DHA Security and Vigilance at Service of Residents

DHA Security and Vigilance apart from providing secure, safe and peaceful living environment to residents is always vigilant and at help of residents in time of any emergency/hazardous situation. A fire broke out at top storey of an apartment at Seaview Block-21. The flames of fire soon engulfed the apartment virtually blocking any avenue of escape. It was a real dangerous and hazardous situation where the occupants of apartment were in a helpless condition.

DHA Fire Brigade functioning under control DHA Vigilance was informed of the grave situation. DHA Fire Tender immediately rushed to the spot and the fearless fire fighters scaled upto the window of the apartment and with great efforts extinguished the fire and salvaged the apartment and rescued the occupants of the same. The owner of the apartment thanked DHA Vigilance and described the prompt and valiant act of the fire fighters as heroic and magnificent.

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  1. Faisal says:

    I am trying to contact Dha vigilance team but no one is responding as some labour work are working on Sunday. And they ruine my holiday at the time of sleeping.

    Plot 7c South Park ave phase 2 ext Dha Karachi.

  2. Bilquees fatima says:

    My house no is 38 on the 10 street off Kh Mujahid, Phase V. This morning due to heavy rains the retaining walls of my rear neighbours ishas collapsed and cause lot of damage. Pls send s vigilance officerto inspect and also ask the neighbours to rebuilt the wall others too much damage would take place. I hv taken the photographs. Pls respond and take action.

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