DHA City Karachi (DCK) Launches New Booking of Residential Plots – April 2017

DHA Karachi offers a range of investment options in DHA City Karachi (DCK) at affordable prices. DHA City Karachi is the First Green and Sustainable City of Pakistan, the symbol of smart living.

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DHA City Karachi (DCK) launches new booking for Residential Plots in the existing Phase-1 of DHA City Karachi with easy installment plan.

Plot Sizes:

The residential plots consist of following sizes:

  1. 125 Yards
  2. 250 Yards
  3. 300 Yards
  4. 500 Yards
  5. 600 Yards
  6. 1000 Yards
  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicant must be a Pakistani Citizen (CNIC and NICOP holder), having age not less than 18 years on 10 April 2017.
  • This Application Form is Free of Cost. This Form cannot be sold by any individual / organization / company.
  • Application Form alongwith payment must be submitted in shape of Bank Draft / Pay Order in the name of DCK HOUSING APPLICATION. Incomplete form will not be accepted.
  • Branches of Askari Bank Ltd, Bank Alfalah Ltd, Bank Al Habib, Dubai Islamic Bank, MCB Bank Ltd and United Bank Ltd will accept the Application Form alongwith Pay Order / Demand Draft.
  • For Overseas Pakistanis, detailed instructions for depositing of Processing Fee and submission of Application Form are available on DHA Karachi official website.
  • Each Application Form is for one residential plot only.
  • Processing Fee is non-refundable.
  • Incomplete Application Form or Application Form without copy of CNIC/NICOP and original bank deposit slip (DHA Copy) will not be considered for Ballot.
  • Allotment of residential plots will be through open computerized balloting. Ballot date will be announced after completion of registration process. Ballot result will be published on DHA Karachi website on next day of Ballot.
  • Registration with this scheme does not entitle any benefit before balloting. Only successful applicants in the ballot will be entitled for the allotment process of plot.
  • Successful applicants in the ballot will deposit Down Payment and Membership Fee within the specified period as per the payment schedule issued by DHA. In case of failure, the registration will be cancelled and Processing Fee will be not be refunded.
  • Scheme features may change on technical, legal or any other reasons.
  • Applicants will abide by all the terms and conditions of the DHA City Karachi in addition to the DHA Bye-laws, Rules & Regulations governing Application, Registration, Balloting, Booking, Allotment and Transfer of of Property, enforced from time to time and of any other Authority / Department related to the Project.

Processing Fees:

The processing fees of residential plots are:

  1. 125 Yards: PKR 8,000/-
  2. 250 Yards: PKR 10,000/-
  3. 300 Yards: PKR 12,000/-
  4. 500 Yards: PKR 15,000/-
  5. 600 Yards: PKR 15,000/-
  6. 1000 Yards: PKR 20,000/-

Base Prices:

Last Date of Submission: 24th April 2017


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  1. Sk says:

    Isn’t this on higher side.


  2. Shamim Osman says:

    This is a very good opportunity for the citizens of Pakistan especially people living in Karachi to buy a Plot in a Posh and well planned society, the way DHA is handling its development work very soon DHA City will be a place where everyone would like to own a house.
    Its master planning is awesome and I believe DHA will be having all the facilities, which one would dream of in Pakistan.

    • Haresh says:

      Bahria has already made many dreams come true, sir. At least up to this point in time.

      • A. Razzak says:

        As said , in media, it has legal/ irregularity issues in allotment possession. Bahria must widely publish refuttals so adto feel assured security for investment.

    • Kashif Khan says:

      Congrats …. DHA Karachi. Irrespective of Prices, The best thing about DHA Karachi is their credibility and that there is no problem in land. We as investors feel confident and secure about our investment in DHA City Karachi. It is actually 100 % secure and profitable investment and that gives us confidence to do business here. My humble request for DHA management ….. please do no sleep after this scheme and keep launching new products in DHA City. We are waiting for next phase of DHA Oasis.

    • Faisal says:

      Pl try to guide people instead of telling them fairytales. This is a loooong term investment.

    • Abdul Rehman Bhatti says:

      Well said

  3. Husham says:

    Way up prices

  4. muhammad saleem says:


  5. Beenish Moghal says:

    Im interested in booking of 124yards for now but i am unable to download the application form

    Im in located in toronto would you be able to help me in this regards

    beenish moghal

  6. Shahid says:

    Isn’t it unfair to not announce the total number of plots available in each category for which balloting will be carried out. Any person who wishes to take part in a draw has the right to know about the total number of plots on offer (in each category) and estimate the odds of a positive outcome.

    By the way, I think DHA has found a way of making quick money through these ballots. For instance, if there are 100,000 applications for 200 sq. yd. plots, the total amount earned by DHA at Rs 10,000 per application is Rs 1 billion just through the application process.

  7. tattoo fonts says:

    The city does not have adequate water supply and infrastructure how do you expect defense to accomodate you with it. Only time will tell DHA city karachi will be able to get appropriate water supply when demand increases and its surrounding areas. How the political players will play their roles. For the moment enjoy making money out of it..

    • mushtaq alam says:

      dear friend
      you have very rightly and honestly raised water avaiability issue in dha city when it will be livable no body can claim it and no one can assure because we may derive answer by knowing the water crisis status in DHA karachi. tanker mafia is ruling this area fir necessary requirement there may be few lucky enjoying the previliege of getting water from dha supply other wise majority of people are buying from taker providers on very high prices and the prices are increasing frequently. failuare of water desalination plant of dha is an other story known to all. so be it dha khi or dha city be prepared to pay the cost of livilg in these areas.

  8. Arif Ali says:

    Location of new residential project?

  9. Ali says:

    What a useless project. They should stop conning around with people’s hard earned money. They have not developed anything in the last 07 years and yet a new launch at exorbitant prices. History of their failure to keep up the promises made regarding livability is long and murky. A 500 sq.yd plot @ 15 million ? Are they serious. What an attempt to attract naive and innocent people in the name of DHA. Their closest competitor ( Bahria) seems to have left an indelible imprint on their minds. DHA has limited resources , they can’t even do in coming 20 years what their competitor has done in last 2 years. So finally we see end of a long,unwanted & tiresome hegemony of DHA in the city of karachi.

    PS. It’s a public service message free of charge just in case someone out there yearns to pay heed.

    Habib Jalib.. ..
    Mein ne uss se ye kaha

    cheen apna yar hai (China is our friend)
    us pe jan nisar hai (We’d give our lives for her)
    par wahan jo hai nizaam (But the system that they have)
    us taraf na jaayio (Steer well clear of that)

    us ko door se salaam (From far away say “salaam”)
    das crore ye gadhe (These hundred million fools)
    jin ka naam hai awaam (That are named the masses)
    kia banain ge hukmaran (Could surely never become rulers)
    tu!, tu!, tu! yaqeen hai ye gumaan (You are the truth; they’re an illusion)
    apni to dua hai ye (My prayer is that)
    sadr tu rahe sada (You remain our President forever)

  10. Mohammad says:

    124 sq yards plot not available

  11. nandlal says:

    DHA has not announced the total number of plots to be ballotted. what to talk of number of plots size vise to be ballotted

  12. UZMA says:

    any idea how many plots are available??? also, how come all of a sudden they announce new balloting when still there is not a single brick development done on ground? money-minting idea!! no transparency and this awaam is soo bey-waqoof to understand these tricks.

  13. Syed Nomanuddin says:



    • Khalid says:

      It is not DHA Karachi. It is DHA far from Karachi.
      Please check the location first before even signup the form.



    What a nice way of extracting money from the innocent people on the name of high living,far away from Karachi but still named after it, can any one tell me where this land is registered, in Karachi, Gadap or Jamshoro……?

  15. FF says:

    Rates are extremely high, easily these should be 1/3rd if they are to offer attraction for investors or genuine buyers.

  16. Aftab Ali Bukhari says:

    They Learn This Price Making From Bahria Town Karachi Who Steel The Fruit Of DHA City Efforts For Develop A City Out Of Karachi Div Premises.

  17. shery says:

    Hi guys , i am wondering that prices of current sectors have gone up or not ? i too have plot in DHA city sector 10 d 500 sq yd army category . anyone here with updated price ?

  18. Ashraf Balkh says:

    Ref Dha Valley.
    Please start writing to GHQ, senior Army Officers and other Officials.No one is going to take action from the comments on this forum.

  19. Ahsan says:

    Prices are too high as compare to Bahria.In Bahria sports city ,250 yards plots are available @36lac50 thousand with 4 year installment according to last year plan.Bahria is much better than DHA.Soon Bahria land issue will be resolved by SC.

  20. Faisal says:

    Are you kidding? The prices offered are neither for genuine buyers nor for investors. I wonder who would like to throw their money on this mess. I am sure only DHA will earn money and a big lot of it. Considering the offered prices, membership fees, utility and development charges, and last but not the least, nonrefundable application fees, DHA is gonna get more than the current market price. I will not recommend this to you. Don’t encourage them with your attention.

    • Khan says:

      You are right, Dha will earn 5 to 6 billion on forms. After ballot they will earn more money through advance payment

  21. Ali says:

    The rates mentioned are too high with respect to the state of development work being done. These plots, according a reliable source in DHA, have be alloted in sector 17. Rest of all other sectors are completely filled and there plots are alredy distributed among their owners.

    I belive this is an effort to artificially rasie up the prices that are continueously at decline from the last 8 months. In deed, the administration has failed up to keep up to its promises. With the current pace of development, it is still doubtfull that DHA City sector 3, as promised, would be liveable by June 2017. The current administration has really failed to keep up to the pace of the development in DHA City as required.

  22. Haroon Moosa says:

    Prices are very high, earlier 500 yds they charged 19 lacs, now sameplot at 1.5 crore?? Non Refundable Registeration Fee another way of making money by DHA, in Karahi, Multan and everywhere. There is no one in the country to control and regulate them.

  23. Ashar says:

    too far but good for future

  24. Fezauddin says:

    Hi guys , i am in Toronto and want to buy 200 or 250 yards plot, please anyone can advise me which one DHA OR BAHRIA projects good to buy.

  25. Salman says:

    In Greed We Trust! This is an illegal way of making money. Is it allowed in Shaira to have something called non-refundable deposit? This is Haram!!!

  26. muhammad says:

    DHA city administration have to do fast development works and DHA city administration should follow Malir Motor way construction works,it is quite mandatory,Malir motor way will be the trust boosting element for customers. prices are really high but if DHA city efficient work are positive so real buyer will accept the price specially foreign investors will come forward.
    In fact DHA city place is very ideal place land is also fertile pollution free area. I am also a well wisher of all super high way projedt like Bahria Town, Pak Fazaia, ASF Hosing scheme , including DHA City and all other housing scheme. Inshallah infuture all this area will show a very good risidential area of karachi. I pray for all. Best of luck to all. Pakistan Zindabad

  27. Assalam O Alaykum..i think prices are too high to affoard specialy for middle class people.DHA must think about poor people also this all is about making money rich will buy plots to make money and still poors dying to get roti 2 times a day…DHA is an Army owned company please this is my humble request to help poors..Thanks

  28. Nisar says:

    location for new announced plots

  29. Majeed says:

    This is very good opportunity for every Pakistani citizen, but we face main issue in DHA water supply, we are living with DHA (CITY CENTRE) but still there is no water supply on TANKER MAFIA available for indirect extortion money, when EID or any other Occasion when water demand increase then all line TANKER MAFIA available in DHA to supply of water on DEMANDED Prices, with the dialog (i.e. THERE IS VERY SHORTAGE OF WATER WE ARE FACING). If water not available the how can TANKER MAFIA arrange the same . . . . . !

  30. Naushad Iqbal says:

    Assalam o Alaykum
    Everyone has own opinion and decision to invest or build their own dream house location which they like. DHA sector 1 prices are as per today’s market, coming years gone up, those wish to have plots in sector 1 only advantage to pay in part (in 4 years installment), however if they purchase directly from owner in other sectors have to pay full amount and coming instalments if any, therefore to say DHA cheating innocent people of Pakistan is not correct.
    Karachi now become thick populated and inside city areas completely full, reasonable posh areas like Gulshan and Gulistan e Jouhar land and house price gone up where no proper facilities but high prices for lands and home. Therefore these two projects are gifts for Karachi people & have good opportunities to build their home either in DHA city Karachi or Bahria with full facilities, their choice, the only difference between these two projects are DHA is safe and secure, however Bahiria is one man show, if Malik Riaz is there Bahiria is there otherwise no value and security of Bahiria. As far as development is concern Bahiria is faster than DHA but DHA for resident is most preferable than Bahiria and that time will proof.

    • MJB says:

      It requires clarity as DHA says “Residential Plots in the existing Phase-1 of DHA City Karachi ” which I presume is not Sector 1, probably plots in Sector 3,5, and 7. Also the rumour is that there will be around 200-225 plots in total for all categories.

  31. Scorpkhan says:

    Kindly share the location ….

  32. Mad Max says:

    Alarming situation.
    You will be surprised how much DHA will earn, only after getting processing fees from us (donkeys).
    Suppose, if 100,000 people submit processing fee of 125sq plot of RS 8,000/- then DHA will get 100,000 x RS 8,000 = RS 800,000,000
    Similarly, let suppose roughly if DHA received this much of applications;
    100,000 applications of 125sq plot of RS 8,000 = RS 800,000,000
    75,000 applications of 250sq plot of RS 10,000 = RS 750,000,000
    60,000 applications of 300sq plot of RS 12,000 = RS 720,000,000
    50,000 applications of 500sq plot of RS 15,000 = RS 750,000,000
    35,000 applications of 600sq plot of RS 18,000 = RS 630,000,000
    25,000 applications of 1000sq plots of RS 20,000 = RS 500,000,000

    Approx RS 4,150,000,000 (4.1 billion rupees) only as processing fees??????? Above is just rough idea, and at lower side. Really don’t know how much more people will become fool.

    This is fraud with awam. Wake up donkeys. DHA is a blood sucker

  33. Mohammad says:

    Prices are too high, It’s better to buy from current market, it’s 50pct cheaper

  34. Faisal says:

    I showed interest in the farm houses about 2 years ago but unfortunately my name did not come up in balloting. I was given offer to keep the deposit intact for chalet or farmhouses phase 2, which was supposed to “come soon” and i opted for it.
    But it is rather amazingly shocking attitude from the management that no update has ever been given about tjose supposedly coming soon projects. I called in several times, only to be tols that it.is “due in next month” and now this new project is being announced collecting 100,000 each once again to show interest.

    I am interested in these plots but not before i would know the CORRECT and OFFICIAL STATUS of chalets and farmhouses phase 2.

    Best Regards

  35. Sokarian says:

    Hi guys, looking at the chain of valuable comments I am not gonna invest in DHA City with these high prices and undisclosed location, so Chillllllllll

  36. Asad says:

    Isn’t it unfair to not announce the total number of plots available in each category for which balloting will be carried out. Any person who wishes to take part in a draw has the right to know about the total number of plots on offer (in each category) and estimate the odds of a positive outcome.

  37. Ahmed Rehan says:

    Hi, judging from the comments, it seems to be a fraud, at least from the price perspective. But I’ve also read elsewhere that the prices are justified due to groundbreaking cerm. of malir expressway. Please any help/advice would be highly appreciated.

    • Ahmed Rehan says:

      P.S. wanna buy these plots for investment purpose only, so the question is will the prices go up? or will it end up like another dha valley?

  38. Ths z without dev charges oooo v expensive

  39. abbassi says:

    i think we should leave big name like DHA. Baharia is better then DHA but still expensive for low and middle class both projects are for big investors and for rich families.

    we are people who made them

    i think now we can focus on fazaia housing scheme and ASF and others too

  40. Khan S says:

    One or other way it is invest in land.
    It will grow and prices will go up.
    If you can not give some good advice then don’t assume with negative thoughts.

  41. bilal mulla says:

    why DCK not confirming exact location of phase 1, even DHA staff not giving satisfactory reply for correct location,
    secondly what is real reason for multiplying of rate by 8 X then first application of DHACITY IN 2009,
    Can concern authority in DHA response it.

  42. Jamal Memon says:

    DHA has recently placed a board on opposite site of the present entrance of DHA City. If you have noticed, Phase 1 also includes 250 yard plots which present DHA CITY dont have. So chances are that location of PHASE 1 if opposite side of present DHA CITY

    There is no doubt about high prices and short payment schedule. I think despite of debating on these, one should see how they took the rate of Rs 9000/ sq yard to Rs. 30,000 per yard?? Does it make sense
    Definitely Bahria and ASF and other societies in the same vicinity are comparatively better in prices.

  43. Muhammad Asjad Iqbal says:

    When will the result of Balloting be announced ?

  44. Sohail Khan says:

    Any one has idea about balloting date, Thanks.

  45. Imran says:

    Is it possible to buy it now?

  46. Mirza Asif Baig says:

    Any idea on the balloting of DHA City Karachi.Any date announced till date.Regards, Asif

  47. faheem bakali says:

    I m deposit my application fees in dib bank but confirmation message not receive yet plz advise

  48. sir Any one idea about balloting date

  49. Nafees Ahmed says:

    Balloting date?

  50. Usman says:

    Dear residents of DHA city AOA

    After a lot of efforts the DHA city is now finally open for residence , and balloting. The road S , infrastructure, electrical cables , street lights and drainage lines along with water conservancy charges are in place . When will sector j be opened for development.

    Thank you and best regards

  51. khalid says:

    what about balloting of new booking of 2017. i applied for 250 sq ft plot however there is no update about verification of applications or balloting date. can anyone update pl

  52. asif says:

    dear, I submitted form and receved one msg but did not receved rigistration number yet, please advise

  53. Tahir says:

    before 20april,2017 I maild balloting requirments but did not received any info any one help me where I contact to find out they received or not

  54. qurat-ul-ain qureshi says:

    i apply for 125 yard plot and i am not get registration number please

  55. Mehmood elahi says:

    When results of balloting DCK will be announced.

  56. raja sajjad says:

    i have 500 yeards plot in dha city i want sale it if u want purchase call me at 03432371071

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