DHA Karachi Advances into Digital Age

DHA Karachi is a modern and dynamic organization having a progressive vision for the future. DHA has advanced into the arena of digital age by adopting digital technology in its working to remain competitive in the online world. DHA MIS Dte has embarked on an innovative IT plan encompassing technological advancements and residents-centric outlook while maintaining highest degree of efficiency and confidentiality in all its undertakings.

Keeping in view the contemporary technology trends in view, DHA Karachi’s IT vision aims at becoming paperless, secure, vibrant and enabled organisation by adopting IT culture through latest technology tools making its core transactions/business processes smarter, more efficient and resident friendly. One of the cornerstone achievements of DHA MIS Dte is the astounding success in Digital Archiving.

MIS Dte has successfully completed a mega project pertaining to digital archiving of property documents in DHA. Around 30M documents have so far been digitally archived and made available to concerned Dtes. This has been possible due to the hard work, dedication and dexterity of the MIS staff who worked day and night ensuring transparency, precision and confidentiality in all the undertakings. The archiving of documents has tremendously increased the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of the process while significantly curtailing the time period.

Administrator DHA Brig Ibrar Hussain Bhatti congratulated MIS Dte for its excellent endeavors towards automation of its core business/ transactions processes. He said that it was encouraging that the DHA has devised a comprehensive IT road map that will bring standardization, integration and efficient work flow management in DHA’s working resulting in enhanced efficiency and visibility to facilitate its residents.

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