DHA Residents Opt For Slaughterhouses This Eid!

The pressure is off the shoulders of Shireen Naveed, a mother of three, this Eid, who like many others is opting for an alternative and advanced method of slaughtering her sacrificial animals.

She does not have to fret about sorting out meat pieces or worry about her Eid clothes getting stained by animal’s blood while handling the meat. This time round, her family has given qurbani duties to a meat shop, which will buy the desired animal, slaughter it, and present the meat to the customer in neat little packages.

“It’s a great initiative and I will be free from the hassle of buying an animal, taking care of it, slaughtering it and then separating the meat.” Ten of her relatives have already placed their orders.

Another resident of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Tahir Ahmed, is urging his neighbours to place their orders with a meat shop. “If people do not bring animals to their home, the roads will remain clean and there would be no offal lying in the middle of the road on Eid days.”

The Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) has collaborated with a meat store, Meat One, to encourage people to go for cleaner and convenient options. CBC executive officer Adil Rafi told that they would regulate the sacrifice of animals in the future to ensure that residents opt for slaughterhouses instead of carrying out the sacrifice at their own homes.

“In the Gulf and other Muslim countries, the slaughtering of the animals is carried out by slaughterhouses and not at homes,” he said. “Ultimately, we will all have to move towards this trend.” He added that they wanted to promote a safe and hygienic environment.

Meat One - DHA and Clifton Karachi

To promote the trend, the CBC has asked Meat One to offer discounts to the residents opting for this safe and clean solution. For the sacrifice of a goat, a person can avail a discount of Rs1,500 as he would be paying Rs17,000 instead of the regular rate of Rs18,500. For a share of a cow, the price is Rs12,000 instead of the regular rate of Rs12,500.

Meat One’s brand manager Osman Saeed said while they have outlets across the city, it was the residents of DHA who availed this facility the most. “The sacrifice of animals is a sensitive issue, and we will do it in a religious manner and follow all obligations,” he clarified, adding that they will donate hides to charity organisations.

Meat Master - Badar Commercial Area, DHA KarachiAnother meat shop in the DHA offering the purchase and sacrifice of animals is Meat Master in Badar Commercial. This small shop is offering Rs18,000 for a goat and Rs10,000 for a share of a cow.

“Dozens of people are availing this convenient method,” said Meat Master Representative.

Like every year, the CBC would also set up slaughter camps in 10 areas, where people would be allowed to bring their animals for sacrifice. This service is only available to those living in the commercial areas, said Rafi, adding that people in the residential ones preferred doing the religious duty at home.

This article was originally published in The Express Tribune, October 15th, 2013.

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