DHA Karachi Announces Revision in Fee Structure w.e.f 1st Sep, 2013

DHA Karachi Announces Revision in Fee Structure w.e.f 1st Sep, 2013

Defence Officers Housing Authority, Karachi announces Revision in the Fee Structure of properties in DHA Karachi & DHA City with effect from 1st September, 2013. Click here to download the complete Fee Structure. Following fees have been revised:

  • Membership Fee
  • Renewal Fee
  • Transfer Fee
  • Mutation of Property
  • Urgent Processing Cases
  • Demarcation
  • Site Plan
  • Building Plan Ordinary Cases
  • Building Plan Priority Cases
  • Building Plan Express Cases
  • Completion Plan Ordinary Cases
  • Completion Plan Priority Cases
  • Completion Plan Express Cases
  • Lease Fee ‘A’ & ‘B’
  • Lease Fees for Apartments
  • Lease Fee ‘C’ (Per Sq Yd) for Commercial Plots Only
  • Division Fee
  • Amalgamation Fee

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  1. Naureen says:

    Where is the fee structure. please reattachthe file it does not work

  2. Naureen says:

    Non of the previous owners had DHA memberships, why do I need one and why was I not told about additional documentation after DHA gave me conveyance deed. Now I have to run around get more documentation done???


    Does membership No. 2 CAT ‘B’ will apply to me or No. 11. CAT ‘F’ for a commercial flat under 1000 sq feet

    How is transfer fee calculated – For zamzama commercial it’s PKR 4000 per sq YARDS not FEET, my flat size is 97.2 sq. Yards. is 2 % taken out of this amount after multiplication?

    Mutation of property costs 20k

    I have paid all my taxes.

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