DHA Conducts Polio Eradication Campaign from 22-28 Jan 2018

Polio in Pakistan still remains an endemic viral infection that continues to circulate and infect children; keeping every child vulnerable to the great danger. DHA attaches great importance to the healthcare and wellbeing of community as its social corporate responsibility. DHA Medical Centre provided all assistance to Saddar Zone Medical Team in launching Polio Eradication Campaign in Defence this year. The one week campaign will continue from 22-28 Jan 2018.

A Polio Corner was established at DHA Medical Centre where children were administered polio drops under supervision of DHA’s doctor and pare medical staff. 36 polio teams of volunteers centrally gathered at DHA Medical Centre who were given necessary briefing/instructions and provided polio drops and other medical accessories for administering polio drops in DHA Phase-5,6,7 and 8 areas.

Polio Teams visited DHA schools and homes of DHA residents and administered polio drops to children under 5 years of age. The mass vaccination campaign was successfully conducted with a spirited zeal. The well trained volunteers motivated the parents wherever they found people resisting against vaccinating their children.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali asked DHA medical setup to extend all support in the ongoing polio campaign in the city ensuring that no child should suffer from a vaccine preventable disease for not getting vaccinated. He said that it is our collective responsibility to strive for a healthy and happy future for our generations.

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