DHA Conducts Dengue Eradication Campaign

Dengue, a devastating viral disease caused by breeding habitats of the major mosquito vector, Aedes aegypti has emerged as a major health problem of the country in the recent past. DHA attaches highest priority to the healthcare and welfare of the community as its Social Corporate Responsibility. DHA Medical Branch and DHA Services jointly launched a comprehensive preventive drive against the lethal epidemic threat of dengue.

An intensive fumigation campaign focusing on locations where larvae with tempehost was detected was launched by teams of DHA Services. Fumigation was carried out in nooks and corners of all DHA Phases and the adjoining areas.

The comprehensive campaign launched included fumigation, spray and oiling drives intended against the stagnant water, ponds, storm water drains, garbage dumps, nullahs and manholes. Guppy fishes were also given to nurseries, graveyards, tyre shops and waterfalls to prevent production of larvae.

DHA Medical Centre arranged public awareness programmes at DHA educational institutions, clubs and DHA Medical Centre highlighting the deadly effects of dengue fever and the suggested practical preventive measures to be taken to obviate outbreak of dengue. Preventive Measures were also displayed on steamers and panaflex stand near walking tracks at Zamzama Park, Nisar Shaheed Park and DA College for Boys and Girls. DHA Services also displayed awareness messages on bill boards.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali appreciated the joint efforts of DHA Medical Centre and DHA Services for conducting the anti dengue campaign effectively. No significant report of any outbreak of dengue fever in Defence has been reported since the launching of campaign.

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