DHA Karachi Phase VIII – All You Need To Know!

DHA Karachi Phase VIII - All You Need To Know!

DHA Karachi is the most prime and desired vicinity for the people of Karachi, it has been divided in 8 Phases from 1 to 8. All these 8 phases are spread over the area of approximately 8500 Acres of Land, out of which 4000 plus Acres is designated only for Phase 8.

DHA Karachi Phase VIII spread over huge land, and for the development purpose (portions wise), it has been divided into different zones. Like A, B, C, D-1 & D-2, E, and Phase 8 Extension also known as Sahil Streets.

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Zone A

The limits of this zone is from Khayaban-e-Qasim to Khayaban-e-Ghalib and on the other side from Zulfiqar Street 1 to Beach Avenue. The permission of construction allowed for this zone in 1997 and till today more than 50% of the area still has open plots.

The categories of plots available in this zone are 1000 square yards (divided into two) previously it was allowed but from 2008 the division of plots has been restricted. Original category for residential plots is only 1000 and 2000 square yards. When the division was allowed some plot has been divided into 500 square yards, 666 square yards, and some 2000 square yards plots divided into to four portions in odd sizes but now not possible. And for commercial purpose, 100 and 200 square yards plots categories are available.

Zone B

The limits of this zone is from Khayaban-e-Ghalib to Khayaban-e-Bilal and on the other side from Zulfiqar Street 1 to Khayaban-e-Shujaat, the permission of construction allowed for this zone in April 2011 and till today only 2 to 3 % plots are under construction remaining are open plots.

The categories of plots available in this zone are 100, 120, 150, (staff category) and 500, 1000 and very few of 2000 square yards. And no commercial are in this zone. Amenities plot are also available in this zone, and out of these amenities plots some are operational and school & collages are running.

In this zone apartments are also available like Creek Vistas, which is the part of Creek City scheme. Golf Club is also in this zone, remaining land of creek city is being given to private builder Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (AKD) and the project is going to be launch The Arkadians, this project is spread over 43 Acres of land.

Zone C

The limits of this zone is from Khayaban-e-Bilal to Marine Avenue, and on other side from 16th Street to Beach Avenue, the permission of construction is expected for this zone in March 2013 and the development work is in full swing these days. The categories of plots available in this zone are 500, 1000 square yards residential plots.

1000 square yards plots of this zone have special dimension with very wide front which is (120*75). It is very suitable for the division into two plots but the division is ban these days, previously many plots have been divided. In this zone only categories for residential plots, and on commercial side there very exclusive category of commercial plots which is specific area of Business Zone. There are categories of big commercial plots like 333, 666, 1000, 1500, and 2500 square yards plots.

Construction bylaws for this area will be totally different from other commercial areas. The forecast for this area that this will be the high class commercial area of Defence Phase 8. Zone C is the hottest area for investment purpose these days and prices are attractive for investors.

Zone D

The limits of this zone is from Khayaban-e-Ghalib to Khayaban-e-Bilal, and on other side from 36th Street to Beach Avenue. The categories of plots available in this zone are 500, 1000 and 2000 square yards residential plots. And no commercial are in this zone. This zone have further two portions as D1 and D2,

  • D1: Khayaban-e- Ghalib to Khayaban-e-Khayber and on the other side same 36th Street to Beach Avenue.
  • D2: Khayaban-e-Khayber to Khayaban-e-Bilal and on the other side same 36th Street to Beach Avenue.

Zone E

The limits of this zone is from Khayaban-e-Ghalib to Khayaban-e-Bilal, and on other side from Khayaban-e-Shujaat to 36th Street. The categories of plots available in this zone are 500, 1000 and 2000 square yards residential plots. And large commercial named Peninsula Commercial, in this 100 and 200 square yards commercial plots are available.

Phase VIII-Extension (Sahil Streets)

This area is along the Beach Avenue, the land of this area reclaimed later after the allotment of phase VIII. In this area only 300 and 500 square yard of residential plots are available and 100 square yard commercial plots.

Phase VIII-Ext. comprising on 220 Acres approximately. 60% area utilized for the plotting and rest of the area is for the Roads / Parks and Parking. The minimum size of road is 35 feet wide. This area along with Beach Avenue (120 feet wide road) and the other side Sahil Avenue (60 feet wide road)  are along the beach.

Other Khayabans are also passed in it, like Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Khayaban-e-Khalid, Khayaban-e-Babar and Khayaban-e-Faisal. All the streets in the area are known as Sahil Streets and there are total 37 Sahil Streets with cutting of 300 and 500 yards plots.

The development work is being in progress and the infrastructure will be completed in 2013. The plots on Beach Avenue have both side roads (Single Patti Plots) and have premium price. The development work is under progress for this area together with Zone D1.

In this zone there are 1186 Plots of 300 square yards, 524 Plots 500 square yards and 644 Plots 100 square yards.

Note: This article is written by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. All the information in this article is up-to-date till 16th September, 2012.

Citi Associates – Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services

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  1. Ghazanfar A. Khoso says:

    ASALAM-O-ALAIKUM you entered wrong information about zones, zone ,D, only zone ,D, not D1 or D2 . And zone D, starts from 34th street TO beach avenue between kh-e-ghalib And kh-e-bilal . And costal area is also included.

    • Walekum Assalam, Thank you very much for your keen interest and reading this information. You are write Zone D is only one phase and no subdivision. but according to development work on site it could be divided. and start from 36th street in one map, and 34 street in other. and Khayaban-e-Ghalib to Khayaban-e-Bilal, this was typing mistake Khalid was wrongly typed. as it is obvious that Khayaba-e-Khalid is in Zone A. Coastal are is also fall in Zone D.
      Appreciating your concern.

      • Riaz Abbas says:

        Excellent work mr jakvani, I have never seen such a detailed orientation of dha anywhere else, I thank you for providing this information.

  2. Khan Hameed says:

    Dear Sir,
    I must appreciate the wonderful research work done by you, From the above I understand that
    Beach Street 2A comes in Zone C Please Clarify
    May Almighty Allah Reward you for your efforts
    With Best Regards,
    K Hameed Khairi

  3. Saad Khan says:

    Dear Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani,
    I would be grateful if you could also post your latest analysis.
    Saad Khan

    • Dear Mr. Saad Khan,
      Will upload latest analysis at end of this year,
      as I already mention this year moves, will further forecast for 2013 in December InshaAllah.
      by the way 2013 will be the best year for Real Estate sector in Pakistan. and market will touched the ever highest prices in almost every part and specially in defence phase VIII and DHA City.

  4. Saeed shah says:

    M. Shafi Jakvani ,. Bhi,, plz update DHA city rate


    • Mr. Saeed Shah,
      DHA City Rates already updated on 1st January 2013.
      Next update will be on 1st Feb.
      by the way market is uncertain due to country situation, Once all these issues settle down, picture will be cleared.

  5. Khan Hameed says:

    Dear Mr Mohammad Shafi Jakvani
    You are doing a wonderful job by updating everyone with your expert advice. May Allah Almighty reward you for this.Could you kindly intimate the prices of 100 sq yds Commercial plots in Sahil Street 4 during Feb 2013 and what is the likely trend for March 2013.
    Best Regards,
    K. Hameed

  6. Farhan says:

    Jakhwani sb

    At this date what best investment you suggest in DHA for within Rs.13 million

  7. Ahmed says:


    Required plots phase VIII & VI, 1000 Yards & 500 Yards. New Bungalows 500Yards on Khayabane Ittehad W/O… Urgent Required.

    2) FOR SALES:-
    Plots phase VIII, 500 Yards on Main Khayabane Shujaat, phase VIII- W/O Zone “C”

    3) FOR SALES:-
    100 Yards Plots main Khayabane Shabbir Shaheed & Khalid Street 3, Corner W/O, Phase VII EXT.

    a) 500 Yards Bunglaws portion 3 Bedrooms DD in Between Muhafiz & Bukhari St. 14th Phase VI.
    b) Bunglaws 600 Yards Rent For Office Use in Clifton Block 7, Near Teen Talwar.

    5) FOR SALES:-
    Mezzanine Floor 700 Sq.Ft. in Two Chambers Big Bukhari Chambers Areas Rent to Urgent Sales only 32 Lacs. For office Use Only.

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    Email: – newpropertynetworkk@hotmail.com.

  8. Aswad irfan says:

    In what price we can get 300 sq yard plot near marina club phase 8 please tell as early as possible..

  9. Maqsoodul Hasan says:

    Please let me know the price of plot A-213, Street 18, DHA Phase-VIII.
    M. Hasan

    • Jamal says:

      Salam Mr. Maqsood

      If you still have the plot no. 213-A on 18th street Phase 8, please call me at my number, I wish to buy this plot

      Jamal Memon

  10. Muhammad says:

    Do you think it is a right time to buy 500 sq yds residential plot in Phase VII Ext. near Shuffa University.

    What should be the best price for a chance deal.

    Pls reply me on my e mail address

    Best Regards

  11. Adil Waseem says:

    dear all,
    can any one tell me the details of
    Total plots in DHA Phase VIII Zone wise commercial and residential with sq yard information

    • Jamal says:

      It is quite difficult to inform here rather you should visit us for complete details. plz call

      Jamal Memon

  12. farrukh saeed says:


  13. Subia Zuberi says:

    What’s the update on Zone D and E? When will DHA allow construction? Any news about Penninsula Commercial?

  14. Subia Zuberi says:

    What’s the update on Zone D and E? When will DHA allow construction in these zones and in Penninsula Commercial?

  15. Tanveer Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir:
    I have purchased the plot on khiyabane shujaat E zone in 2012 with the understanding that in a couple of years construction will be approved at that time I was doing the job in the middle east. During this period I have deposited a handsome amount in the name of development changes but till now there is no development at all in that area. I have purchased the plot with the understanding that I will make my home when I will back from MiddleEast. please let me know what is DHA planning to open construction in that area as in surrounding many houses have been constructed,

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