DHA Suffa University Students Won Propellair 2018 Competition

DHA Suffa University is a new generation university that has assumed the reputation of one of the leading universities of the country in a short span of time. The students of the university keep participating in various academic, design and research related competitions at national level and incessantly bring laurels for the institution by winning the events. Recently a team of DHA Suffa University Zarrar won Propellair 2018 in both engine and electric categories in an event organized by NED University of Engineering and Technology.

In the prestigious aerospace competition, teams were required to design, build and fly RC Aircrafts to perform two specific missions including barrel roll, hammerhead and immelmann maneuvers and dropping of payload. A total of 20 teams from different universities of Karachi and Hyderabad participated in the event.

Team Zarrar of DHA Suffa University is a group of enthusiastic and passionate students and faculty members of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Departments of DHA Suffa University working on different aerospace projects. Team Zarrar, this year participated in both engine and electric power categories of RC Aircrafts with team names of Aflatoon and Chensi. The teams successfully performed both missions of aerobatic maneuvers and payload drop with professional excellence and won the competition.

Team Zarrar of DHA Suffa University is the only team in Pakistan having earned major recognition and awards in all national aerospace competitions. It is also the exclusive team which successfully represented Pakistan in UAS Challenge UK competitions in successive years 2017 and 2018 and gave an impressive performance.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali appreciated the remarkable performance of DHA Suffa University and urged them to continue working hard with same zeal and zest to uphold the prestigious reputation of the University maintain academic and research excellence in all its assignments.

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