life. DHA should have fixed this issue long time back. Organizations’ website is the most important thing in the business. I would say, all Pakistani Authorities should start think about seriously to improve IT infrastructure in Pakistan and must be on priority to adopt latest tools of IT as we can see here in North America………

  5. mujee says:

    I have a 200yards Sector 11E plot (Yellow zone). I am asking minimum price (16 lac on money) . Let me know if anyone is interested.


  6. m.hanif memon says:

    i requerd 500 res plot

  7. Zaffar says:

    200 yds Comm Plot for sale Sector 16 C5 contact 00971557163199

  8. Salman. says:

    500 sq yrs plot for sale at DHA Karachi. Please contact 03008428316.(Only serious buyers please)

  9. ADNAN YAKUB says:

    Its the same ON MONEY, since last ONE YEAR. I think, ON MONEY is subject to bargain. There is NO BUYER in the market at all. Its a LONG LONG TIME investment for your coming generation.
    I personally advice general public to keep themselves away from BROKER TRAP. There is NO decrease in prices at all. I have a plot but NO BUYER AT ALL. These brokers will trap you like me. Once you buy, FORGET selling. NO BUYER TILL 202O. My evaluation.

    • Najam says:

      you have a point there Adnan. Most of the time we do get carried away. So you suggest it not a good idea to buy in DHA city as prices are somewhat stable/same since last year ? What size you buy ?

      • hassan says:


  10. bantva says:

    I am interested in bahria town Karachi if anyone wants to get good price plz contact me Qasim 03049262694

  11. Muhammad Aqif says:

    I want to sale my plot in yellow zone 200 yard around 13 lac please contact the serious buyer. 0321 8283530

  12. Mughal says:

    I want to buy 500 yds plot in Y&GREEN Zone.

  13. Ali says:

    Sir Muje 6D 200 Staff Plot sale krna he… offer kia he… koi interested ho tou pls call me…0300-2881248

  14. mahmood says:

    wait and see..

  15. MOHIBI says:

    I want to sale my DCK plot 300 sq yds, in sector 6d My demand is 3 million (ON)

  16. HJ says:

    What are ON MONEY prices?

  17. HJ says:

    What are ON MONEY prices? Can someone explain?

    • Mohammad says:

      On Money = extra money paid by buyer to the seller which is in addition to actual charges and installments paid by him to developers.

  18. Babar says:

    Want to buy slip of bahria tower icon. Any one interseted to sale kindly send me sms

  19. M Siddiqui says:

    What is cat A,B,C …..J are they sub zones ,pl kindly someone elighten me. Thanks

  20. Mouezzam says:

    If anyone is interested in selling 300 or 500 sq yds plots in yellow or green zone in DHA City?

  21. Imran says:

    Yes Mr. Mouezzam, I own a 500 sqaure yards plot in DHA City sector 9-D, what is your OWN offer? Please send me your offer as well as contact number, so if suitable I can contact you.

    • Mouezzam says:

      Dear Imran, Can you please confirm the category of your plot and your demand? You may text me on 0335 3153534, thanks

  22. Bee Zee says:


    Well I am interested in buying DHA City, a Res 500 sq. yards plot in Red sector 3 A or 5 A , serving army officers category.

    Another 200 Sq. Yards Plot in Commercial CBG area

    No Broker to contact Only direct sellers, please.

  23. dilshad says:

    300 sq yds j res civil plot for sale in 2 b
    on demand 35 lac
    interested reply

  24. Imran A says:


    I have two plots which i am looking to sale.
    1) 500 sq yds in sector 7D Red zone
    2) 1,000 sq yds in sector 16F Yellow zone

    I am looking for 45 lac ON money on 500 sq yrds and 60 lac ON money for 1,000 sq yds.

    My contact number is +971 504449861 I am based in UAE and travelling to Pakistan this week to finalize the transaction. please text me if interested.

    • Ali says:

      Why dont you round them up ?

      Like 50,00,000(Half crore) for the 500 Sq. yard

      And 100,00,000(1 Crore) for the 1000 Sq. yard?

      • Imran A says:

        Hi Ali,

        Such a lame statement. I can write anything about my propertry, who are you to quote anything stupid on that????? Better to keep quite if you are not interested. Let me also tell you the fact that I own a lot more properties which you probably dont have. So its better you stay out of it.
        I hope you dont mind

        • Mohammad says:

          LOL, what is your age? 17 or 71? (both have same level of IQ).

          If you don’t want to sell, then don’t. He’s a customer and giving his counter offer.

          • Imran A says:

            @ Mohammad….. I think you are not even at school going age. Look what is the comment….. Is this his offer???? Pathetic

        • K2PAK says:

          whereas what we all “really need” is a 7feet X 4feet plot……just a thought for Malik Riaz’s latest competitor…

  25. Ali. G says:

    I have 300 yard J cat. Sector 4-B Residential to sell. Looking for best offer.

  26. Saif says:

    Any one interested in purchasing following plots?

    a) 300 sq yards. Sector 11E (yellow Zone)
    b) 200 sq yards. Sector 6D (yellow Zone)


  27. faheem says:

    I have 300 yard J cat. Sector 4-A Residential to sell. Looking for best offer.

  28. asif says:

    Today, I got my official intimation letter with sector and plot number. Now, waiting for the detailed sector wise map from dha authorities.

  29. Syed says:

    I must agree by looking at the posts here and analysis that there are only sellers. there are no buys therefore the intent is to attract buyers to the market by showing a 10 to 15% reduction in the prices which are obviously still a lot higher. + most of the files are with the brokers. Genuine seller are very few if they are.

    For me, its a NO NO to buy any thing by keeping in mind the conditions as described above….

  30. Shoaib Fathany says:

    First of all, I must appreciate Shafi Sb., in keeping us updated promptly in terms of all developments in DHA city. There is no other site who provides such a comprehensive analysis on regular basis constantly – so my sincere thanks to Shafi Sb., and I request him to keep that spirit alive.

    Equally, I like the enthusiasm of all the participants as they are key stakeholders and provide valuable perspective for people like who lives abroad.

  31. salman says:

    I want to sell my res plot category J 300sq Sector 6-D. on money 36 lac any one interested then text me at 0333-3098939

  32. shahid shams says:


    I would like to sell my plot of DHA City Karachi sector 13A. How much at maximum can anyone give me on the spot.
    must reply pls

  33. danish shahid says:

    i looking for dha city plot in minimum investment

  34. Zeeshan says:

    Want to sell my 200 residential plot of Sector 6D. on demand 32 lac.
    contact # 0332-3592808.

  35. Muhammad Suhail says:

    Res plot category J 300sq Sector 6-D, On urgent basis, What is best offer? only cash and serious buyers inbox me.

  36. salman says:

    I want sell my 200 yds plot, all dues are clear, my demand is 40 lacs.

  37. Khan says:

    I have a 300 Yds plot in sector 2c, i would like to sell it off, my demand is 40 lac.

  38. Zahid says:

    I want to buy 2000 sq yard plot. Any one can tell me if someone has?

  39. Farhan says:

    Hi! I have 2 J Cat plots 200sq(13-B) & 300sq(4-C) and my demand is 25 Lac each. if there is any serious buyer.

  40. faheem says:

    DHA city prices are going up let see how much.

  41. Hassan says:

    I want to sell 200 yards Commercial plot in sector 9A Community cen-4 plot # 3, paid all installments till date, demand 4.2 Million, on money.

  42. Tariq says:

    I want to sell 300 yards Residential plot in Yellow Zone sector 11-E, paid all installments till date, demand 3.0 Million, on money.
    Contact 0333-3271808

  43. waqar says:

    What is latest market price trend going down ,stable or any upward movment

  44. sohail says:

    Guys please don’t be stupid, dont sell your plots now as you guys can earn upto double of the current price in just 2-3 months

  45. faheem says:

    sohail@ gud answer

  46. Ali Shah says:

    need 200 yds for myself.

    • Zahir Khan says:

      Dear All

      Please I am looking to buy Arm Officer Category A, Red zone 500 yards. in Sector 5 A. Interested seller please Contact by E mail letting us the details and Demand.
      Zahir Khan

  47. Imran says:

    Who will upload the latest price trends for the month of December, 2014? Hello management, please do the needful if still some thing is on in this project.

  48. Imran says:

    Hello Mr. Sohail, what made you understand that the current market prices will get double in next 2-3 months? Can you please explain a little bit for our education?

  49. malik says:

    looking forward to buy 500 sq.yards residential plot in red or yellow zone,pls. make genuine offer

  50. Mughal says:

    I want to buy 200 yards Commercial plot in any sector.

  51. Hammad Ahmed says:

    I have a 200sq J category Plot in sector 6D. I received the offer of 23 lac in Nov and on start of dec 2013 i received an offer of Rs 28 lac on money and on 15th of dec 2013 on money offer which i receive is 32 lac. so dont be stupid it will increase soon till jan 2014 end. No doubt it will shoot up more and 200 sq plot in sector 6D will cost 40 lac plus.

  52. Hammad Ahmed says:

    Due to bahria town project, DHA city is speeding up their developing work which is very good move as a competition. so wait till Feb 2014 or max March 2014. Price will break the slab of 20 lac to 30 lac slab and enter in 40 lac to 50 lac slab.

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