DHA Horticulture Directorate Engaged in Promotion of Greenery ad Horticulture in Housing Authority

DHA as a progressive and enlightening organization provides aesthetically vibrant green, healthy and beautiful natural environment to its residents. DHA Horticulture Directorate is engaged in promoting greenery, plantation and maintaining natural beauty in the Housing Authority. Horticulture Directorate recently undertook tree plantation, trimming and hedge cutting activities at different places / sectors of the Housing Authority.

These activities were meant to promote greenery, tree plantation and beautification spots in DHA. Tree plantation was carried out at Nisar Shaheed Park, Gizri Hill Beautification Spot, Momin Rockery, Zamzama Park and Tooba Masjid. Trimming of trees was carried out at Kh-e-Hafiz, Kh-e-Qasim and Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue (Coastal Area).

The relentless efforts of Horticulture Directorate is evident from presence of abundance of trees, lush green lawns and beautification spots spread over the entire residential estate giving a beautiful natural view to the locality which is spectacular in its form.

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  1. Dr Shamaila Khalid says:

    We don’t have water for trees.We have to purchase water tanker for all our needs. How can we make green share with this issue. I like plants but I can not afford additional burden to purchase water tanker

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