DHA Karachi (Phase-VIII) Infrastructural Development Works to be completed by April 2016

DHA Phase VIII Steering Committee Meeting chaired by Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed was held at DHA Head Office to review the progress of the ongoing development works in DHA Karachi Phase VIII.

The Steering Committee discussed / evaluated the technical, functional and strategical aspects of the ongoing infrastructural development, electrical and gasification works being executed in Ph-VIII and took appropriate decisions to speed up the development process.

DHA Karachi (Phase-VIII) Infrastructural Development Works to be completed by April 2016

Administrator emphasized the need to complete the ongoing development works with professional zeal and enthusiasm and to ensure that the left over infrastructural development works were completed by end April, 2016.

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Project Director Phase VIII, Brig (R) Rashid Butt gave a detailed update of the progress of development projects being executed by NLC and FWO, Sign Posting in Phase VIII, electrical distribution works including upgradation/energization of grids, laying of distribution networks for gas by SSGC and implementation of Traffic Study Plan by NESPAK. Administrator appreciated the efficacy of recently introduced E-tagging pilot project in Phase VIII to monitor entry of vehicles for enhanced security in the area.

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  1. Zeeshan says:

    that means phase 8 Zone D – will be allowed for construction in April 2016?? plz reply thank you

    • saleem says:

      even zone E will also be allow for construction

      • zeeshan says:

        thanks that will be wonderful bcz i m waiting for construction noc so long! but is that confirmed from Dha ! dha should openly tell the zones names which will be allowed for construction! anyways thanks

    • Jawad says:

      Ive heard that the most probable sector to be allowed for construction at rhe earliest is sector C….. Any expert who can further comment on this is welcome….

  2. bawany says:

    zone E also

  3. Zahid says:

    Good News. Does it make any difference in the price of plot? I hope the price of the plots will go up.How long does it take for zones C, D and E a livable place as whole phase 8 is pretty barren. Any comments…

  4. Minhas says:

    Current price of 100yards commercial plot in peninsula tipu sector is 38 to 40M. Where by the time all development works completed it is expected to go further 30-40% up.

  5. Zeeshan says:

    April is over but still no construction NOC ? then what is the use of such statements and news !

  6. imran khan says:

    yes that true why these type of statements ? i think for making market into positive trend

  7. moon says:

    any update? and what is the 1000 plot price in zone D ??

  8. abid says:

    when will phase 8 comm peninsula will handed over for contruction.approx price of 100 yds plot facing babar avenue

  9. Khurram says:

    I have constructed my house in Phase VIII zone “B” approximately 2 years back for living myself, but unfortunately I sold my house just because after completion I had no electric and gas connection, although at that time DHA given permission approximately 3 years back but it was not appropriate for living without Electricity and Gas.

    Now again I am constructing another house for myself and still the situation is same after approx. 5 years of permission. Electricity is still dream there except some houses which were initially provided electricity after frequent follow-up and extraordinary efforts with DHA and KE. I use to go DHA and KE office but hanging between these two organizations and depending on my luck.

    This is very unfortunate that DHA taken all the charges in the name of infrastructure and electrification charges but when time comes for residence to have these utilities DHA not helping them, however it is the responsibility of DHA to provide support for getting these utilities if the concern organization put objections on DHA infrastructure plans, but unfortunately DHA not providing any support to have electricity connections.

    • Zahid says:

      They are playing games with genuine buyers. I am also waiting for permission for construction from last two years but seems like I have to wait one more year. DHA management should take some serious actions to ensure the completion of development work in phase 8 as promised. They are pretty good in taking development charges,though.

      • Zeeshan says:


        Now we all are in 2017, any news about the construction NOC in Phase 8 – Sector D?

        I hope and pray DHA will provide this in 2017. Please share if you have any connections in DHA what is inside news..

        Lets see. Thanks.

        • Pervez says:

          I have a plot in DHA phase VIII sector E.
          It was in 2012 when i heard first that construction NOC is coming in 2012. Today we are in 2018 but no NOC is in sight.
          Can anyone in DHA tell me when will i see the dream of my own house come true in Phase VIII sector E?

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