DHA Storm Water Drain – Myth and Reality

DHA Storm water drain was constructed in 2007 with planning consideration of last 100 years precipitation record of Karachi (207 mm rain in 24 hrs 1977). Much before the onset of ongoing monsoon season complete desilting and cleaning of drain was carried out. Perhaps nature had greater challenge for us, as against our sustenance capacity of 207 mm rain in 24 hrs the current spell was 235 mm in 12 hrs (more than double). Having said this we do not consider ourselves absolved from our obligation towards mitigating the woes of our Residents.

We have also approached and taken on board the real stake holders; the DHA dwellers, through all the Resident Associations of DHA. The complete DHA and CBC with all its available resources as well as with support of Provincial and Federal departments are working round the clock to bring life back to normal.

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