DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – October 2013

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - October 2013


The month of September 2013 was too volatile and it looks like that history repeats itself. I remember the month of December 2012 which was same as September 2013 where the volume and prices were different at the start of the month and made new highs and then took correction, touches the price level below the starting price of the month.

Price went up to almost 10 to 25% within two weeks of September and touches the highest level ever and made history. The minimum required amount to enter in the DCK market climbed up to 2.7-Million from less than 2-Million a month before. Whenever this kind of market movement occur market took correction. As I mention earlier in September forecast that market looks in overbought situation and will take correction.

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So, in the previous month, market has witnessed the correction and came down already 10 to 30 %. This is quite interesting that first the market go up 10 to 25 %, then came down 10 to 30 % from upper level, becomes huge movement and provide opportunity to make money. But according to my personal point of view we all should discourage this kind practices. In this way many new comers suffers alot and loose confidence. In the end no one is in benefit, because if the plot is sold at higher price then the final payment has not been made, and many commitments are not fulfilled.

The reason behind this price fall is mainly the removal of Plot Address Verification Link on DHA Kararchi official website by which plot sector number can be verified. Price are set on the basis of its sector and by removing this link from the website buyer’s confidence shaken and people feel why it has been removed, what is the reason behind this, plus as I mention earlier that market was already in the overbought position and this thing created panic in the market.

One more factor is that the DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) already look dull in the start of September, as I mention earlier that Phase VIII prices are too high and many investors made profit taking from there and enter in DCK market. But at this stage when Phase VIII prices came down, then DCK price also came down.

Coincidentally, in the same time frame one of the largest developer introduced their project and brought new terminology in the Real Estate Sector i.e. Client Registration Process. Earlier, we are only used to launching and pre-launching of projects. This is very first time that registration of clients were made and people took keen interest in this project. Millions of forms have been submitted (according to public opinion). This factor also played a negative role for DCK traders.

With all these factors, market look so dull and only those transaction are in the closing process which were made in the early days of the month. Not many new transaction witnessed at this stage. Before Eid, it looks like that the market will keep slow and not much movement expected in the market. Market is in the wait and see strategy and it may remain the same till December 2013.

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After witnessing this whole movement from March 2012 to September 2013 (18-Months) and five months after balloting, many things happened in this duration like price went up and down. The development work is going on the site and people witnessed that the development work for infrastructure will continue at good pace.

In our latest visit of DCK site, lot of construction activity was witnessed including Director’s office wing, staff residence and other office blocks construction work is in full swing. The main entrance on the super highway is almost at finishing stage and connecting roads are ready including carpeting. These things will definitely create a positive impact on the market. And the very natural trend that whenever market goes down it will take some time to settle down and make prices stable. Any official positive news related to DCK will create a positive impact on the market, and people are waiting for this.

DCK has very good potential and for its better future & to retain this potential and scope; everyone should follow the ethics of trade in which we should transfer the plot before reselling, and guide the investor in this way, which will make market settled and again ready to go up.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. imran says:

    need 2000 plot in dha city if u have reply me .how much own and price whole detail

  2. amar osmani says:

    Considering file transfer sale of 500 sq yd in A category residential plot. Pl provide details of ON money + best sale price and other payments… Thx.

  3. Aamir Awan says:

    Thanks for ur good effort.

  4. Imran says:

    Next boooooooooooooom will start immediately after Eid, so all those owner keep yourself fastened to the seats………………..

  5. Wg Cdr Muhammad Kalimullah (Retd) says:

    Administration Website DHA City Karachi
    It’s a wonderful and extremely informative website. I appreciate your efforts by keeping us abreast with the latest updates and progress of DHA City. I hope you will Keep up the good spirit in future as well. Thank you.

  6. Wg Cdr Muhammad Kalimullah (Retd) says:

    Dear Citi Associates
    May I know the best ON price of Plot #265 Sector 7A? Thanks

  7. Amir says:

    My question is Why “J” Cat prices are less then A, B, K, S ?

  8. saad says:

    files are already being purchased very quietly……just offer a files 2-3 lacs down and see how silently it will sell….file purchasing at lower rates with 30-45 days time that why no activity in dha transfer…..this happens every time, dha link broke down and bahria came in , very calculated move to drop file rates by spreading panic sms and IT WORKEd. every one panicked and real buyers are afraid while those sold at higher rates are now buying…..bahria fever is over due to court notice.if the sellers just hold their files for 2-3 weeks the demand will go rapidly up and for record sold files should be highlighted to develop trust. dha is no bahria with unknown location and price of its society.
    DHA city with its immediate plan possesion which is likely in 2015-16 at least in some sectors whereas in dha lahore phase 9 possession in in 2022 , ballotting is still not done and rate is 48-50 lac rupee. just to give an idea that why investors are still interested in dha city karachi …and why they are buying 500 yard green file in just 25 lac rupees..

  9. MAJ LIAQUAT says:

    Thanks for updating

  10. Abizer says:

    Dear Concerned,

    How to check in what category is our plot alloted.


  11. Muhammad Wasim says:

    These prices are just trick to agree owner to sale plots on less price .Real State Agents and their investors have invested moeny on Eid Animals. and trying to market down as low as possible , and after Eid they will again start purchasing plots on less rate and will sale at high rate in a week or two .

    You can see all sites are silent these days even they are not replying on forums , this is a joint effort of Big Real State Agents to gain more n more profit.

  12. Maisam Raza says:

    Firstly, I would like to highly appreciate the efforts Citi Associates put in to write this detailed market review.
    I am in a bit of confusion and it will be helpful if anyone could clear this small doubt…
    On Money, means this is the premium which we can get when we will + the installment we have paid ? or it is the total value that we will receive when we intend to sell ( means the installment we paid are included in these on money prices given ).

    JazakAllah Khair in advance !

    • Muhammad Wasim says:

      On Money is your profit , This is actual current value of your plot file. If ON Money of your plot is 30Lacs you will get,(Installement+Downpayment)+OnMoney
      i.e., 8Lac+30Lacs=38Lacs.

  13. mahmood says:

    DEAR webowner…kindly updates prices on weekly basis…if possible…it will help buyer more informative……

  14. Rana says:

    Dear Mr. Raza,
    On Money is the premium amount you will get apart from the amount you have already paid to DHA in terms of Installments & Downpayment.

  15. Imran says:

    OWN money is the additional amount you get than that of the installments paid.

  16. Ahmed says:

    where is the location of Bahria Town Karachi…Any one having any idea?…….

    • AHMED says:

      Why are you asking, already more than 3 Million applications are submitted despite on location is not defined.

      This is what the Bahria carries reputation…

      This is long awaited for Karachites, because DHA phases are completely out of mind pricing for real buyers…

  17. M.iAli says:

    I’ve emailed you for the checklist link. Please do share.


  18. Muhammad Wasim says:

    Guys Want to see exact location of DHA City ? I marked Red Zone and sector6 and Short Term Plan Location , on Google Map . you can zoom and can see work in progress.

    go to map.google.com and search.

    DHA City Sector-3 Karachi,
    DHA City Sector-06 Karachi
    DHA City Sector-5 Karachi
    DHA City Sector-7 Karachi

    or Just copy and paste this link in your browser.


  19. AHMED says:


    People are just getting mad about the prices in DHA City.

    Bahria has made a serious shift of interest of low budget buyers from DHA City.

    This is true, DHA City plots must be sold on a realistic ON + Installement basis, otherwise, the market will not sustain and interested buyers will move out due to price fluctuation in DHA city, and only agents are playing around gaining from ON money

    This Eid will not impact ( Intellactual assumptions that Real estate guys are investing in Bakara Mandi , Non-sense )the DHA city transactions, rather it is Bahria which is impacting the market and DHA low selling prices.

    Let’s be honest and let the buyers invest in DHA City at realistic prices.


    • Kainat says:

      @Ahmed: Your point is well taken. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by ‘realistic prices’?

    • Muhammad Wasim says:

      * Bahria have not announced Prices how can you say this project if for low buget investors ?
      * Bahria clearly mentioned Only 1 category at Low Budget 2 ROOM ViLLAS for needy people. Whole project is not for Low Budget People.
      * Why do you think Investors will invest for 2 Room Villas ? What will be ROI on these villas ?
      * For your Kind information DHA City Own is not less than 2 million and this is already out of reach of Low Budget Investors.
      * Due to Progress on site this is realistic Market Rate of DHA City and it will increase with time and progress on site.

  20. Asif says:

    I think the prices will go down despite what people are saying and bharia is private company which is more or equal to dha in providing quick services.

  21. Imran says:

    I understand the realistic price is the one where buyer is ready to buy and the seller is happy to sell. This is the equilibrium state which takes its place after a little fluctuation and especially after some corrections. This realistic price can not be set by the individual seller or buyer and generally is the community impact of the society. We as DHA City community can wait for that equilibrium stage to arrive by the start of 2015, when the first plots of Red Zone will be handed over and then the real boom of the DHA City will start.
    For those believing in the Bahria, you have positive body language from Malik Riaz who has already shown at-least two endeavors of investing in Karachi, especially making it a safe city in some of the near island by end of 2012 and start of 2013 but SC stopped the move by calling the explanation of the governmental / State Owned Enterprises on their move to sell land to Bahria. I understand this time the move of the Bahria Town will be to buy land in the suburbs, may be close to DHA City to make it a success and reap out of the good work done by DHA, but that will again give a boost to the DHA City prices itself. Additional some mega structure projects require less land would be coming up in the center of the city.

  22. Ahmed says:

    In my opinion, Bahria is not going to have any ill effect on DHA properties. I am going to eplain it here. If you read the advertisement of Bahria Town carefully, it says its a project of Bahria Town and Group of investment consortium. So which is the group? Actually, it is the Arif Habib. Ofcourse, it is Naya Nazimabad project now to be called Bahria. And guess what?. The land belonged to Javidan Cement and is a commercial not residential land. The project of Naya Nazimabad was hung due to litigtion on the land and Bahria Town is going to make it sail any way. Secondly, location of the project is close to Kati Pahari of Orangi Town. So I guess every one can make out why Bahria did not announce the location any way. Third thing is that Bahria Town does not provide the lease papers to the plot owners rather retains them at their end. last thing is that they have given the time line of end of 2014 for project completion. so paying an amount of 3.0 Million for small plots like 200 or 300 yards in one year might be difficult for smaller investors. DHA on the other hand is an elegant body and there are no such strings attached to it and has a better reputation than Bahria Town..So call your shot intelligently….

  23. Asif says:

    Hi everyone.First of all i agree with Imran that Bharia Town is going to be close to Dha city Karachi. Secondly Bharia has good reputation in Islamabad ,Rawalpindi and Lahore and it will built good reputation in Karachi as well.As far as the Javedan cement land is concerned Ahmed told that its a commercial plot so there are no chances of making Bharia town there.I have even heard that Bharia and Dha will have joint ventures.So the most possible case is that Bharia will be adjacent to Dha city Karachi.If my theory is correct then Bharia will effect Dha city karachi because Dha is only providing plots where as bharia is providing houses.

  24. saad says:

    CBD 200 yards for sale: 85 lac on demand all dues paid. only genuine buyers please contact:

  25. Kainat says:

    Thanks everybody out there for rational and pragmatic analyses. I personally feel that all of us should beware of the notorious real estate sharks who lose no opportunity to swoop down on gullible small investors by framing, circulating and solidifying cock and bull stories.
    Allah has given all of us the ability to sift through available information and form our own opinion based on sound facts. We should therefore use our own intellect, instead of relying on hearsay.
    One simple fact that we should all consider is that Bahria has not announced location of the Bahria Town, whereas locations of its two sister projects have been prominently advertised. Rationality warrants that we should pause and reflect why location of Bahria Town is being kept secret? If it were an amazing location, they must have advertised it in order to reap marketing advantage at the launch of the project. By keeping people guessing, they have most probably been able to fool many people into subscribing for the project.
    And please keep in mind the overnight interest Bahria is daily earning on the money collected from millions of prospective applicants. They (Bahria Town management) must be having the last laugh!

  26. Ahmed says:

    Could not agree more Kainat…

  27. Imran says:

    Dear Mr. Ahmed, It does not matter whether you agree or not, but what important is that Kainat has narrated facts and not opinion, please.

  28. mdsr says:

    Its nice discussion on DCK with relation to BT project. We have noticed a price correction in whole DHA and in DCK as well, which was due as price hike was very abnormal. BT project has dented some DCK prices, as before BT, only secure investment in Karachi was DHA related project because of land grabbing in other private project. BT has its reputation for secure community, therefore people has shown interest in BT project weather its near to DCK or in ZULFIKARABAD (Yeah, there are rumors for that area along side super highway and Naya Nazimabad) because of Malik Riaz close relation with Asif Ali Zardari.
    As far as the people interest is concerned, you might have noticed ads for sale of receipt of BT project with own money of 30K to 300K (I am serious, just see Jang classified or OLX) – I can’t comment whether real state agents are playing or what, but there is a good demand for BT receipts.
    DCK plots holders should wait and see until possession of plots.

  29. Ahmed says:

    I guess it is good that BT and DCK are contemporary projects and people would witness a healty competition if BT delivers. Only time will tell and at this moment no one knows what is going to be the time line for BT…Any one having any idea…

  30. Faisal says:

    Does anyone advise why DHA website is down and the payment verification is not working?

  31. Malik Riaz says:

    guys – bahria will make your rich. dha has already had its share of run….get out of dha city now (book your profits)….buy again in 3 years time (after 2016).

    btw, is anyone selling 500 sq yards in dha city?? need to buy one 🙂

  32. ASHRAF says:

    I have 500 sq.yards plot sector 6/A Red Zone & need real buyer to contact , demand is 6000000/-

  33. Zubair says:

    I need to buy plot of 200 sq yard, interested parties reply to this with details.

  34. Aziz says:

    Want to sell 500 sq yard plot in sector 9A

  35. Imran says:

    What is your demand Mr. Aziz?

  36. Imran says:

    Mr. Shahzad Your demand is a little upsided, please.

  37. Ansar Kiyani says:

    When will DHA City market get peak?

  38. Mano says:

    files are already being purchased very quietly……just offer a files 2-3 lacs down and see how silently it will sell….file purchasing at lower rates with 30-45 days time that why no activity in dha transfer…..this happens every time, dha link broke down and bahria came in , very calculated move to drop file rates by spreading panic sms and IT WORKEd. every one panicked and real buyers are afraid while those sold at higher rates are now buying…..bahria fever is over due to court notice.if the sellers just hold their files for 2-3 weeks the demand will go rapidly up and for record sold files should be highlighted to develop trust. dha is no bahria with unknown location and price of its society.
    DHA city with its immediate plan possesion which is likely in 2015-16 at least in some sectors whereas in dha lahore phase 9 possession in in 2022 , ballotting is still not done and rate is 48-50 lac rupee. just to give an idea that why investors are still interested in dha city karachi …and why they are buying 500 yard green file in just 25 lac rupees..

  39. Amir says:

    i am interested to sell my plot which is 500 yds, sector 12 A, Green. Serious buyers can contact me at : 03213825382

  40. Kainat says:

    Confirmed news: All gazetted officers working in Sindh government with five years of service have been offered plots in DCK by the DCK management.

    • Hafeez says:

      All gazatted officers working since last 5 yrs only,
      Then how many plots DCK management is going to offer them and at wat cost.
      Do you think that this step will further decline DCK market as previously boomed.

  41. Imran says:

    So that is why Ms. Kainat you are excited. Congratulations.

    • Kainat says:

      No personal benefit accrues to me as I dont work there. But excited I am. It means a lot for future development of DCK. I now forsee Malir Expressway becoming a reality soon inshallah which will catapult DCK into ‘part of Karachi’ as compared to its present status of ‘suburb of Karachi’. DCK management is smart. It has ‘co-opted’ the decision-makers into the project. Kudos to DCK management.

  42. Imran Kakar says:

    is these prices mentioned the total value or plot?

    or its price at which the file is sold with having 8installments paid , and remaining installments will be paid by the buyer.

  43. Hafeez says:

    All Gazetted officers with only 5 yrs experience!
    Surprise for me….
    Dont you think that this decision will effect market situation?
    I mean own money will further reduced from current

  44. dr ali says:

    salam to all
    300 sq yds res plot 2b want to sale
    demand own 40,00000
    payments done till june 2013

  45. naeem says:

    I have 500 Square Yard Cat A (20 years payment plan) Sector 10 D plot. Any one interested can contact me at 03007971672

  46. abdulrehman says:

    whats ur demand mr naeem

  47. Imran says:

    I have yet to see the news new broken by Ms. Kainat regarding Gazetted Officers. Does any one know the exact news item available somewhere, please.

    • Kainat says:

      Such news is not published in newspapers. I think it is for internal circulation for information of eligible officers only.

  48. Saad says:

    Tender opening on 12 November, CBD is now under short term development targeting 2015, CBD price is now predicted a massive boost.


    • Faizan says:

      CBD was already in red zone. So there should not be any major effect on the current market

      • malik says:

        Its the civil work that matters most, since CBD civil work will start soon , which was on paper previously it will make a huge impact, plus it will enable early possession for construction will further attract residential buyers/construction

  49. Ansar Kiyani says:

    Definitely, this initiative of DHA City management will attract investors and market will start rising soon.

  50. malik says:

    500 yards, GREEN, CIVILIAN 14-C plot for sale URGENT PAYMENT
    Demand 22.5 lac final.

  51. MOHIBI says:

    Want to sale DHA city Karachi Plot in sector 6D of 300 Yards, My asking is 3,500,000

  52. KHAN says:

    salam to all
    300 sq yds res plot 2b want to sale
    demand own 40,00000
    payments done till june 2013

  53. Asif Mehdi says:

    Want to sell my 500 yd plot in 15B. Interested parties please contact me.

  54. Aslam Khan says:

    I have a plot in 9B sector. want to sell urgently…only interested buyers may contact

  55. ghazanfar says:

    Need to purchase 200yds plot in J cat, sector 6 at a reasonable price. Serious sellers only pls.

  56. Talha says:

    I think, the current situation of DHA City market is totally planned by the big investors and brokers. Abnormal rising and declining trend always shows the speculative activities and invisible hands behind the perimeters of the market. I request all those who have files, should not sell their files in panic. Just wait and watch, you will understand that whats going on there.

    • M.iAli says:

      AoA … What would you all advise to someone who doesn’t have any holding power already burdened with 3.5 lacs in installments and with an additional surcharge hit of 1.33 lacs ?

      Rgds / Ali

    • Muhammad Wasim says:

      Yes Talha , I am totally agree with you , I have seen in 4-years they are repeating this tactic again n again and earning big profit every time.

  57. M.iAli says:

    I certainly would … But like the gentleman above mentions that we shouldn’t be making any hasty decisions…I’m skeptic of the offers I’ll be getting … What’s the current rate for a 500 yd (sector J … as per the chart shown above)?

  58. danish shahid says:

    i have 9c 200 yard civillion tell me prize

  59. Imran says:

    Mr. Mehmood,
    Who shall call you? Interested in what?????????????? Please clarify.

  60. Ahmed says:

    The DCK prices are, at the moment, not reflective of the true value of DCK properties. Compare Phase VIII prices to those of Phase IX (DCK). A mere 120 Yards plot costs around 15 to 17.5 Millions in Phase IX whereas 500 Yards price is 30 Millions plus. Now the see the price of 500 Yards in the Yellow Zone of DCK that hover around 5 ~ 6 millions. I am pretty sure DHA is going to develop all sectors simultaneousely with only a small time lag between zones. Mark my words and see DCK prices beyond 2015 (in two years time). It is going to be unbelieveable. I expect a price tag of 20 Millions atleaston on any 500 Yards plot in any zone/sector of DCK by January 2016.Just wait and see…

  61. Ahmed says:

    I must stand corrected. 120 Yards plot costs around 15 ~ 17.5 In pahse VIII and not in Phase IX as I wrote above. Error regretted….

  62. Mehmood says:

    I need a contact no

  63. Roomi says:

    One astonishing noting … i have seen plots being offered for sale in every sector less SECTOR 4 and SECTOR 16. IS there any reason for that?? Or people are not interested in these sectors??? Can somebody shed some light on this, please.

  64. Riz says:

    200 sq, yard plot for sale in sector 3-B (red). All installments paid upto September. No outstanding dues. send offers with contact number at tabs.ksa@gmail.com.

  65. Ali.G says:

    15 instalments paid for 300 yard Residential. Whether 25 percent of remaining amount of instalment is payable for transfer of plot or 25 percent of entire amount of plot. Any one here plz can guide ?

    • asif says:

      no need. any one paying you the own amount has to bear this as well (if any) coz you are getting the own amount (the amount on top of your payments)

  66. ZEE says:

    Looking for buying a cat-J 200 / 300 sq yd res plot in RED ZONE.

  67. masm says:

    Please post DCK November 2013 price estimates, thank you….

  68. malik riaz says:

    looking to buy dha and sell bahria 🙂

  69. Syed Rehmat Shah says:

    I want to sell my 500yard plot in DHA city Karachi yellow zone J category
    Demand 32lac on

  70. Talha says:

    Please post DCK November 2013 price estimates, thank you….

  71. Adeel says:

    I am selling my 200yard Sector 13A plot (green zone) at a low price of 15.5 lac (on money)

  72. DHA Today says:

    Click here to view the DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – November 2013 http://dhatoday.com/dha-city-karachi-dck-latest-plot-prices-november-2013/

  73. Mehmood says:

    Plz call me my no is 3413093692 mehmmod

  74. Syed Latafat Ali says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have 1,000 sq yard residetial plot at DHA City Karachi and I want to sell this plot.

    Please let me know the price to sell.


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