DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) Latest Plot Prices – January 2014

DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) Latest Plot Prices - January 2014

DHA Karachi is the most prime and desired vicinity for the people of Karachi, it has been divided in 8 Phases from 1 to 8. All these 8 phases are spread over the area of approximately 8500 Acres of Land, out of which 4000 plus Acres is designated only for Phase 8.

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DHA Karachi Phase VIII spread over huge land, and for the development purpose (portions wise), it has been divided into different zones. Like A, B, C, D, E, and Phase 8 Extension also known as Sahil Streets.

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Market is in the same trend for the last couple of months, prices did moved up a little by 2 to 5% but no major change. As in December 2013 normally things have been slow and specially when market is in this kind of pace. There is no major activity witnessed. Transaction wise it is better than last months and transaction volume increased a little bit. Because of wedding season as well, many overseas Pakistanis visit their home town and would like to invest in Real Estate.

As we all know that new entry of Bahria Town in Karachi created more options for the investors and people have more choice. The other valid factor for this downfall is that the prices of Phase VIII plots are almost out of reach for a common man, and to trade these plots, it requires huge volumes. Because of these high prices we have already seen diversification of interest from DHA Karachi to DHA City Karachi.

As 2014 started, it is expected to be a good year for Real Estate Sector in Pakistan. Now, in the coming 2-3 months are very important for the market and it will be cleared further that what exactly going to happen, either this time market will remain dull for a long time (for years) or it will rebound shortly. Market will clear it’s directions after the first quarter. No major news is currently expected and market will remain slow and dull.

1. Zone A


  • 500 Yards – 26 to 31 million
  • 600 Yards – 28 to 32 million
  • 666 Yards – 31 to 36 million
  • 1000 Yards – 36 to 48 million
  • 2000 Yards – 78 to 95 million


  • 100 Yards – 23 to 55 million
  • 200 Yards – 40 to 110 million

2. Zone B


  • 100 Yards – 9.5 to 10 million
  • 120 Yards – 11 to 11.5 million
  • 150 Yards – 13.5 to 14 million
  • 500 Yards – 22 to 26 million
  • 1000 Yards – 40 to 44 million

3. Zone C


  • 500 Yards – 18.5 to 21.5 million
  • 1000 Yards – 32 to 37 million

Commercial Business Zone:

  • 333, 666, 1000, 1500, and 2500 Yards and few are bigger than this, the price of land here is 200,000/= to 275,000/= per square yard.

4. Zone D


  • 500 Yards – 16 to 17.5 million
  • 1000 Yards – 28 to 32 million
  • 2000 Yards – 52 to 58 million

5. Zone E


  • 500 Yards – 18 to 20 million
  • 1000 Yards – 30 to 34 million
  • 2000 Yards – 55 to 60 million


  • 100 Yards – 12.5 to 25 million
  • 200 Yards – 22 to 50 million

6. Phase VIII-Extension (Sahil Streets)


  • 300 Yards – 13.5 to 17 million
  • 500 Yards – 17 to 19 million


  • 100 Yards – 16 to 24 million

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After analyzing all the factor and many things happened in the last quarter of 2013, it looks like that the market is not suitable for buying at this stage, though for those genuine buyers who want to buy to fulfill their need, they can buy; and for the investment purpose it is recommended to wait and see for at least first two months of 2014.

In the month of March 2014, things could be clear and any direction can be identified. At that stage may some good buying will be possible for the investment purpose. Overall, Phase VIII has good potential to invest according to the previous results in last three decades, and Phase VIII is always a healthy and fruitful investment on long term basis. It has already been testified and it multiplies funds like anything.

Note: This information is provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Price variation is due to many reason including location, dimension, and availability of particular type of plots in particular area. It also based on demand and supply and some time follows the market trends as well. All prices are assessed from ongoing market, it can be changed any time and there is no guarantee for any differ. It could vary according to some individual’s need.

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  1. sultan mustafa says:

    whhat is about 200 sq yd resident plot rate

  2. deal-quick says:

    Activity is recorded from last week at peninsula commercial phase 8 (e-zone) for short term investment! prices are going up in a positive trend. “Speculations”
    buy and sell 100 sq:yards and 200 sq:yards plots. Road network tender is ready to issue, commercials will develop earlier than residential as their is much need of commercials first for daily life requirements.


    • Sajid asfar says:

      You are right, tender work is issued on 20 January, I have seen an update too on this website and I have seen filling and material supply at e-zone particularly peninsula commercial area. I am agreed with your post. Got 4 plots of 100 sq:yards today ranging from 160 to 180. 🙂

  3. Waheed says:

    please provide me update of Emaar Crescent Bay Project.

  4. rizwan says:

    please provide me update zone c permisions

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