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DHA Model High School Phase-VII Students Visits Cineplex/Park Tower

DHA Educational Institutions have a unique distinction of providing intellectually stimulating and enabling learning environment to its students for the wholesome and holistically dynamic development of their personalities. The concept transcends from excellence in academics to transforming students’ vision encompassing an enlightened and progressive outlook towards life. Defence Authority Model High School Phase-VII is one of such leading educational institutions of DHA which is considered as a trademark name in DHA schools.

A visit of junior students of the School was arranged to Cineplex, Ocean Mall at the ‘International Children Film Festival’ as part of their grooming through extra-curricular activity. Different educational and entertainment movies were screened for the young students which they thoroughly enjoyed watching. The selected qualitative movies left indelible imprints of creativity and positivity on the minds of the young children in their formative age. It was an exciting cum and informative experience which provided a wonderful exposure of the entertainment world to the young children.

The senior students of the School were taken to Park Towers as part of their grooming. The exciting shopping, window gazing and decision making experience was invaluable for the students that enhanced their understanding of social, cultural and practical realities of life and gave them a more mature and pragmatic outlook towards life.

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