DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Sector 13 Map

DHA City Karachi (DCK) has been envisioned as ‘The First Sustainable City of Pakistan’, which will serve as a model for the future independent cities in the country and abroad. The aim has been to plan and build a city, which provides its citizens a safe, comfortable, efficient and beautiful lifestyle.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway at the eastern border of Karachi, bordering Thatta District in the South and Jamshoro District in the East. The project is strategically situated at a distance of 56 km from the city core area of Karachi, 35 km from the Karachi Airport, 26 km from the Toll Plaza and about 120 km from Hyderabad City.

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  1. Yasir Hasan says:

    That’s great, what’s the development situation there?

  2. Naeem Haider says:

    Want sector 6 B map

  3. Sohail Najam says:

    Hi there,
    I hope you are doing well.

    I am interested to buy residential plot for myself in DHA 13 but on installment.
    If it is possible then could you please advise me the cost & procedures?
    Appreciate your cooperation.
    Best Regards,

  4. Asif says:

    Sector 13 map will definitely positive impact on market rate of this sector. My plot is on 13-B 13th Main Street West opposite to Education & Health. Near future I going to sale it.

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