DHA Karachi Complaint Cell and Central Receiving Desk Inaugurated!

Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed inaugurated the revamped Info & Complaint Cell and Central Receiving Desk located at the entrance of DHA Head Office in a simple ceremony held at the venue. The newly refurbished/renovated building has two elegantly designed counters and is equipped with modern furniture and necessary amenities to provide congenial and comfortable environment to visitors.

DHA Karachi Complaint Cell and Central Receiving Desk Inaugurated

Visitors can conveniently get essential information/guidance and register their complaints at the Info & Complaint Centre. Administrator appreciated the concerned officials for developing an impressive and vibrant facility for the residents in a befitting manner.

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  1. illahibux says:

    DHATODAY Admin kindly share complete information news such as contact number of call center and address etc. WE waiting for contact number of “Complaint Cell and Central Receiving “

  2. An incident of decoity took place at my daughters house 91/1 main Amir Khusro Phaee 6 at 9. am on 13 Th March 2017
    Few yards away your barrackades with your vigilance staff were present at both ends of the road between Shaheen and Shujaat
    The incident happens in front of their eyes and they demonstrated criminal Silence
    I question the kind of security arrangements you people have made
    Is DHA vigilance answerable to residents ?
    What action did you take since then?
    It’s a matter or total mistrust on your organisation
    I will appreciate if Administrator DHA personally intervene
    And I am sure that he will contact me to assure about the trust we should not loose and the reason for the trusting look forward for an emergent response
    Hafeez Habibi
    23-D Main Khayaban e Bukhari
    Phase 6 DHA
    Cell 03008220695

  3. Shoaib Farid says:

    Dear sir:

    Khayabane Shujaat remains busy thru the late night as the outbound traffic from Do Daryaa uses it to exit Phase VIII.
    The guardrails placed at the intersection of Amirkhusro and Shujaat for the traffic to zigzag around are proving to be dangerous traps at night for all kinds of vehicles including trucks, cars and particularly motorcycles which keep colliding with these guardrails at night in the absence of proper street light over them. The pole lights are turned on only at each alternate poll with the pole just above these guardrails off being the pole in between the two lighted ones. This electricity saving has a cost in terms of daily accidents at night seriously damaging vehicle(s) while particularly injuring motorcyclists and their families.

    I am an eyewitness to some of these daily mishaps some of which have been very serious not to mention the commotion and the disturbance to sleep that follows with the collision and prolongs for long intervals depending upon the kind(s) of vehicle(s) involved and the nature of injury.

    It is surprising that this serious problem has not come to the attention of the vigilance department of the DHA as their staff sits right there and watches these unfortunate incidents occurring almost daily and sometimes more than once during a night.

    The only solution to this problem is to keep the pole light right above these guardrails on without any consideration of saving electricity.

    Shoaib Farid

    123/I Amirkhusro
    Phase VI.

  4. I have receipt site plant collection receipt No.3976 on 16th July’2020 date of Collection 4th August’2020, I am Visit dha office against receipt of site plan, department not deliver to our site plan why the delay of my site plan deliver please process the all office works in these process thanks.

  5. Izhar Ali says:

    I have been trying to contact DHA Head Office for the past 8 months but no one bother to answer the phone and neither reply to email messages. I live abroad and its very difficult for people like us who want to communicate for some necessary matter. Like other civilian organizations of Pakistan DHA seems no different.

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