DHA Establishes Heat Stroke Centres at Mubarak Masjid Seaview

The metropolis is in grip of severe heat wave which warrants taking proper preventive measures to avoid heat stroke. DHA, aware of its social responsibilities as a corporate body, established a Heat Stroke Preventive Camp at Mubarak Masjid Seaview in DHA to provide essential first aid treatment to the affected persons and to evacuate them to Heat Stroke Treatment Centre at DHA Medical Centre if required. Coolers of cold drinking water, tang and lemonade (nimu pani) and wet towels were kept at these camps to beat off the effects of the scorching heat wave.

A large number of people /pedestrians visited these centres to get relief and solace from the heat of blazing sun. This initiative besides helping the poor community will also create public awareness about the need to take preventive measures to save themselves from the scathing heat wave.

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