DHA City Karachi Junior School in Sector-3 Starts Functioning

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is a dynamic residential project which is being developed in accordance with a versatile development strategy on Super Highway. A modern Junior School constructed in DCK Sector-3 fully equipped in accordance with contemporary educational trends has become operational as a harbinger of spread of quality education in the area.

DCK Junior School caters for all essential requirements of modern education and is second to none in quality and facilities available in any leading Junior School of the metropolis. It is a ray of hope and optimism for the local people of surrounding areas as well as children of nearby factories / commercial setups operating around DHA City. DCK Junior School, unique of its kind in the area is a first sign of life in DHA City substantiating the viability, efficacy and versatility of DHA City project. DCK has set a trendsetter standard as a leading and sustainable residential venture coming up in the area.

DCK Junior School will cater for quality education up to primary level in the custom built school building and will be run primarily by the qualified and seasoned staff of DHA Junior School under supervision of DHA Education Directorate. On the popular demand of the local population admissions in Junior School have already started. On the first day of admission on Monday May 15, people from nearby villages and factories/industrial setups thronged the venue of DCK Junior School expressing their immense delight and joy at the prospect to equip their children with modern education for progress and advancement in life. This Junior School will be a landmark institution in the area and the first step towards beginning of a new era of prosperity and enlightenment in the area.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali appreciated DCK management for starting the Junior School in the area and reiterated that DHA accords highest priority to promotion of education as a fundamental socio-economic obligation. He emphasized that education in its essence, is a potential force that can bring a qualitative change in human lives.

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  1. Guldarkhshanda says:

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