DHA City Karachi – Sector 3 Map

DHA City Karachi - Sector 3 High Resolution Map with Plot Numbers

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DHA City Karachi (DCK) has been envisioned as ‘The First Sustainable City of Pakistan’, which will serve as a model for the future independent cities in the country and abroad. The aim has been to plan and build a city, which provides its citizens a safe, comfortable, efficient and beautiful lifestyle.

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DHA City Karachi (DCK) is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway at the eastern border of Karachi, bordering Thatta District in the South and Jamshoro District in the East. The project is strategically situated at a distance of 56 km from the city core area of Karachi, 35 km from the Karachi Airport, 26 km from the Toll Plaza and about 120 km from Hyderabad City.

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  1. Asif Mehdi says:

    I heard all sectors map would be coming. Why only 3. Can anybody tell how many plots there are especially with break up

  2. AH says:

    What is this black line that is cutting through Sector 3A

    • Ahmad says:

      Don’t worry, its not a china wall. The cartographer should have mentioned it in the legend.

      • Haris says:

        Thanks for clearing that, most people were thinking it is either CHINA WALL or a big fat dragon sleeping at project site, good we have geniuses like you.

  3. Haresh says:


    How to get a plot booked in this new sector?

  4. Shahid says:

    Would you like to inform me that Sector 6-D in DCK, when will it develop? Further, how much time it will take in 6-D for demarkation of plot?

  5. amna says:

    it is a pathway for pedestrians….

  6. mujtaba says:

    Hi.can any body guide me about this project.i am interested to invest in this project for long time basis.if any body want to sell from uk pls do get in touch.thanks

  7. khursheed says:

    how should i get plot n0 111 in sector 10 c detail

  8. mahnoor says:

    when next balloting will be done ?

  9. Ali says:

    Anybody interested selling plot in DHA-City from Toronto Canada?

  10. Inamullah Ansari says:

    Kindly do not hesitate to contact for any assistance, please!

    Inamullah Ansari
    Virtual Real Estate Assistant.
    Direct Landline +9221-34170412.
    WhatsApp +9231PROPERTY(77673789)!

    Virtually Real & Actually Here @
    CITI ASSOCIATES DHA / DHA City (DCK) & Bahria Town Registered Agents | ASF (Airport Security Force) City Karachi Authorized Dealers!

    Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage & Investment Services From The Selection Of Site & Feasibility Studies To Construction & Property Management!

    DHA Bahawalpur / Multan / Gujranwala / Quetta / Lahore / Peshawar Also In Our Domain!

    Head Office!
    Suite # 7, 1st Floor, Block-A, Hamilton Courts Complex, Teen Talvaar Facing PSO Pump Near Hilal-e-Ahmer, Block-7, Main Clifton Road, Karachi-75600; Pakistan.

    Bahria Town Karachi Office!
    142/143-B, Jakvani Midway Tower, Midway Commercial, Bahria Town, Karachi-75340; Pakistan.

    DHA City (DCK) Office!
    Plot # 38, Jakvani Heights, C-5 Commercial Sector-3, DHA City, Karachi-75500; Pakistan.

  11. Could you tell me the current [October 2020] market price of a 300 sq. yds, Corner, West open, Residential plot in DCK 3-B ?

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