DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Progress Update – January 2017

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited DHA City Karachi (DCK) on Super Highway and spent a hectic day at the project site. He extensively visited various sectors along the vast length and breadth of DCK where infrastructure and other development works were going on in full swing.

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Administrator gave prompt and pragmatic instructions on ground that will help accelerate the development activities in the area.

Administrator visited Goth Karim Dad located at the farthest end of Sector-14 in DCK where he met the elders of the Goth and assured them of DHA’s all out support for the uplift and betterment of their village. He said that DHA would repair/refurbish the school building and build two additional class rooms, washrooms and sports ground for the students besides giving them free text books, stationery and uniform. He promised to provide electricity and build a road track for the village. Administrator also announced a donation of Rs. 5 Lakhs for the welfare and wellbeing of the villagers.

Administrator also visited DCK Main Entrance Gate Upgradation and Extension project site where work on expansion of gate as an iconic 18 bays structure was being completed expeditiously.

He went to the sites of school and mini mart building structures in Sector-3 and instructed the development team to complete them on a fast pace basis with professional and technical excellence. The infrastructure development work in Sector-3 has been completed whereas grey structures of many social and communal utility buildings are being completed fastly.

Administrator drove through the DCK road network across the entire area and visited different Sectors where full fledged infrastructure development work was progressing in accordance with a dynamic development strategy.

He commended the zeal and commitment of DCK team and instructed them to maintain quality and standard in all their undertakings as per the highest standards of engineering excellence.

At the end Administrator went to Visitors Centre and met the DCK officers and contractors there. He appreciated the quality, standard and pace of ongoing development activities in DCK and asked the contractors to complete all the ongoing projects with professional exuberance and honesty in a transparent manner and to uphold the good name, credibility and reputation of DCK.

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  1. Ghulam Rabbani says:


    it is easy to get updates regardingredients progress
    but if get the information about the rates quarterly or monthly in all sectors of DHA city will be appreciate

  2. Naushad iqbal says:

    When DHA management give posession to sector 3 and holder will start construction there. I wanted to know the current status

  3. God knows better says:

    It’s all publicity to inflate the prices and sell plots worts 1.1 m @15 to 20 times higher prices.since due to recent government misadventures the market crashed. The possession is being delayed due to incomplete works which were being projected to be completed ahead of schedule and secondly pressure from inside not to handover till the prices has achieved their previous level

  4. MJ Khn says:

    During past two years, I sent many emails and email reminder messages to the DHA using the email address which they posted on their official website. Unfortunately, I never received any response to any of my emails messages sent to DHA. However, I received automated email receipt confirmation from DHA email server.It is shameful and disgraceful that either DHA does not know the importance of communication, public relation or their employees lack English communication skill similar to most PPP minsters who cannot read, understand or write english.

    I have two plots in DHA city and I got them through balloting several years ago. I already made full payments for both about years ago. So far I have not received allotment for any of my plot. It seems I am loosing trust on DHA management. I always trusted Pak Arm forces but now I am loosing my trust from them too.

    I will suggest the DHA Management to take this message seriously and take appropriate actions against those employees who are supposed to respond emails messages of Pakistanis specially who are living abroad. Due to time difference they cannot call to DHA. In addition, DHA has no Toll free phone number from US similar to Bahria Town or PIA.

    Please forward this message to DHA Management.

  5. Naushad Iqbal says:

    Assalamo Alaykum.

    Ramzan Kareem and Eid wishes in advance to all.

    We are entering in 3rd quarter of 2017 and still have no update of Sector 3 and about possession, what exactly DHA city management have in their mind, slow progress ruined the promises and image of DHA. I wish to know when plot holder of sector 3 gets possession & start construction.

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