DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – September 2013

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - September 2013


In the month of August 2013, DHA City Karachi (DCK) prices followed the bullish trend again and made new price hike in almost all sizes and categories. Prices increased from 25 to 50% in a single month, which looks so volatile. The reason behind this hype is that everyone would like to hold their plot or even want to buy more plots. No one is interested in selling and buyer has to buy plots at higher price.

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On commercial side, Central Business Sub-District (CBD) prices are touching sky and figures are amazing at this stage. Profits are multiplied amazingly and nobody wants to sell their plot in CBD. The same trend happened with 1000/2000 yards residential plots.

One more reason of this price hike is very high prices in DHA Karachi. The prices of smallest plot in DHA Karachi is not less than 10 Million and for a common man it is quite difficult to manage this amount. Comparatively DCK is the only place, where you can buy the plot in just 2.5 Million. Though, the minimum piece of land is 200 yards but it is very much attractive to own a plot in DHA scheme. Last month minimum required amount to enter in the DCK market was just 2 Million which is now increased to 2.5 Million because of 25% increase in ON money prices.

The one more reason is the development work is going on the site and people witnesses that the development work for infrastructure is continue and even in good pace. In our latest visit of DCK site, lot of construction activity also witnessed, including Director Office Wing, Staff Residence and other office blocks work is in full swing.

The main entrance on the super highway is almost at finishing stage and connecting roads is ready and just need carpeting. These things also create a positive impact on the market.

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After witnessing the last two months move, it looks that Correction is due. Because within two months time, prices increased 50 to 100 % (and more than this in some categories), which makes prices too heavy plus because of this bullish trend plots are Re-Sold many times before its full payments, which is not good for any market, and many people witnessed miss commitments from the sellers.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) has very good potential. For its better future and to retain this potential and scope; everyone should follow the ethics of trade in which we should transfer the plot before reselling, and guide the investor in this way which will make market settled and will keep this bullish trend. Otherwise, once the correction happens, buyers and investors will lose confidence which is not good for anyone.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Hamza Bin Tila says:

    I wanted to know the price of 500 Square Yards J Category Sector 5 C Plot 221.

  2. Inayat Ullah Kakar says:

    Plz keep me updated on latest prices in dhacity karachi.regards

  3. mohsin says:

    What is the price of plot 500 yards in sector 12 B Army cat

  4. Imran says:

    I have a 500 sq yard plot of ‘J’ Category in sector 9-D. Any offer / suggetion of OWN money, please?

  5. Ar Rathore says:

    What is the own price on 500 Sqr yards plot,sector 15B,dha city Karachi.all instalments are updated.
    Ar Rathore Lahore.

  6. Basit says:

    From where can i get an elaborate map of DCK, i need to see the exect location of plot which is located in block 2-D or D-2.

  7. MR SHAH says:


  8. Imran says:

    Strange, I have noticed that mostly the plots that well sell are purchased by the Property Investors, who will further sale the same after getting a profit of around 20-25%. This profit is procured with in few days and not even weeks.

  9. Rizwan Malik says:

    Please let me know the price of 500 Square Yards plot in sector 10C

  10. asif says:

    Regarding forecast: I think the correction is also due in DHA phase. Prices in d cutting phase-8 has soared from 130 lacs in January to 270-290 lacs in less than 9 months.

    What is your opinion on this. If there is any correction, how much would it be? 10%? 20? or more?

    We are waiting for expert opinion of Mr. Shafi Jakwani.

  11. Kainat says:

    I agree with Mr. Shafi Jakwani that correction is due but in my opinion correction is due on the higher side. Consider a plot in Red Zone which is planned to be completed in two-three years timeframe. I think a developed plot in a minutely planned cul-de-sac, gated community just near Karachi must be valued accordingly. Investors are conscious of this fact and are therefore incorporating these factors when deciding to invest. The pace of development work, as rightly pointed out by Mr. Jakwani is also providing much-needed confidence to the investors. The plots in other zones also carry the same prospects. The only difference is in terms of time-lag, which is quite understandable as such a gigantic project cannot be undertaken in all sectors simultaneously. The only logical thing to do is to carry out the development work in phases. Hats off to DCK management which has started the development work. Investor confidence will not diminish as long as development work is carried out by the DCK management largely in line with the announced schedule.

  12. Usman says:

    What is the own price on 200 Sqr yards plot,sector 13C,dha city Karachi.all instalments are updated

  13. Abid says:

    Very true,

    The bubble could burst any time need an event ( rumour/bad news ) .

    The correction is going to hurt the small investor .

  14. saad says:

    Dear all , in my opinion the bullish trend is due to:-
    Pakistan real estate is merely following global property boom.

    Plots in Pakistan even in DHA every where are still much cheaper than many areas like london, birmingham or even dubai.

    The Pakistani rupee is devaluing fast from Rs 97 to Rs 104 in just 4 months thats more than 3%

    with CBR wanting to access people bank accounts and with low interest rates who would put money in banks; i know that many people shy of property business are just making bank drafts in their relative names to keep money off bank ledges… where would this bank money and drafts go in future…real estate

    The price of construction is increasing and so is rental value, the demand for plot or file is backward connection and it has to increase to match up demand

    The prices not only in dha karachi but also in dha lahore has increase tremendoudlt..dha phase 9 (which will be given prossession somewhere around or after 2020 after phase 7, Phase 8) the rate of 500 yard plot has soared from 22 lakhs since march to 52 lacs??? and guess what there are 63000 files way bigger than dha city karachi.

    Stock exchange has robbed common people at least ten times massively in the last decade..We can see a share going down from Rs 80/- to Rs 10/- in just a month or two ..this surely cannot happen to property .

    Unlike stocks which have no physical value in case of crash the real estate offers the opportunity to build a house and make profit is always there even in low property cycle

    dha karachi has limited land unlike dha lahore which can expand on its periphery. dha karachi can only expand into dha city.
    Comments welcome.

    • Umar says:

      Out of all, this review sounds the most sane and objective. I think all investors must keep these factors in mind while investing in real estate anywhere in Pakistan

  15. Imran says:

    Good analysis by Kainat and Saad. But happenings normally do not wait on our assessments and analysis. Anyway I still believe that making analysis is good to justify reasons of our actions. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait what happens tomorrow.

  16. Muhammad Wasim says:

    Dear All ,

    This “Bubble” Term is just introduced by Brokers/Agents to afraid owners and common man , and they are selling their plots on cheap rates to these brokers/agents. May be your plot has some features like , parkface,On wide Raod , Near Community Center/Market.

    You will not get exact market value from any broker they will never tell you the right price of your plot , they are asking their Fee and keeping some lacs from both parties in middle , from both Seller and Purchasers . If you want to know actual price of your plot add 3 to 5 lac in these prices.

    One more thing common man do not know the plot location but these Agent/Broker have access to Detailed Map. They know the real value of your plots but selling and purchasing on same rates , They are keeping/collecting plots which have corner , park face, wide roads and will get benefits after few days as DHA is Releasing Detailed Map Officially.

    Keep in mind when you are purchasing a plot from a broker/Agent this plot will not be corner/park face/On Wide Road/Near Road/Near Market/Near Community Centre .Because these worthy plots are hold by them or by their investors. They will get profits in millions on these files.

    Do not sale your plots just due to rumours , wait for map in case your plot is not corner/wide raod/park face etc., dont worry DHA City is a good project if you have plot in Red Zone or near Red Zone you will get double price soon . InshaAllah.

  17. fawad says:

    Big Investors Playing With DHA City Karachi
    Well i agree with few of the people who are yelling about drop in the market of CK plots due to intervening of big fishes , there is no need to be in panic, if a seller is not getting the right price then he should wait for market to get stable , One must hold his plot(s) if he can to earn maximized profit.
    Yes i say limit willbe set for 500 yards plot as 60Lac for red zone, 50 for yellow and 40 for Green zone, and for 300 yards it will be Red 45 , yellow 38 and greem 33 lac Then after 2 years at the end of 2015 zone – 1(Red zone) development time the investors will open up the trading at minimum 75 lac for 300 yards plot and 85 to 90 lac for 500 yards plot. Then people will repent why they soldtheir plots to Big Sharks for 30 to 40 Lac ON money.
    People say that societies built in the same area are quite cheaper than DCK , but same area societies will never be able to develop the projects the way DHA does , asfar as rates are concerned, it is simple calculation, Last DHA karachi phase opened at 7.5 million + and then kept moving ahead at awesome pace, now here in DCK buying a 500 yards plot on 50 to 60 lac ON is just nothing , a good investor will bury his 6 million for minimum 3 years and then start selling the same 500 yards plot for over 100 or 110 lac , because that would be value of his investment and profit after 3 years.
    I still say my calculation for reopening of sale of 500 yards plots by investors after 3 years is still on the lower side, I initially wrote 85 to 90, and then 110 , i think it will open up at 125 lac and make 90 lac for 300 yards , otherwise calculate it your self , see price of plot 20.5 lac + ON 50 lac for red zone today + (DHA charges + comission +other charges 5 lac), so price of a 500 yard plot to an ivestor is 75 Lac today, he will sell it for 110 to 125 Lac after 3 years waiting period.
    simple game, by big investors is to to bring the market down , pay cash for maximum plots and the later resell them at huge profits .

  18. Kainat says:

    @Saad, Thanks for such a detailed analysis. I agree with what you say. In addition, I would like to refer to a recent article on Karachi in Foreign Policy magazine which provides the somewhat startling statistic that Karachi’s population has increased by 80% in the preceding decade alone. With Karachi set to expand primarily along the Super Highway in the coming decade, I forsee a bustling DCK by 2023, which is not too distant a future. Remember: 2003 appears just like yesterday!

  19. masm says:

    why is ON money on larger plots (1000/2000 sq yds) not in proportion with that of smaller plots? even when larger plots are much lesser in number !

    • asif says:

      just compare the prices of 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 sq yards prices in any part of dha (phase1-8). the prices of larger plots are not in proportion with that of smaller plot due to various reasons. e.g. 120 yd plot is valued around 120 lacs, 150y around 145yds, 500yds around 270 lacs, 1000 yds around 400 lacs and so on.

      the reason may include: big tax ticket on larger plots, lesser contruction area (allowed) on larger plots etc usually, 100 and 120 yds plot are allowed to cover 100% area, wheras 300 yards have to leave around 10-15% area uncovered and so on.

  20. Abu. Ashhad says:


    Hello All,

    I have one question to you when everyday ten of people are killing in Karachi and Karachites are moving to different cities or abroad so how the hell the prices of underdeveloped project increase drastically. I am afraid if DCK prices increases with the same proportion so by the end of this year it will cross Karachi DHA (Phase 1 – 8) :).
    In my opinion, real estate owners/investors are in hurry to earn billions by keeping future of Karachi (May Allah bless my city and country). Real investors should be careful and they should analyze the speculation of these real estate owners.

    Wish you all the best,

    • asif says:

      In my opninion the prices of DCK will remain 1/2 or 1/3 of that of DHA (phase-I to 8) in the long term. there would be very little impact of city situation (if any) on DCK due to its distance from main city. however, since most of the residents would need to commute to main city, its prices may remain at 1/4th of DHA (1 to 8).

      and Allah knows best.

  21. saad says:

    Your answer is in your question. For most of us Karachi is bread and butter. It is not easy to wind up entire business, family and social setup and just move away. And the Violence in Karachi is the reason people are resorting to Dha City.

    It exactly provides the safety, economy and separate peaceful living outside karachi.

    It is the closest you will be to karachi than any where else without being in karachi.

    You will be there while not being there.

    Dha city is offering unprecedented security and closeness to karachi..Just Google NAVI DEHLI on internet and you will see why they developed a new city outside DEHLI , its a huge success.

    The demand for dha city makes sense to me at least:)

  22. saad says:


    There latest phases of DHA every where are more expensive than older “Mohallah Style ” DHAs . There is no reason why DHA city will be MORE expensive when occupied.

    PPS :
    DHA is also making DHA in Gujranwalla. Its a brand name people trust.Hope that helps.

    • Kainat says:

      Agreed. A DHA in Multan is also going to be launched soon and is already being eagerly awaited by the general public there.

  23. Kainat says:

    @ Abu Arshad: When law and order situation worsens in any city, prices of gated, closed communities always witness an increase because these are seen as more secure than other places.
    May Allah keep all of Karachi safe and secure. Amen.

  24. Khan Kshif Shabih says:


    Can you kindly tell me whats the meaning of “ON MONEY”? I have a plot in DHA City and have paid 8 lac as installments. If I want to sell it now without clearing rest of the installments, how much am I going to get?

    • Muhammad Wasim says:

      @Khan Kshif Shabih :

      On Money is your profit , This is actual current value of your plot file. If ON Money of your plot is 30Lacs you will get,(Installement+Downpayment)+OnMoney
      i.e., 8Lac+30Lacs=38Lacs.

  25. Ahmed says:

    In my humble opinion, a DCK parallel can not be drawn to any other delvelopement project. The closest compatability atleast in terms of distance from city center is Malir Cantt (or Malir Defence in layman’s language). Malir defence is preferred over any other DHA phase by many and there are a number of reasons for that. I guess DCK is going to get similar attention by a big chunk of populace. Moreover, DCK will be linked by Malir Express Way (connecting it with Phase – 9)and Circular Train link. An other interesting aspect is that DCK is the only reputed project in Karachi as compared to Lahore and Islamabad where Bahria Town are present as competitors and seemingly doing better. While Karachiites are still not accustomed to the Bahria Town like life style, DCK is going to offer much more than that. And all this is going to happen in not-so-far future..Good luck guys..

  26. Muhammad Shafique says:

    i want to sell plot 300 sq yds residential in sector 2A, my demand 4.5 million , genuine buyer contact me.

  27. Imran says:

    What do u all think is the peak price of DCK plots till March 2014?

  28. Imran says:

    I understand the prices in Red Category will double, whereas 60-70% increase will be seen for Yellow Category. Regarding the Green Category the actual boom will start after 2018-19.

  29. Imran says:

    An other very important news for all those interested. DHA has removed the balloting results from their website – reason known to DHA. The detailed sector / sub sector map has also not been issued. Is something fishy going on?????????

    • Kiran says:

      @ Dha city pundits (Saad /Kinat) could shed some light on this move and wht is holding dha from issuing the detailed map

    • not concerned says:

      actually this interface was being used by persons having malicious intents, so the authorities opted to disable the link. this include the banks (accepting payment and releasing a list of file number with membership and nic numbers, and nadra database used to verify the nic, someone having access to this information, can easily get to know which file has which plot# in which sector.

      a very good move indeed by dha.

  30. M.AKBAR says:

    i agree with the fear expressed above. I hope DHA Karachi is not involved in any such practice to follow the dubious societies. IF DHA KARACHI CITY is involved in any such practice probably they will invite judiciary for humilation. I still pray that our fears are not. true

  31. Muhammad Ramzan says:


  32. Muhammad Ramzan says:


  33. Kainat says:

    Yes, the balloting results have been “temporarily” removed from the DHA website but the reason mentioned by them is “routine maintenance”. I dont think anything fishy is going on. In this era of judicial activism, DHA cannot afford to lose its credibility by messing with the balloting results already announced/uploaded by it. Besides, many persons have got print-outs of their balloting results, which will be immediately produced in a court of law.
    DHA prides itself in transparency. Any such move will tarnish its image which DHA management cannot afford. So relax and wait till the “routine maintenance” is over!

  34. naeem says:

    Can anybody tell me the current ON of 6D 300 yards plot.?

  35. saad says:

    Last month when we receieved statements for payments there were some payments that were made from other scheduled banks which were not incorporated in the statement. it was informed that there are 27000 file entries which needed to be updated. with the speed of business in dha city it was getting impossible for online verification. This was much called for and a move in very right direction. “The herd behaviour” always makes fuels “rumours” even if prices go down after the re-opening of site it will build a never support base and another psychological low when new entrants will get into market, it may be called correction but surely will the consolidate the marked at a higher price by EID.
    And yes I believe in positive insight and i never claimed to be dha guru.
    Confidence and risk taking is part of enterpreneurship. Will post when the website reopens.

  36. Ahmed says:

    And guess what…Dow Medical University Hospital have signed a memorandum of understanding with DHA to set up a tertiary hospital of 500 beds at DHA City…It indicates the seriousness on the part of DHA and great propects for DCK success..what do you think?…

  37. Amir says:

    My friend wants to buy a 200 sq yd plot in dha city. anyone interested in selling pls let me know. thanks.

    0300 251 2806

  38. ZEE says:

    dhakarachi.org website is totally down, is everything alrite there with DHA.

  39. Farhan says:

    You are absolutely right. The seriousness showed by DHA is evident from their some other steps also. I have visited the site last month and found that work is going-on at a reasonable pace. There might be some downward correction (made by agents) in coming weeks, but will not be long lasting as the demand is still very high. These cyclic motions are necessary for the market in order for it to last longer. I think it will bounce back after eid or within one month after.

    Let’s see. Suggest to HOLD-ON with your plots.

  40. Sir, I am a retired PAF officer. did not get my commercial plot and a interested o apply for one in DCK. How can I do it and what are the procedures? Can you help

  41. DEAR SIR,

  42. Imran says:

    Hi Guys,

    Any words by the seniors about the approximate price of the DCK (RED and Yellow) zones by end of the year?


  43. S.Iqtidar Hussain says:

    janab ghr ke price kea hogi or ya kis jaga waqay hay ples tell me

  44. shafiq ur rehman says:

    AoA, could any one tell me what is the tentative price of 200 Yds in sector 6 D , I want to sell out my file.

  45. Roomi says:

    i hv 2 files dck, 500 yds ‘A’ category sector 6 D 20 years payment plan just Rs 24500/- after every 6 months, 300 yards file ‘J’ category sector 15B, wanna sell both urgently, need money going abroad. my ask price is Rs8.7mn for both files. please contact urgent through this wesite.

  46. Kainat says:

    The plot number and sector numbers have again been uploaded at the DCK official website.

  47. Ahmed says:

    The market for 500 Sq Yards has surpassed 6.0 Million (own)..Incredible..Isn’t that?….

  48. naeem says:

    I want to sell Cat A (20 years payment plan) 500 Sq Yard Sector 10 D Plot. Any one interested can contact me on 03007971672

  49. Abdur Rehman says:

    I’m interested to sell 500 yards residential, plot # 660, sector 7A, red zone.
    Please quote via email

  50. Ghazzaal Azfar says:

    Which by now is perceived to be the best sector in DCK ??? And why ??? Experts . Red , yellow , green included … please give your detailed assessment. Thanks

  51. Ahmed says:

    What’s the impact of announcement of launching of Bahria Town Karachi on DHA City? Are we going to see a DCK market crash or is it going to hold grounds?….

    • Muhammad Wasim says:

      This is DHA City market default behaviour, Up for few months down for few days , in my opinion market is slow just because of Eid.

      Bahria Town location is not confirm yet, if its near DHA City people will realize the importance of the DHA City and future of this location and it will boost DHA market. DHA is planning to complete Red Zone Development in 2015 and Immediate Action plan is almost complete. i.e. offices , Dirotrate building , Staff flats etc etc. But Bahria Town is just preparing for first ballot.

    • Kainat says:

      Bahria may be a good name but is definitely not as respected as DHA. Just visit bahriatown.com. The location of Bahria Town has not been provided. Is it not unethical; or unprofessional, to say the least.

      In my personal view, comparing DCK to Bahria Town is like comparing ‘desi murghi’ to ‘broiler murghi’!

  52. Imran says:

    Dear Kainat,
    You are right that plot number and sector number has been uploaded on the website but still we are unable to access our data as the last column of Enter Plot File No. (With Dashes), we are unable to figure out how to fill it up. Can anyone explain the mechanism involved??????

    • asif says:

      Just follow the convention mentioned on DHA website (Z-TYPE-99999)
      for a JRES file:
      J-RES-99999 (if your plot file no. is JRES-99999)

    • Umair Hasnain says:

      Just fill in the file number as mentioned in your instalment receipt Z-ZZZ-9999

    • Kainat says:

      Pl have a look at the “Information Letter” despatched by DCK in 2009. There is Plot File number written on top left side of the Information Letter. Just type in the abbreviation of category of the plot (e.g., I,J or K etc.), then insert dash(-). Then write ‘RES’ for residential. Insert dash(-) again. Finally, write the file number (which is three/four digit numerical number written at the extreme right-side of the Plot File number.
      Hope that helps!

  53. Fawad says:

    I want to sell Cat A (20 years payment plan) 500 Sq Yard Sector 9 D Plot. Any one interested can contact me at 03335700917

  54. aa khan says:

    AoA everyone. I want to sell my 300yrds plot in DHA CITY in sector 2 near the entrance. Kindly give me offers if interested on 03323799605

  55. Imran says:

    Thanks Kainat, I think that sounds good and will help inshAllah.

  56. malik says:

    CBD commercial 200 yards for sale: price 85 lacs.
    Original seller.
    All dues paid.

  57. Imran says:

    When will the updated prices will be uploaded, please.

  58. Imran says:

    When will the updated prices be uploaded, please.

  59. Fawad says:

    I want to sell Cat A (20 years payment plan) 500 Sq Yard Sector 9 D Plot, dues paid till June 2013. Any one interested can contact me at 03335700917

  60. Imran says:

    Is everyone busy, who will update the current prices, please?

  61. sikander says:

    today is 6th october but still no price update and analysisfrom Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jkvani or DHA Today.It seems that this time he is also confused.

    • Muhammad Wasim says:

      They are not confused they are sitting in Bakra Mandi and trying to sale their Animals (Cow, Goat) on high Rates . 🙂

  62. rubina says:

    iam member of dha city ,iwant 500 yad plot in instalment,how i can aply.pl.reply me thank you

  63. M.kifayat says:

    I want to sale my plot of 500 sq yds in sector 15 B, I’m Defence Officer (PAF)……Price 42 Lac……intrested buyers plz contact 03425028718.

  64. S.K says:

    i am here to provide the best information about DHA

  65. saqib says:

    can you plz tell me the prices of 300sqyd plot ,in sector 14-B?
    and can someone plz tel me the difference between sec2, And in Sec 14.which one is better ?

  66. I’m pretty pleased to find this great site. I want to to thank you
    for your time due to this wonderful read!! I definitely really liked every little bit of it and
    i also have you saved to fav to look at new things
    on your website.

  67. Syed Manzoor Ahmed says:

    Plot File # Z-TYPE-99999 ??, kindly describe the format my plot # is 2070 in sector 14B, how con I enter correct format for online payment

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