DHA Karachi Phase VIII (Phase 8) Latest Plot Prices – September 2013

DHA Karachi Phase VIII (Phase 8) Latest Plot Prices - September 2013

DHA Karachi is the most prime and desired vicinity for the people of Karachi, it has been divided in 8 Phases from 1 to 8. All these 8 phases are spread over the area of approximately 8500 Acres of Land, out of which 4000 plus Acres is designated only for Phase 8.

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DHA Karachi Phase VIII spread over huge land, and for the development purpose (portions wise), it has been divided into different zones. Like A, B, C, D, E, and Phase 8 Extension also known as Sahil Streets.

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Market continues with the same trend, in fact it was too volatile in the last week of August, and almost made new peak prices in all the categories and sizes. As we are in the mid of September, it has been witnessed that the market movement is a bit slow. Obviously at this level of price, many people feel that prices are artificial and market could be crashed.

According to my study, market could take little correction because it is in the overbought situation. As I discuss earlier whenever market become too volatile everyone bought more than limit, and people buy plots without arranging full payments, and simply just want to resell that plot without doing payments, this thing is very harmful for the market, and by doing this practice prices go up very rapidly and touch levels before it’s time.

The current prices of Phase VIII plots were expected in the month of December 2013 (according to my forecast), it is almost a quarter earlier. Market could take little correction and being settled in couple of weeks, and this slow pace could remain till December 2013 to adjust the forecasted price. As again there is Eid coming in the next month, and many overseas visit Home town, and new buying will be witnessed in the market. Currently coming two weeks are very important and in the first week of October, many things will be cleared and we can see the actual direction of this market.

1. Zone A


  • 500 Yards – 29 to 35 million
  • 600 Yards – 30 to 35 million
  • 666 Yards – 33 to 38 million
  • 1000 Yards – 38 to 50 million
  • 2000 Yards – 80 to 100 million


  • 100 Yards – 22 to 62 million
  • 200 Yards – 45 to 125 million

2. Zone B


  • 100 Yards – 10 to 10.5 million
  • 120 Yards – 11.5 to 12 million
  • 150 Yards – 14.5 to 15 million
  • 500 Yards – 24 to 29 million
  • 1000 Yards – 44 to 48 million

3. Zone C


  • 500 Yards – 21 to 24 million
  • 1000 Yards – 38 to 41 million

Commercial Business Zone:

  • 333, 666, 1000, 1500, and 2500 Yards and few are bigger than this, the price of land here is 250,000/= to 350,000/= per square yard.

4. Zone D


  • 500 Yards – 17.5 to 20 million
  • 1000 Yards – 32 to 36 million
  • 2000 Yards – 60 to 66 million

5. Zone E


  • 500 Yards – 18.5 to 21 million
  • 1000 Yards – 32 to 36 million
  • 2000 Yards – 62 to 68 million


  • 100 Yards – 15 to 30 million
  • 200 Yards – 25 to 60 million

6. Phase VIII-Extension (Sahil Streets)


  • 300 Yards – 16 to 18.5 million
  • 500 Yards – 18.5 to 21 million


  • 100 Yards – 20 to 30 million

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Note: This information is provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Price variation is due to many reason including location, dimension, and availability of particular type of plots in particular area. It also based on demand and supply and some time follows the market trends as well. All prices are assessed from ongoing market, it can be changed any time and there is no guarantee for any differ. It could vary according to some individual’s need.

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  1. rashid says:

    Thanks indeed for the update. I read through it hurridly due paucity of time but its quite informative. Your efforts are appriciated. Kindly keep updated in future as well. Thankyou. Rashid.

  2. Inaya says:

    One Million = 1,000,000 ( 10 lac rupees )

    For Phase B , 500 Sq Yards you have written 24 to 29 million

    This means between 2 Crore 40 lacs to 2 Crore 29 lacs

    Are you kidding me or is it correct.

    I guess you are confused with how many zeros are there in one million rupees ..

    • Ahsan says:

      Actually, he is not kidding. He does understand zeroes in millions and is correct about the millions AND the market prices of plots in DHA Karachi Phase-VIII Zone-B, where there is no water lines and no electricity.

      “This means between 2 Crore 40 lacs to 2 Crore 29 lacs”. No! It means 2 Crore 40 lacs to 2 Crore 90 lacs and that seems to be a very good estimate of market prices of plots in the said area at the time this item was published.

      All that said, that prices are unrealistically high and the market should take a huge correction in the medium term IMO.

    • Asif says:

      The market is not realistically high, these prices are after correction as per Muhammad Shafi, the prices of Zone E which is not allowed for construction is between Rs 18.5 to Rs 21.0 million for 500 sq yards

      • Sajjad Zahoor says:

        What is the current position of the market of DHA Phase VIII plots? It is said that there are hardly any buyers since last two weeks or so.

  3. ashfaq says:

    wannted to know the market price of DHA City plots if you have the details??

  4. khan says:

    some body know that wich zones are open for construction in ph.8 or wich zone will open for const. coming soon??

  5. A.Shaikh says:

    Dear Shafi,
    Your work is highly appreciated. It is very informative.Keep it up. What is the assessed price of 500 yards plot in D- cutting,on street 15/16 or facing the vistas. Thank you.

  6. A Nawab says:

    Dear Shafi,

    When will the October update be published? And is the market expected to take a big correction like 20% – 25% down? or these prices will be maintained and rise in future?

  7. M Siddiqui says:

    Can any one please inform me as to why the plots are marked in purple on the DHA map,i.e 34th street,between Khayaban e Ghazi and khayaban E Babar phase 8 zone D and what is the market value for these plots.

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