DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Sector 2 Map

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DHA City Karachi (DCK) has been envisioned as ‘The First Sustainable City of Pakistan’, which will serve as a model for the future independent cities in the country and abroad. The aim has been to plan and build a city, which provides its citizens a safe, comfortable, efficient and beautiful lifestyle.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway at the eastern border of Karachi, bordering Thatta District in the South and Jamshoro District in the East. The project is strategically situated at a distance of 56 km from the city core area of Karachi, 35 km from the Karachi Airport, 26 km from the Toll Plaza and about 120 km from Hyderabad City.

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  1. Shaukat Ali says:

    Kindly send the me the detail of ongoing residential project.

  2. Graana says:

    no doubt Karachi is one of the biggest cities to invest and get quite good profit through property buy and sell send me details about concerning person’s to contact I am interested

  3. Alizba Khan says:

    Are there any residential plot left? I need details

    • Tanveer Hussain shah . says:

      customer plots are available in resale
      Please contact us on What’sapp
      Voice & whatsapp +923212435000

  4. YOu are right Karachi is really very good spot for investing in the property sector and really pay off very well. I will look into this in more detail.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  5. Thanks for this sharing this post.

  6. Giga Mall says:

    I want to say thanks to you. I have bookmark your site for future updates.

  7. Naushad iqbal says:

    Assalamo alaykum
    Long time no video, current update n pictures for sector 3 where construction started n people start to live, we know every thing in DHA city is slow but firm, Dow clinic, school operational, SKMH construction started in sector 3, pls share the current status as of today mid july development in secror 3, sector2 sector 5.

  8. Leasehold says:

    Thanks for sharing such true information.

  9. Real estate business is best to invest in 2021

  10. Raza says:

    Assalam u aleikum ,

    We need plot of 240 to 300 sq yards , for personal living . Is the residential houses have started and people are moving in at DH City Karachi. What would be the price of a plot in populated area ?

    In addition, the sector 13 , close to clifton is liveable at the moment ? if Yes, then how much will be price of 300 s.y in sector 13 ?

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