DHA Karachi’s Executive Board Meeting – March 2017

DHA’s Executive Board Meeting chaired by its President, Commander 5 Corps Lt Gen Shahid Baig Mirza was held at Corps Headquarter. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali briefed the meeting about the salient aspects of DHA’s ongoing development works, new initiatives and futuristic schemes.

Executive Board reviewed the progress made so far in execution of different development projects in DHA City and DHA Phase-VIII. Corps Commander directed DHA to objectively pursue the online projects and to ensure strict adherence of timelines and proper quality management of all projects being executed in DHA and DHA City. The planning and execution strategy of futuristic projects in DCK including thermal power generation projects Genco/Disco and Information Communication Technology (ICT) project were also discussed. Corps Commander appreciated the progressive and professional approach of DHA in planning futuristic projects of contemporary significance that will enhance the efficacy of DCK manifold.

The Executive Board also reviewed the ongoing master planning for making a state-of-the-art Hospital in Defence Phase-VIII to facilitate the residents and public in provision of best medical and treatment facilities to them. Corps Commander asked DHA to ensure welfare and wellbeing of residents in all its undertakings. He also stressed on the need to implement efficient road security mechanism and futuristic traffic management plan in DHA for proper and smooth regulation of traffic.

President Executive Board expressed satisfaction over the policies and overall performance of DHA in different fields and asked the management and staff of the Housing Authority to uphold DHA’s good name, reputation and credibility at all costs.

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  1. Please update me about Creek Marina
    The launch ceremony at a five-star hotel in September 2005 promised a six-star residency project with a club adjoining the already-existing DHA Golf and Country Club. The excitement to have a dream home in Karachi where citizens are starved for peace attracted many customers, including myself to invest. Children were excited and teased their friends to apply for visa if they were to visit there. Today, more than 10 years have passed and there is no construction activity.

  2. karachi says:

    it is sad to say that a project which was backed by DHA a name you can blind trust has been stuck in bureaucracy dha says they will build the project and cmpl says they have the first right i request to all the authorities of dha and judiciary of pakistan please help us to get our money out its 3 bln rupees of pakistani citizens and foreigners who trusted the DHA which has our money from the escrow granted by sind high court

  3. mohammad effandi says:

    Is the executive board not duty bound to find a viable and practical solution to get the Creek Marina project restarted soon after its stoppage in 2007 to save the miseries and frustrations of over 200 buyers of the apartments in this project who were attracted to it because of DHA’ association with it?

  4. Abdul Hameed says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to say that you know in pakistan we have religen issue some one want to pray with deoband maslak and some one want to pray with Ahle e sunnat and if every person person pray with thier maslak so no boday has right to band any maslak masajid.
    In whole defence Ahle e sunnat jammat are very popular but here is not Ahle e sunnat masjid.every area should be 2 masjids 1 devoband and 2nd Ahle e sunnat.
    If you understand that you do not have other masjid for Ahle e sunnat and every masjids vaccant so you should keep ahle e sunnat imam and imam will not take salary of masjid imam ,mozin and khadim.Ahle e sunnat will bear thier salary thierself.
    Second option give Ahle e sunnat to permissiob and they will purchase plot,banglow commercial and resedental on thier on budget.

    Please give to chance Ahle e sunnat in Dha for Ahle e sunnat followers and almost 70 % DHA resendiene are Ahle e sunnat.

    I will bery pleasure for your promt response.



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