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DHA Karachi Introduced E-Tagging Facility in Phase-VIII

DHA keeps making new interventions and taking innovative measures to provide secure and qualitative living environment to its residents. In this connection, DHA has recently introduced E-tagging facility on experimental basis in Phase-VIII which is the largest and best planned phase of DHA.

DHA Karachi Introduced E-Tagging Facility in Phase-VIII

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited the site of E-tagging pilot project started at one of the entry/exit points of Phase-VIII. The entry/exit of all the vehicles entering the area will be monitored/recorded through electronic tagging which will help to provide enhanced security/safety to the residents. The project will be extended to all 8 entry/exit points of Phase-VIII and the entire info/data will be integrated via fiber optics for monitoring at control room.

Administrator appreciated the technical intervention introduced in Phase-VIII and directed the concerned staff to complete the entire project expeditiously ensuring technical precision and innovative use of state-of-the-art computer technology.

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  1. Jamil Syed says:

    The move is very welcome, but why is the process so slow? When is it expected to be in place?

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