DHA City Karachi (DCK) Steering Committee Meeting

01 DHA City Karachi (DCK) Steering Committee MeetingDHA City Karachi (DCK) Steering Committee Meeting chaired by Administrator DHA, Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi was held at DHA’s Main Office on 1st March, 2012 to review the development strategy of various DCK projects already started/being initiated.

Project Director DCK, Brig (R) Muhammad Rafique said that the development activities on project’s site have started and 13 projects under the Immediate Action Plan would be completed in a year’s time to make DCK site operational. He said that the works to be executed included DCK boundary wall & tracks, watch towers, entrance gate, major access roads, central facility building, information centre and staff accommodation etc.

He said that six contractors have already mobilized to project’s site while seven more contractors would join them in a month that would give an impetus to the pace of development works on ground. He said that quality, precision and transparency in execution of projects’ works was being ensured through round the clock monitoring and supervision by consultant’s team which has already mobilized to the site.

Administrator DHA, Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi asked the DCK project’s team and the consultant to give top most priority to availability of basic living needs like water and electricity in the area to ensure pragmatic and reliable project development. He also instructed them to adhere to the stipulated timelines in execution of projects.

DCK Consultant Lead Architect, Atif Osmani said that five residential sectors each having its own uniform and spectacular architectural style were being developed under the Short Term Development Plan to make DCK a livable entity by 2015-2016. He said the projects to be completed in this phase included complete sector development, development of arterial and collector road network, bulk water supply works, major sewerage works and electrical works including landscaping of the area.

He said that basic civic and essential living requirements including availability of schools, college, parks, play grounds, markets and health care facilities would be ensured in the sector before residents move in the area. He said that residential villas and low cost housing apartments would be constructed in the first residential sector for residents.

Consultant Team Engr Arif Osmai said that the water requirement in the area uptil 2020 was estimated to be 4-5 MGD which would be met through abundance of underground water available in the area. He elaborated that the results of water obtained from ground were very positive and had yielded high quality drinking water of good TDS value. He said that 30% of power requirement in DCK would be met through renewable energy for which space for solar and wind energy parks had been dedicated in the area and leading renewable energy companies shall be engaged for development of reliable, cost effective and environmental friendly solar and wind energy in DCK.

DCK Business Consultant, Professor Kondylis said that DCK was a unique project adding that an International University, Healthcare City and Theme Park in DCK would be developed paradoxically to provide dynamic and quality living environments in DCK. He said that hectic efforts were going on to bring strong and renowned international entrepreneurs/investors in the field along-with local partners for development of the state-of-the-art educational, healthcare and recreational facilities in DCK.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

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