DHA Karachi Phase VIII (Phase 8) Infrastructural Development at a Glance

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DHA Phase-VIII has an area of 4151 acres. It constitutes a small peninsula land reclaimed before allotment of plots. Phase-VIII remained undeveloped since the last three decades. Initial town planning of Phase-VIII was not carried out by professional consultants; albeit simple crossroads were laid on the basis of ground survey. Remaining portion was plotted and allotted in different ballots held upto late 90’s. A fresh Master Plan for Infrastructure Dev of DHA Ph-VIII was accordingly prepared by consultant M/s Osmani & Co based on which the development strategy is in progress.

There are 6 Sectors in Phase-VIII (A to E & E8). The infrastructural development of Sector A and Sector B has been completed and the area has been opened for construction. This includes road carpeting, sewerage, water supply and electrical works including streetlights. DHA Karachi is receiving and processing of site plans, approval plans and demarcation for construction in Sector A and B. The infrastructure development of Sectors C and E-8 is in progress.

Some of the completed works include:

  • Beach Avenue, which is the main artery linking Seaview with Creek Marina along the beach. The road has been completed by FWO with international standards and is open for traffic.
  • Water supply main pipelines and underground water reservoirs have been constructed.
  • A 6” used water pipeline has been laid between Qasim Pumping Station to DA Country & Golf Club for horticultural purposes.
  • All infrastructure works of Zulfiqar Commercial Area in Sector A have been completed with a cost of Rs 304 M. Area has been opened for construction.
DHA Karachi Phase VIII (Phase 8) Map

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Some of the development works at hand include:

  • A large network of arterial and collector roads is in progress through NLC. Beside the road works, drainage works are also being done. The work has substantially been completed.
  • Finishing works of 16th Street are in progress at a fast pace being primary access to Creek Vistas.
  • Sector A of Phase-VIII has already been open for construction of houses. Sector B developments are in hand and are at near completion. The project includes construction of roads, sewerage works and drainage works. On completion, plot owners will be allowed to start the construction of houses. It is strongly felt that once the construction of houses will commence, real estate value of Sector B will multiply manifolds.
  • Missing sewerage line are being laid and manholes are being constructed and being covered.
  • Althogh main pipe network has been laid but supply lines to houses are yet to be laid. Sector A has been allowed construction thus needed urgent water supply. Laying of water supply network in Sector A is near completion.
  • Zulfiqar Street of Sector A needed re-surfacing along with services. Work is in full swing and shall be completed shortly.
  • Zulfiqar Avenue is a major artery linking Phase VIII with Phase V and Phase VI through Khayaban Itehad. Road needed immediate uplift along with services like sewerage, drainage works etc. Contract has been awarded and work has commenced. It is likely to complete by end of 2011.
  • A park is under construction at Seaview near Village Restaurant. Work is near completion.
  • Installation of world class streetlights and poles on major roads is almost complete. A portion of Khayaban-e-Shaheen has also been energized. Remaining roads will be energized on provision of electric connection from KESC.
  • Arterial roads in Phase-VIII are 2 to 3 meters higher than surrounding places. Since last few years, Karachi is experiencing heavy down pours during monsoon. There is strong likelihood that high road levels may get eroded during monsoons. To safeguard the expensive road network, DHA has decided to provide rain protection works. This work is in hand and about 40% progress has been achieved.

Development of Phase VIII has been delayed considerably due to unavoidable circumstances. However current administration has taken stock of situation and has pledged to undertake the development works at a very fast track. This resolve can be witnessed on ground where development activities are taking place at a very rapid pace. Tough schedule have been set and all efforts are being made to meet the deadlines.

This article is written by Col (R) M. Sagheer Ahmed (Dir Dev Ph VIII DHA) in DHA News 2011..

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    where is the light connection in dha phase 8 sector B

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    DHA is not serious for development,After passing 24 years,allottees are waitng for permission for construction of their houses.

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    when light will come in al murtaza commercial lane 1 phase 8 ,we r waiting since 1.5 years

  5. murtaza says:

    my 6 floors project is ready since 1 year,d.h.a not giving electricity,gas just minting money ,develepment charges,d.h.a is a useless authority.

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