DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) Latest Plot Prices – February 2014

DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) Latest Plot Prices - February 2014

DHA Karachi is the most prime and desired vicinity for the people of Karachi, it has been divided in 8 Phases from 1 to 8. All these 8 phases are spread over the area of approximately 8500 Acres of Land, out of which 4000 plus Acres is designated only for Phase 8.

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Watch out the DHAToday episodes about different zones of Phase 8:

DHA Karachi Phase VIII spread over huge land, and for the development purpose (portions wise), it has been divided into different zones. Like A, B, C, D, E, and Phase 8 Extension also known as Sahil Streets.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in DHA Karachi Phase VIII (Phase 8), then get in touch with CITI Associates at info@citiassociates.com.pk.

Market start moving little on higher side, though it seems like a short move, because the number of transaction are not on the higher side, and volume is still thin. As after the closing of booking for Bahria Town Karachi, things become slower on that side too, people are waiting for the time when trading starts in BTK.

Things become slower and because of this slow movement people started taking interest in DHA Karachi and started putting buying requests and prices started to move up. Now further it will be clear by next month or at the balloting of BTK, that what exactly will going to happen.

As currently BTK offers Overseas Block and many Overseas Pakistanis showed interest in it. Besides all this happenings, DHA Karachi has its own customers and many people who have full faith on DHA and still want to invest in DHA.

As DHA is still one of the best option for investment with best ROI in previous decades, without any scam and provided Crystal Clear Documentation record since the authority was founded. It has already been testified and it multiplies funds like anything.

1. Zone A


  • 500 Yards – 27 to 33 million
  • 600 Yards – 29 to 34 million
  • 666 Yards – 32 to 38 million
  • 1000 Yards – 38 to 50 million
  • 2000 Yards – 78 to 100 million


  • 100 Yards – 23 to 55 million
  • 200 Yards – 40 to 110 million

2. Zone B


  • 100 Yards – 9.8 to 10.5 million
  • 120 Yards – 11.5 to 12 million
  • 150 Yards – 13.5 to 14.5 million
  • 500 Yards – 24 to 27 million
  • 1000 Yards – 42 to 47 million

3. Zone C


  • 500 Yards – 18.5 to 21.5 million
  • 1000 Yards – 32 to 37 million

Commercial Business Zone:

  • 333, 666, 1000, 1500, and 2500 Yards and few are bigger than this, the price of land here is 250,000/= to 325,000/= per square yard.

4. Zone D


  • 500 Yards – 16.5 to 18.5 million
  • 1000 Yards – 30 to 34 million
  • 2000 Yards – 55 to 61 million

5. Zone E


  • 500 Yards – 20 to 22 million
  • 1000 Yards – 32 to 36 million
  • 2000 Yards – 58 to 68 million


  • 100 Yards – 13 to 28 million
  • 200 Yards – 25 to 55 million

6. Phase VIII-Extension (Sahil Streets)


  • 300 Yards – 14 to 17.5 million
  • 500 Yards – 17.5 to 20 million


  • 100 Yards – 16 to 24 million

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As we are almost completing the 2nd month of 2014 and close to the end of first quarter, things will be clear by end of March 2014. Though for those who want to invest for long term (2 to 5 Years) can buy at this level, but may it will more beneficiary in second quarter or later.

As according to Decade Cycle Theory market is also in the last stage of the cycle and it is not the right time to invest. It is better to wait, and might more options will be available at much better price.

As new entry of Bahria Town in Karachi already disturbed that cycle, and may the things will follow the different strategy for further market moves. Real Estate Sector already expanded too much and there are many options available besides DHA Investments. That’s why this decade cycle could not work out perfectly for this decade (2010 to 2020) for the DHA jurisdiction but as overall it will definitely play key role.

Note: This information is provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Price variation is due to many reason including location, dimension, and availability of particular type of plots in particular area. It also based on demand and supply and some time follows the market trends as well. All prices are assessed from ongoing market, it can be changed any time and there is no guarantee for any differ. It could vary according to some individual’s need.

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  1. Lt Col Arshad says:

    I am regular reader of your side pl tell the ROI of bahria Karachi. I missed it.
    And pl tell what is the right time to invest in DHA Lahore

  2. shahzad ali says:

    Very Good news for the investors , indeed a best time!!!

    MANY number of cases (more than 13) seen at dha office @ e-zone every day, as they have announced infrastructure development.

    residential and commercials are being taken up for investment!

    Jump into the market of commercial of e-zone “100 sq:yards.
    Very cheap compared to all commercials, after july commercial of e-zone will be ready according to roads and sewerage networks. this will go high to 2crore plus ….

  3. Adil Khan says:

    I read all you articles. They are very informative and give a clear brief picture.
    Could you tell me how about residential plot prices in Zone E. As mentioned by above poster, have they already started constructing sewerage and roads? I am planning to go for long term investment, any idea how much about the return on property on 5 yr investment. Thanks

    • Z.b says:

      dead sure! if u are going for long term investment, better to buy commercial at peninsula.
      100 sq:yards is very cheap and trading going on in this area right now.

      whatever u want go for it , u can check urself site of e-zone , many constructions works are going on in a good speed.

      E-zone is heart of phase-8. speciall y focusing on commercial, ITS commercial on same road that leads to badar comercial , small bukhari.

      if u need a good plot of any size, i can get u a chance deal, let me know ur exact investing amount, then i can suggest you!

      • Adil Khan says:

        Hi S.K

        Thanks for the prompt reply. I already bought a residential plot in Zone E. Investing in commercial plots is quite risky(for me).

        take care and god bless you.

  4. raza says:

    Hey!!! hope u people doing great.

    i have gone through some of the suggestions from this website for buying at peninsula commercial plots @e-zone. i have Purchased 2 plots at the rate of 180lacs at 45” foot wide road, 200 lacs at 50” foot wide-road respectively (non-corner plots).

    Just had an opinion with an expert as well about purchasing, he concluded that phase4 to phase 7 is 4000 acres , each main khayabans have its own named commercials.

    On other side if u look at phase-8 that is 4000 acres as well, this is not the same story of each main khayaban with commercial.

    Thus peninsula commercial will be the “COMMERCIAL HUB” of phase -8 in coming future because this will be taking load of C-ZONE, D-ZONE and E-ZONE itself.

    This makes PENINSULA COMMERCIAL more attractive and some of the opinions are being given that this commercial will be sold at sq.foot prices in coming year!

    Current market stands very strong for this commercial as the roads and infrastructure is developing to its fastest pace. Roads & infrastructure deadline is 31st july 2014.

    Price update is :
    100 sq:yards => 170 to 175lacs (small front like of faisal commercial),
    180 to 189 acs 45’foot wide road and
    200lacs plus 50 foot wide road (non corners) TO 300lacs plus
    (main saba avenue 100 foot wide road)

    200 Sq:yrds => 275lacs starting to 550lacs on main saba avenue.

    Grab the plots in 100 sq:yards range at 45’foot and 50 foot wide road no-corners and corners.

    This will gives you best ROI in coming years and for short time investors just after the road networks i.e dated: 31st july.

    Thanks !

  5. khalid says:

    has the permission for construction been granted in Zone c, DHA phase 8, Khi

    • naveed says:

      No sir,
      news is being heard that authorities with FWO is going complete phase-8 (e-zone commercial peninsula earlier) and then its residential development. expected to give construction permission at e-zone commercial in 1st week of september 2014 earlier to make structures for offices, banks, shopping marts, for business and daily use requirements and residential in november/december 2014. Work is in very active and fast speed.

  6. naveed says:

    peninsula commercial e-zone is going to complete with the facilities of Roads, electricity, water lines, sewerage network , gas lines by july15th 2014. “confirmed source”
    witnessed high in demand in current time.

  7. farrukh johri says:

    i need yellow zone DHA CITY residential plot 300 square yard mail me only original seller.

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