DHA City Karachi Plots For Sale

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

DHA City Karachi Plots For Sale

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway at the eastern border of Karachi, bordering Thatta District in the South and Jamshoro District in the East.

The project is strategically situated at a distance of 56 km from the city core area of Karachi, 35 km from the Karachi Airport, 26 km from the Toll Plaza and about 120 km from Hyderabad City. The upcoming city is planned on an area spanning 11640 acres, comprising residential, commercial and mixed-use elements.

Order Your Copy of “DHA City Karachi (DCK) Master Plan” Package

Category-J (Civilian)



DHA City Karachi (DCK) Master Plan has been successfully completed within a period of 12 months, through an unprecedented master planning exercise involving 100+ national & international professional experts, using latest international standards & GIS technology, this project will bring both DCK & Pakistan on the international map of sustainable cities development.

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DHA City Karachi will have world class amenities commensurate to the need of modern living. Special areas will be earmarked for schools, hospitals, community centers and leisure clubs to avoid congestion in peak traffic timings. Prayer areas for different communities residing in Karachi have also been catered. Amusement parks, theme parks in the area will become land mark for recognition of DHA. These parks will be developed by dovetailing profile of the area, high grounds and mountainous range in the north-east to give scenic view.

DHA City Karachi Master Plan

DHA City Karachi Map - Master Plan

Click on the image to see the high resolution version

DHA City Karachi Map - Master Plan

Click on the image to see the high resolution version

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Map – Master Plan

DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Transportation

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  1. Mohammad Yaseen says:

    I was looking payment schedule of 500 and 1000 sq.yrds residential and commercial both but unable to find it out. Let me gauide pls
    regards yaseen

    • aabb says:

      better find 500 yards in sector 9c/b or in sector 10a/d. both are the best sector.

    • javed says:

      I want to sale civilian category j residential plot in sector 9c on money demand is 2005000/- contact 03362895165

      • Mustafa says:

        dear Javed

        please give me further details, plot size and total demand

        thanks mustafa

      • qamar khalil says:

        ​i am architect and interior designer and offer you DHA all kind of projects from start to finishing if there is any works you offer you i can share 10% of the total agreement amount with you

  2. Yes you are right,
    it is not uploaded yet,
    it will be available by this weekend,
    In Sha ALLAH.
    Prayers & Positivity,
    Muhammad Shafi Jakvani.
    C.E.O. CITI Associates.
    0300 / 0321 – 82 99 101.

  3. khurram says:



  5. murad says:

    for sale no#1. 13/a and 2#.6/d sectors 200 yds

    • Ahmed says:

      Hi, Murad,

      Pls let me know the demand ?

      • qamar khalil says:

        dear sir
        i am architect and interior designer and take freelance DHA projects from start to all stages of DHA submission to completion if there is any kind of project u wana share so we can get together do this and i will give you 10% of the total projects
        qamar khalil
        cell# 03332968816

  6. SGA says:

    Looking for commerical and resident ( 1000 yards) plots in DHA City

  7. Muhammad Asif says:

    I need 200 yard or 300 yard residential .Please rate?

  8. Ali says:


    Please advise the current rate for Plot of 300 Sq. Yds. (J Cat.) Civillian in Sector 4C.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. MUHAMMAD UMER says:


  10. Nadeem Aslam says:

    can anyone please advise me the ongoing rate for cat j 300 sq yd plot in sector 2c . thanks

  11. asif says:

    what is the on money rate for a 300 yrds plot in sector 4a. when is the plot-wise map expected?

  12. abdulrehman says:

    i want to buy a 300 or 500 yards plot plz contact me if any one is interested to sell and let me know what is the total price of both sized plots

  13. Arif says:

    I want to sale my residential civilian plot of 200 Square Yard located in Sector 13-B. I have paid all instalments up to September 2013.

  14. Safdar Abbas says:

    Dear i want to sale out 500 yards residential plot at 10D sector
    cell No 03009314691

  15. Imran says:

    Dear Ahmed, then do close what so ever you want to…………… as your closing is becoming Indian serial, which never closes even after 10 episodes.

    • AHMED says:

      Thanks very much, with this kind of patience, i am no more interested, transaction will take several steps but you seem in a hurry, please carry on…..

  16. SHAHZAD says:

    i want to sale my plots

    1- 200 yds sector 13-B K catagory
    2- 300 yds sector 14-B s catagory

    my demand for
    200yds 3000000 Rs
    300yds 4000000 Rs

  17. Naveed Khan says:

    Interested in buying 200 yds commercial plot in DHA City with all installment paid till date. Price diffrence is required. May contact at networldholding@gmail.com

  18. Abdullah says:

    I want to sale 200sq yds plot in sector 13. OWN = 20 LAC.

  19. Kazmi says:

    I am in UAE wants to know the price for 500 square yard plot in J-Category.

    • Zaffar says:

      Price of J category is Min 20 Max 30 lacs
      If you are interested in J category 200 commercial let me know i’m in UAE as well.
      Zaffar Kaleem

      • Syed Shabbir Hashmi says:

        I sense interest to buy J-Residential 500 sq yds plot to start construnction of omy own bungalow. How much do you expect? Please comment, or any gentlemen wishing to dispose of their 500 sq yds plots (preferably corner) are requested to contact me. Thanks.

        • Syed Zaman says:

          Yes, I am interested to dispose off my plot in 9A-602, 500 Sq.yds J category. The plot is situated on the main boulevard near the CBD (central business district). Not yet sue if corner or not, since layout plan is not received as yet. The current ON MONEY is 30 Lac as published by Citi Associates. I am not in hurry to sell now since the prices by end of March, 2014 will go up due to Bahria Town balloting on 23rd March,2014. Sometime mid or end April, I will be deciding its sale. I have already registered for sale with Citi Associates and offers are coming but as I said I am not in hurry at present. Keep in touch with me on sayedkzaman@hotmail.com maybe it will in you destiny to make bungalow and lives good, healthy and happy life.
          Take care- syed k zaman

  20. nidzish says:

    What is the latest prices of 500 Sq in J category as well as 200 sq includes all installment,

  21. Arsalan says:

    Need 200yds or 300yds at any zone. I am the buyer myself.

  22. Arif says:

    I want to sell my 200 Square Yard residential plot in sector 13-B (Civilian)

  23. naveed ahmed says:

    aoa,am not agent ,want to buy 200 or 300 residential plot.


  24. ASA says:

    ASA, I am looking for 300 sq.yd plot in DHA city Karachi.

    Please contact.

  25. Yasir says:

    Hi there, i have 200sq.yd plot residential in 6D sector. i need to sell it. please contact to buy it.

  26. Imran says:

    I am inclined to dispose off my 500 sq yds category B plot in Sector 10 D.
    Oon money is Rs 4 M. Those interested may contact me through SMS on my mobile no. 03215836119

    • ehtisham says:

      please some one give the detail for oversease pakstani how they can buy plot

      • Ghulam says:

        My dear ehtisham,
        Overseas Pakistani can buy the plot either directoly from the seller but he or she has to be the member of DHA. In this case you have two options. number one your presence in Pakistan is not necessary except that you need to have membership registered and for that reason you have to visit one time personally to Pakistan. This process will not take more than one week maximum. Than you have to appoint an agent who will take care of you for purchasing the plot and registered in your name without your presence.

        Your representative who ever he or she may be has to bring the Payment orders or Demand draft in favor of beneficiary from whom you have purchased the plot.

        The document will be registered by the registerar of DHA and will be handed over to your representative on delivery of original P.O. or Demand Draft. which will be in your representative hand.

        There are many brokers in this field but the one I have practical experience is CITI ASSOCIATES MR. MOHAMD SHAFI JAKVANI and his representavie Mr. Ali Raza they are very honest in dealing so you may decide

  27. fawad says:

    Assalam Alikum,

    I am interested in purchase of 500 sq yd or 1,0000 sq yd in DHA city. Let me know the plot details and price.

  28. fawad says:

    Assalam Alikum,

    I am looking for 500 sq yds or 1000 sq yards plot in DHA City Khi. Please let me know if you have availability. Give the details of plot and asking price.

    Thanks !!

    • hassan says:

      500 sqyds plot in 11C, Army quota, demand 30 Lac.cotact 03000200370.

    • ghulam rasool says:

      I have a in dha city karachi plot no 345 sector 13D residentail civilian 5oo sq yards own money is pk rupees 2500000 for contec cell no. 00923023485520/00971503087765 Ghulam Rasool

    • Ghulam Shaikh says:

      Mr. fawad,
      I have a corner plot in Sector 7A red zone. J- residential. I have paid 9 laks and asking for 41 lakh on money. So in total I am demanding 50 lakh

      This area is livable by 15/16 as per DHA.
      There is no negotiation in above mentioned amount. This is final.

  29. Khalid says:

    I am looking for 500 sq yard plot, please provide the details of plot and price.

    Thanks & regards,


  30. M.AKBAR says:

    what do u foresee the prices of DCK in April this year

  31. rashid says:

    want to buy one canal plot army quota in red / yellow zone on genuine price

  32. rashid says:

    i want to buy as invester in red / yellow zone 500 sq yds army quota plot . genuine sellers pl contact, with final price

  33. Muhammad Munir says:

    I Have 500 yard plot in DHA CITY KARACHI Red zone and J RES Catagory i want to sale ASAP

    Demand 42 Lakh final

  34. HAROON says:

    i want to buy TWO 500 yards plot RED ZONE-RES plz contact me if any one is interested to sell and let me know what is the total price of plots

    • Bee Zee says:



      I have two Plots in Red Zone of Army “A” n “B” Category. Installments paid up to date.

      Only best Offer gets it. It is requested that “No brokers, agents” should contact.

      Regards n Thanks

      Bee Zee

  35. Bee Zee says:

    Haroon I have 2 Plots in Red Zone and they are Army A n B Category.

    Any one offering best offer would get it. No agents please. Installments are paid up to date.

    Only genuine interested Buyers requested to contact.


    Bee Zee

  36. wajahat hussain says:



  37. wajahat hussain says:


    • Bee Zee says:

      I Have Plots in 7 D n 7 A, Army Cat.A n B.

      Immediate Sale. No Brokers please.

      Demand 4.7 Mill n 4.6 Mill ON money. Installments paid up to date.


  38. SHABIR MAHAR says:

    I am interested in buying plots only Residencials any size but must be fully paid to DHA.

  39. ghulam says:

    Hello every one except the brokers.
    I got a commercial plot in balloting 200 square yard. the plot is falling in 15B sector community C area plot number 6.

    I am have paid installments in US dollars as I am resident at present in Saudi Arabia. Interested to disposed off this plot. I have paid so far 5 installments and other formalities and would like to sale on reasonable amount. You may please check the latest May prices on DHACITY.TODAY and let me have your offer.

    I am interested to sale a foreign party so that transfer will be easy but any one can contact. I can come to Pakistan for this deal.

    • AHMED says:


      I am interested, let me know your demand.
      I am in Saudi Arabia, easy to make a deal for you.


      • ghulam shaikh says:

        Mr. Ahmed,

      • ghulam shaikh says:

        Mr. Ahmed,
        I think you must have read the announcement issued recently by DHA that now henceforth the buyer’s presence is not necessary in front of DHA AUTHORITY while signing the transfer documents.

        You can authorize any of your relative to be present for transfer purposes. We can have the final deal here in Saudi Arabia and I can fly to Pakistan for few days to tranfer the plot in your name if desired. This is just for your information

        • AHMED says:

          How many installments you have paid and how much balance ?

          In fact, what amount need to be paid to you in total.



        • AHMED says:

          Dear Ghulam Sheikh,

          Regrets I have to withdraw the discussion, due to the fact that sector 15 is too long term investment, and I was looking for very short term.

          I have just found about the sector details from DHA

          Thanks for your understanding


          • ghulam shaikh says:

            Mr. Ahmed Its ok. You will find residential plots and not a commercial plot. very few person are interest to sale their commercial plot.

            If you want to have long term investment than this is the best time. I being a finance manager know that this plot will give me a sum in due course that I can not even think of when the time comes.

            If any one of your friend who is interested in long term planning than he can contact me.

            Thanks for your interest.

            Ghulam Shaikh

    • rashid says:

      pl let me know the any good offer

    • Haris Khna says:

      Mr.Ghulam I am interested to buy your plot kindly send me the details then we will discussed .I am also in Saudia.

  40. faheem says:

    A Plot for sale Sector 4-A Res,. 300sq ft Near Main gate and near 5 & 7 red zone sectors main road is under construction as DHA city mention in map
    demand On (2,500,000)

  41. erfan says:

    I am looking to buy 200-300 sq yards plot (army or civilian) in any sector. Please contact me with your cell number if anyone want to sale urgently for fair price.

  42. Ghulam Rasool says:

    plot for sale in dha city Karachi 500 sq yards civilian category sector 13 D Green Zone plot no 345 instalments upto date own money price is 2000000 towenty lacs only its very hot price.not any real estate dierect to owner please only serius buyer can contact. Ghulam Rasool Mobile No:- 03023485520/03337551120

  43. zia says:

    200 yds benefit plot for sale in sector 9C, no instalments. demand 45 lacs, contact via email.

  44. faheem says:

    A Plot for sale Sector 4-A Res,. 300sq ft Near Main gate and near 5 & 7 red zone sectors main road is under construction as DHA city mention in map
    demand On (2,500,000)contact #03351287071

  45. jamil khan. says:

    I have one 300 yds catt j resident plot in sector 4a that I am willing to sell at the right price. Contact me if you are interested.

  46. Raheel says:

    I am in UAE and want to sale my 300 Yard plot of DHA City Karachi Cat. J. Plot is in sector 9C and i will clear all the dues up to June 2014. Demand is Rs.2.2 million On Money.

  47. Asif says:

    i have a plot for sale in dha khyaban e bharia 500 yds.

  48. Raheel says:

    I want to sale my 300 Yard plot of DHA City Karachi Cat. J. Plot is in sector 9C and i will clear all the dues up to June 2014. Demand is Rs.2.2 million On Money.

  49. Haris Khan says:

    Kindly send me demand I am interested to buy 300yards plot in DHA

  50. faheem says:

    I want to sell DHA city plot sector 4-A 300, res J category near main entry gate Demand ON 2,400,000/-

    • Ghulam Shaikh says:

      Mr. Faheem,
      can you please tell me what is your final demand so that we can contact each other. Secondly if you are an agent than sorry please do not contact me as I am not interested to buy any plot through agent.

      • junaid says:

        AOA,i want to sale my self-owned plot 200sq yds cat j in green zone.

      • faheem says:

        Dear Ghulam shaikh,

        Sir i am not a agent, i am owner, and the price(ON) in final,

        thanks for your question.

        • Ghulam Shaikh says:

          Mr. Faheem,
          Please give me the detail of your plot, and how many installments you have paid. Is there in penalty on this plot. AS now a days DHA charging at the rate 12% and when I purchase one more plot the seller had to pay an amount of 117,000+ as penalty for 12 months pending installments. So keep in mind that all penalty amount is on seller and not on buyer

          • faheem says:

            Dear Ghulam shaikh,

            sir my all installments are clear till June 2014, plot is clear from any type of penalty. and it is better way to talk on cell phone my no is 0335-1287071

  51. jabbar says:

    I have 500 sq yard cat A plot in DHAC. Sector 11C, No 236. Demand 32 on. Genuine buyer to contact.

  52. Zohaib says:

    I have a plot in DHA City of 1000 yards and I want to sell it.
    Can any one tell me what it’s current price in market?

  53. Ahmed says:

    500 sq. yd. plot in DHA-city Karachi is available for urgent sale, details are

    category : J (civilian)
    sector : 10-B (yellow zone)

    all payments are up to date, with no surcharge.

  54. faheem says:

    I want to sell DHA city plot sector 4-A 300, res J category near main entry gate Demand ON 2,400,000/-
    All installment are paid till June-14
    Contact only serious buyers

  55. sana says:

    I m interested to buy a plot in sector 11 E 200 yards staff file. I have heard this sector plots are not gaining value. Please kindly provide a price

  56. Muhammad Usman says:

    I want to sell 200 Sq yards commercial plot in J category, but not sure about the price. Till date 1.6M is paid in installments.

  57. Ahmed says:

    urgent sale for 500 sq.yd. plot in DHA city Karachi, with following details

    – category : J (Residential)
    – sector : 10-B (yellow zone)

    need urgent payment, all instalments are up-to dated.

  58. Uzair says:

    there is a plot in sector 11, E , yellow zone. How much ON should that have ?

  59. asad says:

    i want to sell me 13c green 200Syq plot, what will offer price i have deposit around June-13 installments

  60. Imran says:

    500 sq yds cat B plot for sale in sector 10 D, 10 years installment plan. Own money is 32 Lacs (negotiable. Plot price is Rs 10 lacs.

  61. abdul hafeez says:

    300 yds plot sec 2 A dha city red zone cat k ,genuine. purchaser to contact 03212293414

  62. Ghulam Shaikh says:

    I want to sale my CORNER PLOT in RED ZONE sector 7A It is 200 square yard plot near adjacent to Commercial Area C-4. The Commercial area C-4 is consisting of Primary and Secondary School, mosque, park and community 12.

    This is a golden opportunity for for interested parties livable by 2015-16 as per DHA ANNOUNCEMENT.

    My demand in total is 59 lacs. I have paid 9 lacs and still need to pay 8 lacs for cost and the rest is ON MONEY. I am not in Pakistan, but can come to Pakistan in one week notice. ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS AND NO BROKERS.

    • Ghulam Shaikh says:

      I am sorry the plot size is 200 square yard but it is 500 square yard. When submitting the ad. I did not check the size but when checked the documents I found that it is 500 square yard plot.

      Sorry the the inconvenienced caused to any one.

  63. Arsalan Kazmi says:

    Urgently want to sale out my 300 sqyrds residential plot in DHA City KHI under category-J sector 4B(Yellow Zone). Paymants paid till Oct-2012. Own money demand RS. 2,500,000.

  64. Ghufran says:

    I want to sell my 300 yards plot in sector 2c. My demand is 27 lacs ON money. Only serious buyers pl.

  65. Raheel says:

    I want to sell my 300 Sq Yd class J residential plot in sector 9C of DHA City karachi.My demand is 2.5 million On money.serious buyers can contact me on this e-mail address. s_raheel82@hotmail.com

  66. Raheel says:

    I want to sell my 300 Sq Yd class J residential plot in sector 9C of DHA City karachi.My demand is 2.5 million On money.serious buyers can contact me on this e-mail address. raheel.rizvi.sr@gmail.com

  67. Okasha says:

    I have one residantial plot 300 sq yds sactor 4a. I am willing to sale onmoney 25Lac. If you are interested contact me 0321-8967929.

  68. aziz adam says:

    I want to sale my plot.200 yds cat J(resedential)my demand s 22 lac

  69. M.AKBAR says:

    comm 200yds sector 16 main ( C 5)cat j demand 6500000.00 ON Money. immedite sale. 500 yds 9 A CAT B demand ON MONEY 5000000.00. CONTACT 0345 5126364

  70. M Shahid Khan says:

    300 Sq.yds Plot Sector 2C Yellow Zone (Civilian) full installments paid
    if anyone want to buy send their offers at

  71. dr says:

    i want to sell : 500 sq:yards (yellow zone) plot located at sector-10 of dck khi.
    plot is on 20 years instalment plan.

    total plot payment is 10,15,000/=

    own = demand is 37. plus paid instalments.


    i am a direct seller. offers are awaited and appreciated.

  72. Shehzad says:

    Prices are falling.. beware do not buy now.

  73. Naveed says:


    I want to sell my residential plot of 500 sq yards in sector 14.

    Own money demand is 20 Lac. Already paid amount is about 1000000.

    I am a direct seller and my cell number is 03000700900

  74. erfan says:

    i am selling 4 plots each of 200 sq yards in yellow zone and 2 plots 300 sq yards for reasonable price. Please contact for more details. Only direct buyer contact me and i am not a real estate agent.

  75. Babar says:

    Mr erfan!
    Whats yourcontact number please

  76. Nasir Hussain says:

    what is the on money rate for a 200 yrds plot in sector 4E.

  77. Ali says:

    Dear All I am interested in 200 yrds 6D fully paid plot if any one want to sale please contact with me my email is as follows

    • Ghulam Rasool says:

      My dear Farid uddin

      I am residing in Saudi Arabia and planning to visit Pakistan by the end of November 2014. I have 200 square yard plot in phat 6D and have paid all installments up to June only 1 installment for September is pending.

      My demand for this plot is 25 lakhs plus the remaining installment you have to pay. If interested please call me 00966506865946 or my email ghulam_shaikh502003@yahoo.com
      I already have offer for 23.5 lakhs so there is no need of negotiation.

      Thank you,


    • NADEEM HASAN says:



      300, SQ YARD

      SECTOR 2 B

      Skype Tahoorah.Traders

  78. Muhammad Asif says:

    Sector 4-A, 300, yards, yellow zone civilian plot for sale. reasonable demand of 24 lacs on money negotiable. contact 03337142453.

  79. Zulfiqar says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq yd plot in 7C. Please email me net profit amount.

  80. farid uddin says:

    I want to buy 200 sq.yds. plot in 6d or 14b or 13a. please contact on 03003946800

    • M ASIF says:

      6d is not a vry good choice except that it has a cheaper rate because it has a big GOTH within it. My sincere advise is to avoid 6d.

      • Raheela says:

        Does 9C has the same issue ?

        • Harris says:

          I want to buy 500 plot in sector wich will be liveable by 2015-16
          Please contact

          • Siddiqui says:

            500 yds, Cat ‘B’ Sector 9B (RED ZONE), adjacent to Central Business District available for sale. 17 installment paid. OWN money above 5.5m. If willing mention your best offer to proceed further.

          • khan says:

            you can contact me for 500 sq yard plot A category, 10 installments paid, secrtor 3. demand 6000000 own. contact no 03005748831

  81. Waqas says:

    what is the ongoing price of a 500 sq yd plot in sectors 12 & 15?

  82. ZEE says:


    What is the price (ON MONEY) of 200 sq yd Category-K (staff) residential plot in red zone?

    Any one interested in selling? Please contact on my email: zazmat@outlook.com

  83. javed says:

    Civilian j category 200 yard in sector 9c residential plot for sale on money 2005000/_ contact 03362895165

  84. moin says:

    i need a 200/ 300 and 500 yds plot in 8 C/D
    please reply interested sellers..

  85. Arsalan Kazmi says:

    I want to sell 300 sqyrds plot in sector 4B category J civilian, yellow zone. Own money demand 2500000. Contact 03002010267

  86. Raheel says:

    I want to sell my 300 yards residential plot in sector 9C. Demand 2,100,000 on money

    Anyone interested can contact me at e-mail address s_raheel82@hotmail.com or send me text at this number 0313 0207601

  87. Mughal says:

    I want to buy 300 sq yrds plot in sector 2,4,6,8 nd 9 any category.

  88. NADEEM HASAN says:



    300, SQ YARD

    SECTOR 2 B


  89. Arsalan says:

    I have a 300 sqyrds plot for sale in sector 4B yellow zone category J civilian residential. Own money demand 2,500,000/-
    Amount paid up to Oct 2012: 360,000

    • AHMED says:


      When will sector 4B yellow zone category J civilian be ready for construction by DHA.

      How much total amount to be paid excl. installments.

      How much is the installments balance PKR.


  90. Imran says:

    I intend to sale out my 500 sq yds plot in Sector 10-D. It is Cat B Plot with total price of Rs 1070000/- Oon money is Rs 34 lacs. Paid amount is Rs 382000/- Those interested may contact on mob: 03215836119 or leave a reply.

    • Rashid says:

      Hi i am interested in 500 sq yrd residential plot. I am a serious buyer. Would please let me know exact location of your plot. I mean is it near to entrance or? Further, if you tell me when sector 10 will be developed?

      My contact #00971529574485

  91. Azfar says:

    200 SQ. YARD IN 6 D
    DEMAND 2,700000/-
    Contact 03442898176

  92. sajid says:

    I want to sell my 300 yards residential plot in sector 9C. Demand 2,050,000 on money

    Anyone interested can text me at this number 03333024895

  93. Syed Ghalib says:

    I want to buy 1000 or 500 square yard plots in sector 7, DHA city Karachi. Individual owners (civil or otherwise), please text your call 00-1-313-4045031

  94. Arif Nawab says:

    Assalam Alaikum,

    I want to buy a 500 or 1000 square yard residential plot in DHA city Karachi, please let me know if there is any offer @ arif.nawab@gmail.com or ph # 001-626 316 8608.


  95. Tabassam says:

    I have to sale DHA City Plot in 6D sector. It is 200 yrd of civilian category J. All installments till DEC -14 are already paid. I am a Banker not a broker. My demand is 2100k. If someone is willing to buy then contact me on my mobile # 03214310203.

  96. Asif says:

    Selling DHA City Karachi plot in 9D measuring 500 sq. yards . Demand is 50 lacs own . Interested person should call me on 03219885289.

  97. zakir says:

    Hi pls tell me right price for sell 200sq yds resi -j (inland )

    • Tabassam Ali Shah says:

      Prices varies according to sector. If you will buy far from main entrance. It will be developed late but prices will be cheaper. After 3,5& 7, now sector6 will be developed. For further detail you can contact me on my cell 03214310203.

  98. Zia says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq.yds plot in sector 14C.On money 40 lacs negotiable.

  99. khan says:

    Army category 500 sq yard plot for imm sale
    All inst paid till date
    Located in sector 3
    Contact 03005748831

  100. Tabassam says:

    After sectors 3, 5 & 7, now map of sector 6 will be announced in near future. As soon as, it will be announced, prices of plots in sector 6 will also go up like above sectors. Investment in other sectors will give result/ higher profit comparatively late. I am selling my residential plot of 200 yrd in urgency. So lowest price is demanded Rs.2100,000/- which is fixed. If anyone willing to purchase less than the demanded amount, he should search the plot in other sectors like 9, 13, 16. I am a banker, not a broker. Only Serious persons willing to buy can contact me on my cell 03214310203

  101. Ali Arsalan says:

    I want to sale 300 sqyrds plot in sector 4B category J residential civilian. Demand 2,500,000/- own money. Upto 8 installments paid. Serious buyers please contact on 03002010267

  102. Arsalan says:

    This sector will be ready in 2017-18
    I have paid upto Rs. 360,000/ and balance amount is Rs.690,000/-

  103. nehal says:

    i want to sell my plot dha city karachi residential j-type, sector 13/b,demand 23 lac own,contact 0303 2702696

  104. Wasi says:

    I want to buy residential plot size 300 sqrds. Please email me if you r selling.


  105. shahrukh says:

    i want to sale, 300 yards COMMERCIAL plot, sector- 8-A, C-3,

    demand own: 60 lacs. already have offer of 56lacs. no silly offers.


  106. ali riz says:

    ive a plot of sectoR 2 A BLOCK NEAR ORGANIC GARDEN(recently announced)
    ……ON money demand is 40,00,000
    prices will reach higher after farm houses and golf villas will be announced
    03345104447… i live in islamabad will remain in karachi in this february

  107. Rashad Rana says:

    i want to sell my plot (8 maralas) loc at sector 13A, my contact no 03215503830

  108. Waheed says:

    Urgent sale of 300 sq yrds residential plot. Cat-J, sector 2C (Red Zone), Serious buyers may contact on 03004780565.

  109. siddiqui says:

    offers required for 500 sq.yds plot located in sector 14-C dha city, Karachi.

  110. Expat Qatar says:

    Interested in purchasing 2 thousand sq. yds. residential plot in DHA City Karachi.
    Please indicate ON amount, and sector?

  111. Raheel Khan says:

    Interested in purchasing 2 thousand sq. yds. residential plot in DHA City Karachi.
    Please indicate ON amount, and sector?

  112. HK says:

    offer required for commercial plot 200 sd yds sector 3B C4 – army quota

  113. Tariq says:

    I am interested to sell my plot 91 B Sector 5. Demand is 6000000 own. Any one interested.

  114. ghulam Abbass Maoj says:

    i am intrested to sell my DHAC plot sector 15c . Uptill date all installments (13/20} have been paid. My cell no 03345380505.
    Intrested parties can show their intrest alongwith offer/price. Please send sms. Calls may not be entertained due to my commitments. Shall response accordingly.

  115. Tariq says:

    I am interested to sell commercial plot 200 sq yds Oversees Sector 14 B C3

  116. Tariq says:

    Cell no 03316163434

  117. Imran says:

    Aoa,want to sell my 500 yds plot in sector 2D …prime location ,first sector on after entrance ……demand 62 lac

  118. Shahbaz says:

    i want to know that how CBC calculate Property tax and what is the minimum tax for 500sq yard residential bungalow??? i recieved CBC letter of tax after assessment and it is around 140,000 rupees.

    Your valuable advice will be a light for us.


  119. javed Raza says:

    I have two plots in DHA CITY but I don’t know about the plot number, sector and market value of my plots for considering the sell option. Both plots completely paid off.
    1) J-8931 B-11700, sq.yd 300
    2) J-8567 B-10049, sq.yd 500

  120. zain ahmed siddiqui says:

    i am selling 300sq yd plot in DHA city karachi sector 3 ,if intrested main me at zainahmed275@gmail.com

  121. Aol.

    I am direct buyer looking for sale COMMERCIAL PLOT in DHA CITY Karachi.
    Note: Only Seller can contact. Broker Please Excuse. Cell 00971555187886

  122. Aol.

    I am direct buyer. I want to buy COMMERCIAL PLOT in DHA CITY Karachi.
    Note: Only Seller can contact. Broker Please Excuse. Cell 00971555187886
    My email ID is ixahid@aol.com

  123. Asim Raza says:

    I have one plot in 6-D sector, size: 200 Yds (J category).
    17 installments are paid. 365000 paid.

    What is the current price for this? I want to sale it.
    email me at razasim@hotmail.com

  124. javed raza says:

    001 647 850 5610

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