DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Progress Update – June 2017

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited DHA City Karachi (DCK) on Super Highway and spent two consecutive days there. He went to different project sites in DHA City where he saw the entire development team engaged in completing the assigned projects with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. He gave on the spot decisions and directions for speedy completion of the development works while upholding transparency, excellence and technical perfection in their execution.

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Administrator went to the newly built state-of-the-art Montessori (DCK Junior School) in Sector-3 which has started functioning. He interacted with the newly admitted children of the school who were engaged in their academic activities. Administrator commended DCK management for making an English Medium Montessori on modern lines functional in the area even before it is opened for construction. Administrator termed DCK Montessori as the first sign of life in DHA City and a harbinger of spread of education and progress in the area.

Administrator went to the site of the newly constructed building structure of mini mart, a small shopping centre, being speedily completed in DCK Sector-3, which will be made functional, before the sector is opened for construction. He also visited Farm Houses (DHA Oasis) project site in Sector-1 where grey structure of the impeccably designed four model farm houses has been completed while 123 Farm Houses are at various stages of construction.

Administrator also chaired marathon sessions of presentations on different development projects in DCK including update on ongoing finishing works of Buildings in DCK Sector-3, 6 MW thermal power project, update/progress on solar tube wells and planning for finalization of development strategy of yellow zone. He also reviewed the progress of extensive horticulture works being undertaken in DCK to make the area green and beautiful befitting DCK’s stature of a green and sustainable city of Pakistan. He gave prudent, pragmatic and prompt decisions to overcome the impasse if any in projects execution/initiation, for maintaining the momentum of development in DHA City.

Administrator termed the pace and quality of the ongoing development works in DHA City as reassuring which substantiate the credibility of DHA as a trendsetter organization in the field of development and town planning.

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  1. Muhamnad Khan says:

    Does DHA allows individuals to have their own solar power supply system?

  2. Essa Ayub Khan says:

    When will they allow construction..every year a new slogan livable by …… waiting for last 3 years.any update anyone

  3. umar says:

    why prices are plummeting ?

  4. Meekal says:

    I want to buy 500sq yd plot in sector 3 of DHA City.
    Please tell me what is a good price and time to buy it?

    Email me on meetmeek@gmail.com pls.


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