DHA Oasis Karachi – An In-Depth Analysis By Muhammad Shafi Jakvani

DHA Oasis Karachi - Ready Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi LogoFinally the wait end, DHA Karachi launches ‘DHA Oasis Karachi‘, Ready Farmhouses of 2000, 2500 and 3000 Square Yards in DHA City Karachi (DCK). A complete living unit with 3-4 spacious bedrooms, modern kitchen, swimming pool. barbeque area, beautifully landscaped lawns etc. Possession in 30 months.

For complete information about DHA Oasis Karachi, kindly get in touch with contact CITI Associates at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com.

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Need of Farmhouse?

Farmhouse is the place, where everyone craves to go with their family to enjoy quality time together and do many activities besides the routine life. It must be on the area where large garden can maintained to get the feel of openness and environment of tress and green feeling. It should have a reasonable size swimming pool and some indoor & outdoor sports activity.

One very important factor is that in Karachi we don’t have any gated community for farmhouses and people missed this thing. As in Karachi, not many developers offer farmhouses. According to my knowledge only one community, developed by Palm Group of Companies named Palm Village (Formerly Munni Begum Farm Houses) in Gadap area behind Baqai Medical University on Super Highway. It is the only area where farm houses were sold, it has two sizes 2000 and 4000 yards.

DHA Oasis Karachi will provide up-beat, serene and countryside lifestyle with leisure facilities and activities for the entire family.

Attractive for DHA Investors?

As we all know that DHA City Karachi is a mirco version of Main DHA Karachi and prices are also traded on 10 to 20% of actual DHA. Because of this low price range, many big investors didn’t take any part in it, and don’t want to buy plot in DHA City Karachi because of fund size. DHA Investor will have difficulty to put money in less units, they have to buy multiple plots compare to 1-2 DHA Karachi plots. But from the day one, when farmhouses news came in the market, many took interest in it, and many time people asked about its launching.

DHA City Karachi was originally a Residential and Commercial project, so there will be less quantity of Farmhouses in its first phase and it will be produce good benefits for successful allottees and because of this high price it will be difficult for low range investors, but as mentioned earlier it is very attractive for main DHA investors, and people were waiting for this.

DHA Oasis Karachi is a very good option currently of its kind. DHA City Karachi is on a huge piece of land and it currently has 11640 acres plus additional new land acquired for Sector 17 (731 acres) and may be Sector 18 (612 acres) that will increase the total land size. On the other side there is more than 8000 acres of land, all in all, it will become Pakistan Largest Real Estate Project and obviously in this huge size of project (City with a City) everyone will take interest in farmhouses booking.

DHA Oasis Karachi – Ready Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (DCK) (4)

Size of Farmhouses?

To get all the basic facilities, a farm house should not be less than 2000 Square Yards, or even a good farm house could be on one Acre of land. (4840 Square Yards). DHA Oasis Karachi are available in 3 sizes:

  • 2000 Square Yards
  • 2500 Square Yards
  • 3000 Square Yards

Quantity of Farmhouses?

Farm house community should be a cluster of 200 to 300 farmhouses, it should be a mixer of 2000, 2500 and 3000 Square Yards farmhouses. It should be developed on 250 to 350 Acres of land with gated community, with individual facility of swimming pool, huge garden, small cottage, 2/3 and 4 bedrooms options.

DHA Oasis Karachi – Ready Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (DCK) (5) DHA Oasis Karachi – Ready Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (DCK) (11)

Some indoor & outdoor sports facility for every farmhouse plus common facilities of Green and Sustainable Environment, 24/7 Security and maintenance, Parks, Health Center, State-of-the-Art Country Club, Riding Club, Drive-in Cinema, Mini Zoo, Food Courts, 3D Cinepax Complex, Gym, Spa, Branded Fashion Outlets, Uninterrupted Electric, Water and Gas Supply and much more.

Secured by DHA?

With the concept of community living and farm house within the boundary wall and common facilities too. It should be managed by DHA and charge monthly maintenance to maintain the community and provide all the facilities to farmhouse owners and visitors.

Security is the paramount feature to make any place worth spending time. Besides quality amenities, your safety is valued the most. The DHA Oasis boundaries are packed with three leveled security system. The CCTV Cameras, the human arm and the guarded boundaries of the farmhouse by the DHA city’s cumulative security system makes it inordinately safe and sound.

Cost of Farmhouses (Estimated)?

  • 2000 Square Yards: PKR 40 Million
  • 2500 Square Yards: PKR 45 Million
  • 3000 Square Yards: PKR 55 Million

DHA Oasis Karachi – Ready Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (DCK) (2)

Payment Plan of Farmhouses (Estimated)?

Payment plan should be from 2 to 3 years. Down Payment should be around 20% while the remaining payments to be done via quarterly installments of 2 to 3 years.

Location of Farmhouses?

DHA Oasis Karachi will be one of its kind private family entertainment hub of Karachi within three-level secured boundary walls. Situated in the beautiful and breathtaking location of Sector 1 within DHA City Karachi.

The ‘near the center’ approach is the first concern to facilitate unparalleled convenience. The DHA Oasis farmhouses are ideally located along the Eastern border of Karachi, on the main Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway. Convenient routes are already available to enable easy reach at the destination.

DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (4)

Master Plan of Farmhouses?

DHA Oasis farmhouses are facilitated by all the amenities of modern day. A short stroll from the farmhouse will take you to a magical development. The 3D Cineplex commercial complex with food courts, gym, spa and branded fashion outlets makes the recreation even more exciting and exhilarating.

Other amenities include a beautiful air-conditioned mosque, state-of-the-art country club, riding club, mini zoo, parks, uninterrupted electric and gas supply, processed water supply, sewerage treatment plan and a wonderful lifestyle made beautiful by all the beauteous accouterments around.

DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (5) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (12) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (11) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (10) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (9) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (8) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (7) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (6)

Development Work in Sector 1?

The most important aspect to be considered while investing is the reliability of the land to be bought. The DHA proudly pronounces and offers 100% acquired land with absolutely no litigation matters on the property. The entire DHA city inclusive of DHA Oasis is licitly under the lawful ministry of Defense Housing Authority. Your acquisition hence will be guaranteed. Development work is already at full swing at DHA City Karachi.

DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (13) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (24) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (23) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (22) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (21) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (20) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (19) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (18) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (17) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (16) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (15) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (14) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (3) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (2) DHA Oasis Karachi - Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi (1)

Future of DHA Oasis Karachi?

DHA Oasis Karachi is a very attractive product for many people; there are many queries and people are willing to buy it. But at the same time few things are not yet clear officially like Pricing, Down Payment, Installment Plan etc, as only registration forms are available.

At the same time people are scared that if the farmhouse price range will be on higher side and many could not manage to pay the down payment and installment as well. Because in terms and condition they already mentioned that Registration Form will remain Non-Transferable.

The question is, if down payment announced 20% of the total value and if the value will be 40 Million, then this will not be traded, and it will be difficult to make the payment to DHA on the registration form which is on other’s name. Further the payment plan mentioned that full payment have to be made in 30 months, which will also be difficult to manage.

As always high price products have less transaction volumes, and lower price have heavy transactions volumes. This will be lower volume of transaction product. Now all will depend on the number of application (registration forms).

DHA Oasis Karachi has excellent location and has very good approach from current entrance. Further it is adjacent to Army Housing in Sector 1. The very important factor is the development work has been already started and it seems that time frame given by DHA is possible.

The other positive point is total quantity of farmhouses. There are only 250 approximate farmhouses in all three categories, and expected applications are many times higher than this, which will definitely create hike in the market and it seems that the registration slips will be traded with price premium, though it is already mentioned that the form will remain nontransferable; but there will definitely some way out in the market.

This article is written by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates.

Citi Associates – Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services

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  1. baber says:

    Price is too high. It should not be more than 25 million of 2000 yard Sq. and payment plan should be by 6 years. If make the project successful.

  2. Jawed Khan, Houston, USA says:

    Why there is no schedule for construction,balloting, etc.

    When 30 months construction period would begin and when it would end?
    What would be the maintenance fee for the farmhouse?
    All this basic things need to be documented and published to make this project Successful.
    Unfortunately, DHA has not completed its main DHA Karachi Phase VIII development work in the last 35-40 years. I am just wondering… how DHA would be able to fulfil its commitment on the farmhouse. DHA is good organization but I am loosing trust on DHA

  3. Dr Tanweer says:

    Thanks for updates.
    If we take your services to go through the process of applying and finally managing the payments how much your company will charge from me.waiting for you reply to proceed further.

  4. Asif says:

    I think the price will be 20 million for 2000 sq yards becoz the main structure 3/4 room building will be 250-2300 sq yards including swimming pool, rest is land with grass only. As for the guard room and servent quaters they will be simple and small structures.

  5. rajesh says:

    Nice work

  6. IGK IGK says:

    how is star marketing involved in selling dha farm houses – in fact why should dha involve star marketing at all

  7. MOEEN says:

    Shafi bhai you analysis is very useful. what you expect how many application Dha will receive and ballot ratio . why there is no deadline to submit.

  8. Rk says:

    Dear Mr shafi, please let us know the correct payment plan and total amount of all sizes farmhouses specially 2000sq yds.

  9. Syed says:

    This is for sure, after the announcement of DHA Oasis, the Prices of Sector 2 and specially 2-A is going to shoot very soon….

    Sector 2-A is exactly opposite/in front of Army Housing Sector and Farm Houses.

    Also prices of Sector 4 will increase in near future….

    So time to invest in these sectors…if can not afford in DHA Oasis…

  10. Complete payment plan of 2000 Yards farmhouse

    Total Price: 40 Million PKR
    Down Payment: 20% (8 Million PKR)
    Remaining Price: 32 Million PKR
    10 Quarterly Installment for 30 months: 3.2 Million PKR

    Similarly Calculate Other farmhouses rates:

    Price of 2500 Yard farmhouse is 45 Million PKR
    Price of 3000 Yard farmhouse is 55 Million PKR

  11. Asif says:

    I want to know one more thing shafi bhai that after these farm houses will dha announce villas and chalets or its the only project by dha.Villas and chalets are more important for me becoz Im a small invester and want to buy a house of my own.

  12. i want to book a farme house 4 bedroom what shoud i do guid me send information kindly thanks

  13. aamir says:

    What is last date of submission of forms

  14. Dear Sirs

    My kids, now doing business in UAE, have asked me to convey you their serious interest in buying one of DHA City’s Farm Houses, primarily as an investment in a “Retirement Home” in Pakistan, by say, 2025 A.D..

    But before committing to buying, they would would like to know more, including, last date of Registration, date of balloting, commencement of construction work and it’s duration and handing over the Farm’s physical possession to buyers, liveability, provision of Utilities, Infrastructure, etc..

    They would also like to know, if, after the initial down payment of 20%, a LONG TERM Bank loan facility of, say 10 years duration, is available to overseas Pakistani buyers …

    “Only” upon receiving all the replies to their “above” required information” … will I be able to put you in direct contact with my kids/buyers.

    Thank you.

    • Qoom ka Hamdard says:

      My humbling request do not invest your halal kamai in this project this is total loot show. Price is double at current value. This area will not develop next 30 years, so seriously you can not leave or see in your whole life may your grand sons or daughters. Second even it develop but you can not stay there if you are business man or even doing job. because to go for work you must need to have helicopter or bullet train service there. Or you can stay there ( Remember: whenever I say you its not mean U, its mean your grand sons & daughters) just once in a year for one or two weeks just for fun once you have vacation. My advice to invest 3000 sq. yrd 5.5 Crore in form house best to buy 500yard house in city which price almost double in 10 years. Now its up to you destroy your money….
      Just need doa for this advice.

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