DHA City Karachi Plots For Sale – 300 Square Yards (Civilian)

  • Plot Size – 300 Square Yards
  • Plot Category – Civilian
  • Plot Type – Residential

DHA City Karachi will have world class amenities commensurate to the need of modern living. Special areas will be earmarked for schools, hospitals, community centers and leisure clubs to avoid congestion in peak traffic timings. Prayer areas for different communities residing in Karachi have also been catered. Amusement parks, theme parks in the area will become land mark for recognition of DHA. These parks will be developed by dovetailing profile of the area, high grounds and mountainous range in the north-east to give scenic view.

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DHA City Karachi Plots For Sale - 300 Square Yards (Civilian)DHA City Area is undulating and gives outlook of Pothohar. Natural ground outlay and existing Creeks and Nullahs in the area will be utilized to improve scenic view of the area. Availability of sub soil water and damming the Creeks in rainy season will be utilized to improve greenery in the area and afforestation purpose.

DHA City Karachi is located on Super Highway and can be approached by different directions. Construction of road linking Super Highway and Airport will shorten travel time. It is connected to existing DHA through National Highway and link road linking Super Highway just short of DHA City Karachi.

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Different sizes of residential plots have been planned in DHA City Karachi keeping in view residential needs of society. Sizes of these plots vary from 200 – 2000 sq yd. The area will be separated through zoning different sizes of plots. Strict residential byelaws will be implemented in DHA City Karachi. It will have wide street network and cul-de-sac community living concept. Parks and community centers will be available for convenience of residents. No commercial activity in the form of amenities like schools, hospitals etc will be allowed. Only community Mosques and prayer areas will be incorporated with residential area.

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[Payment Schedule] DHA City Karachi Plots For Sale - 300 Square Yards (Civilian)

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