DHA City Karachi (DCK) Plot Prices – December 2012

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Plot Prices - December 2012DHA City Karachi (DCK) is another land mark project by DHA Karachi located on Super Highway at 20 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport. Total available land in DHA City Karachi is 11640 acres out of which around 5000 acres land is being offered for allotment to various categories.

DHA City Karachi will have all facilities of a modern city. It will have wide road network of AASHTO Standards with service roads and modern traffic control system. Streets will be planned with cul-de-sac concept developing harmony of community living system.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi, then do checkout the list of DHAToday’s preferred Real Estate Agents in DHA Karachi & Clifton.

The residential and commercial plots are available in different sizes. For the first time the plots are also being offered to all citizens of Pakistan in open ballot on very easy 9 – 10 years payment plan.

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Civilian Category

The ON money prices are increased drastically in the recent month, and it touches 40 to 50%  from last month prices but the number of transactions remained the same like last month, or may be decreased due to unavailability of files. Mostly the file holders are aware with the price jump, because of this hike in the prices many file holders are now more interested in wait and see for much better prices in coming months.

The balloting date was expected in December 2012 this year but uptill now there is no confirmed news from the authority. It seems that it will take more time for balloting. However the prices are continuously increasing and with this buying sentiments, the ON money prices will may touch the highest level ever with starting of new year. This price increase is witnessed in almost all the categories.

In civilian categories, price range for ON Money is as follows:


  • 200 Square Yards: 11.50~11.75 Lacs
  • 300 Square Yards: 11.75~12.00 Lacs
  • 500 Square Yards: 12.75~13.00 Lacs
  • 1000 Square Yards: 5.50~6.00 Lacs
  • 2000 Square Yards: 2.50~3.00 Lacs


  • 200 Square Yards: 5.00~6.00 Lacs
  • 300 Square Yards: Cost~Cost
  • 500 Square Yards: Cost~Cost
  • 1000 Square Yards: Not Available
  • 2000 Square Yards: Not Available

Army Category

In army category the official price is almost 50% less as compared to civilian category price and ON Money calculate according to prevailing civilian price structure of ON Money, and payment plan is based on 20 years installment. These files are not available all the time in all sizes, and the price is not fixed.

One very important point is that because of lower official price of the plot, the ON Money is higher and buyer have to pay more amount upfront. Mostly files which are traded of civilian category and the other categories price is based on civilian category ON Money plus actual price.

Staff Category

In staff category, full paid file (Benefit File) is available in following sizes. These files are allotted to the staff of DHA free of cost and the price is total ON Money:


  • 200 Square Yards: 16.50~17.00 Lacs
  • 300 Square Yards: 20.00~21.00 Lacs
  • 500 Square Yards: 29.00~30.00 Lacs

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

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  1. I have 200 sq yard plot of dha city karachi & I want to sale it… anyone want to contact me so plz 03432438405

  2. Danish Alvi says:

    I have heard 200 sq. yeard price has fallen 3 lakh in the last day or so.

  3. Idrees says:

    You may not be right as the plot file prices are sky rocketing like anything and next stop may be close to Rs. 2.5 million or so.

    • irfan ali says:

      I also asked property dealers about the price of 200 yards plot and they claimed 8 lacs which is less than 3 lacs from last month price,what is the fact?

  4. Tanvir Ahmed says:

    I have 200 Sq Yard Cat-K (DHA Staff) AND 300 Sq Yrds of same Cat…….plot of DHA City Karachi. I want to sale these… my contact number……03016797796….

  5. Your Details has been noted.
    As market is in correction phase and it will take some time to settled, will contact you soon In Sha ALLAH.
    Muhammad Shafi Jakvani.
    0300 / 0321 – 82 99 101.


    PROFIT 1400000/- DEANDED

  7. Imran says:

    Mr. Jakvani, whether market is in correction or otherwise, you are always in profit. So please enjoy whatever the stage is. Mr. Sheikh, you are demanding rather higher as Mr. Jakrani has mentioned that now the ON is getting down, only Allah knows the reason but still these market experts would have some good answers.

  8. Idrees says:

    I think Mr. Imran you are right and I congratulate you for your straight and courageous comments.

  9. nawazis khan says:

    Stay away from buying for a while. It’s expected to come further down; doesn’t seem correctio but some thing else ….. wait n see for next 3~4 months !

  10. Imran says:

    Mr. Nawazis Khan,
    What else do you see in the underhand game? And how do you know this will happen in next 3/4 months? I understand the prices will not come down below at what brokers / investors have bought plot files. Reason could be anything but at-least the plot number balloting will give a strong fillip to the plot prices in DHA City Karachi. So anyone who is interested in buying a 200 square yard plot in over all less than Rs. 2.2 to 2.3 (including plot price and ON) million would be comfortable to make good investment with some profit at the end of the day.

  11. Irfan says:

    I am watching the demand and supply of this area. you have 11600 acre of land divided into residentail + commercial + services plots and the bottom line is that the demand is keep increasing but the number of plots will remain the same. My analysis is that after the balloting the ON money will touch to 5million on 200 and 500 yrds plot (i am highly doubted that 300 will not grow as 200 and 500). chances are the price will be double after a year ( after balling 500 plot =~6500000, after one year 2 x ~6500000 = 13000000).

  12. Imran says:

    Mr. Irfan, If you tell me you do not own a plot in 200 and 500 category, I will be surprised. It is good to keep fingers crossed, but world does not act on our moves. What will make the prices soar, as you have predicted? As at least in next 2-3 years possession will not be there. I agree that may be after 2015 when possession will be handed over and when the due installment amount will be very less as compared to the inflation, there is a possibility that prices will touch 8 digits (only for 500 square yard plots), but not before that. So if you have a justification, please do share.

  13. Imran says:

    Hello Mr. Jakvani, We are waiting on your latest price review, please.

  14. salman says:

    i have 300sqyard plot wants to exchange 500sqyard if any one interested pls call

  15. Imran says:

    Please let me know what is your demand, if you have to sell it instead of exchange.

  16. Imran says:

    May be around Rs. 0.8 million ON along with the paid amount in installments.

  17. khurram says:


  18. Imran says:

    Dear brother Mr. Khurram,
    When Mr. Jakvani says that ON on 300 square yard plot is maximum Rs. 1,300,000 for the month of January 2013, then why are you asking more and that too as final demand. may be you do not want to sell?

  19. Qasim Ali says:

    Hi Imran,
    what is the Jan 2013 ON for 500 civilian plot and how quickly I can sell or buy. Thanks

  20. Imran says:

    Dear brother Qasim, I suggest you to contact Mr. Jakvani, who is an expert in this regard. I only do analysis but still would suggest if you are asking reasonably or are ready to pay smartly, you can make the deal within a couple of days.

  21. Saeed shah says:

    sale plot 300, or 1000

    Saeed shah

  22. Saeed shah says:

    I want to buy 200yd DHA city., 03218233266

  23. Imran says:

    Mr. Saeed,
    Whay you want to sell and buy plots at the same time? Are you a broker?

  24. AOA,
    Mr. Qasim,
    500 On money will cost you around 12 around,
    you can buy as quickly as you want,
    you should have your membership of DHA City Karachi.
    the process will take 3 Days max.
    and for the transfer letter on your name it will take 21 working days after the transfer process completed.
    means after the full and final payment.
    21 working days means almost 1 months time, but letters could be take some more days. in some cases it took 45 days too.
    I hope you got the answer for your query.
    for any further details you can contact me at
    0300/0321- 82 99 101.

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