DHA Karachi Phase 8 Extension (Phase VIII-Ext.) Map

DHA Karachi Phase 8 Extension (Phase VIII-Ext.) Map - Sahil Streets

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Phase VIII-Extension (Sahil Streets) is the area is along the Beach Avenue, the land of this area reclaimed later after the allotment of phase VIII. In this area only 300 and 500 square yard of residential plots are available and 100 square yard commercial plots. In this area there are 1186 Plots of 300 square yards, 524 Plots 500 square yards and 644 Plots 100 square yards.

If you are looking to Buy, Sell or Rent property in Sahil Streetsthen do checkout the list of DHAToday’s preferred real estate agents in DHA Karachi & Clifton.

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  1. s says:

    anyone selling in phase 8 extension commercial plots 100-200 ? funds arranged in 2 days.

    Please email sga55124@gmail.com

  2. Asad Malik says:

    AOA.i have a 500 sq yard plot in beach street 3-A PHASE 8 EXTENSION

  3. Yolo says:

    Salaam All –

    Is Phase VIII even worth the investment? Is it going to be fruitful in future in terms of worth?

  4. Mansoor says:

    I want to purchase 300 yards plot on main beach avenue,please confirm its price and availability.
    Cell # 0300-9235362

  5. ashraf says:

    I have a 300 yds plot which is now converted to commercial on Beach Avenue. Give me approximate price idea.

    • Jamal Memon says:

      Dear Mr. Ashraf
      My client wants to purchase 300 yards commercial plot at Beach Avenue. If you wish to sale your plot or need assesment please contact:
      Jamal Memon
      0213-2270712 Ext 108/122
      Tabaar Properties & Commodotes
      Ot-501, Techno City Office Tower
      Off II Chundrigar Road

      • Muhammad says:

        I have plot in beach avenue plot number between 142 to 152 , asking 25 crores inclusive of DHA 4 crores. thanks

        • murtaza says:

          How much 300 yards commercial plot on Beach Ave can fetch now. It is in beggining numbe and has dues of 5 crores for commercial conversion and development charges.

          • Jamal says:

            Around 18 to 21 Crore exclusive of dues.
            If you intend to sell contact:
            Jamal Memon

            If any one have plans to Construct on Beach Avenue, I can offer ground and upper floor booking too.

  6. Ghusaf says:

    Price is not established yet. But is expected to be Rs 15 to 20 crores in two years time.

  7. Sajid says:

    I have a 100 sq yds Commercial plot in Sahil Street 1. Want to sell it. Plz submit your offer.

  8. Syed Ahmed says:

    Dear Jamal,

    I have a 300 Sq,residential plot on sahil street 1,Phase 8 Ext DHA,Karachi.I am looking for a reasonable buyer,could you please tell me the present price of this plot and a reasonable buyer.

    Syed Ahmed

    • Jamal says:

      Dear Syed Ahmed
      The prices of avg plot at Sahil is 4.3 to 4.6
      If your plot falls above # 40, it would gain 10 to 20 lac more premium then avg plot.
      Jamal Memon
      Tabaar Properties

    • Jamal says:

      Dear Syed Ahmed

      300 yards Sahil residential plot is currently available in the market in price range between 3 to 3.5
      Location of your plot does matters as if it is near to sea it would possess less value as compare to those located away from see.
      For any further assistance please contact
      Jamal Memon
      Tabaar Properties

  9. aslamqazi says:

    my company name is property platform

  10. Muhammad says:

    Salam, If anyone can guide me on current prices of 300 Yards plot at Sahil? or 500 Yards plot / house at Phase 8.
    Also it will be really great of you can indicate positive & negative sides of Sahil plots…

  11. Ahmed says:

    I have a plot in sahil street 17 away from sea
    what will be the value at present

  12. Hassan says:

    Rare to Find Plot: 1 of less than 15 of its kind in Phase 8 EXT.
    Sea Facing
    Size: 500 Yards
    Location: Sahil Avenue & Sahil Street Corner
    Within first 10 streets.
    End of Cul de Sac – Best for Security Reasons
    (Through Roads are NOT as Safe as a Cul de Sac.)
    Must Sell within 2 weeks
    Whatsapp Contact: ‭+44 7931 147163

  13. jamal khan says:

    I am looking for commercial plot on Sahil street please contact me

  14. Yasin says:

    My client is looking for 1000 yards plot in phase 6 or phase 8 dha , plot should be below 26th street , budget is 11-12 cror , please offer by whatsapp 00971523399660 , payment ready

  15. Osama Saad says:

    Dear Brothers, what are the current prices of 100 yds commercial plots in Sahil commercial streets no 3 and 5.
    Kindly do respond

  16. Syes says:

    I want to sell 300 sqyd in phase 8 ext sahil street . What is the market price ?

    • KHAN says:

      Farrukh Khan here, please let me your plot no and street no and dem.

    • Yousuf says:

      Dear Syes,

      300 yards Sahil residential plots are available in market at price range in between 3.5 to 4.3
      More Over the location of your plot is vary the price.

      For Exact offer, Please let us know your Plot# with Street No.

      For any further assistance please contact

      Al-Ghani Properties
      0336-8288828 Call/Whatsapp

  17. Danish says:

    300 yds plot is available for sale at sahil streets. Any one interested contact at +923362810234.

  18. Broker.1 says:

    Plz contact at Pahore.danish@gmail.com to get best deal. Thank you

  19. abdul says:

    I am looking for 100 yard plot dha-V11 Extention(commercial) kindly send me reasonable offer at hafeezshaikh02@yahoo.com

  20. Syed Ali says:

    I am based in Dubai and looking for a 300 yards plot in Sahil and 150 yards Iqbal lane. I can be contacted via call or WhatsApp at the below number. Direct contact from the owner will be ideal.

    Syed Ali

  21. Ali says:

    What is the estimated market price for my plot in phase 8 Ext. 300 yards plot#39 Street 23?


    • Bilal says:

      Are you interested in selling? You can contact on +923352769963

      • Ali says:

        Thanks for your interest Bilal.

        However, first I need to know the market price as I am overseas and would like to analyze the feasibility of selling based on the estimated market price.

  22. Bilal says:

    Kindly contact on bil.shkone1@gmail.com or you can call on +923352769963

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