DHA City Karachi (DCK) to Increase Installment Surcharge to 16% Per Annum

DHA City Karachi (DCK) has always been endeavoring to provide best possible facilities to its valuable members. In order to ensure continuation of such service and timely completion of the ongoing project, DHA City Karachi members are expected to timely pay their dues.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) to Increase Installment Surcharge to 16 Per Annum

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  1. Haji Wahid says:

    I submitted a comments allready

  2. ikram says:

    I am paying my instalments regularly. What incentive I have for it?

  3. Majnu Bhai says:

    Kya chutiapa hai yeh?

  4. Waqas Nasir says:

    I live out of Pakistan and still I have been paying the installments regularly. Online status is showing two installments missing.
    I kept on sending the emails to DHA city, noone bothers to reply back.
    I guess i will have to call them someday ..

  5. Muhammad Shamsuddin Qureshi says:

    Dear Sir, Ref# DCK-RES-27081/T&R It is strange I applied on 25th January 2016 in writing at DHA Finanace Department to Mr Zakir to provide me outstanding lump sum dues with 10% discount against my 500 Sq Yds Residential Plot # 702 Sector # 9 Sub-Sector D. But a lapse of 15 days I have not been provided the requisite details which is shame on DHA Management. Could you please help me out in this regard. Thanks Muhammad Shamsuddin Qureshi H: No. 5E Unit8 Latifabad, Hyderabad CNIC# 611011901314-5 KPTS-280
    03337637029 (Old SIM Blocked 03335209365 Home Ph# 0223867726)

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