DHA Tissue Culture and Research Lab

DHA Tissue Culture and Research Lab was inaugurated in the year 2010 by the former Comd 5 Core Lt Gen Shahid Iqbal. The idea was brought by him that a laboratory at the premises of DHA can be a hub to cutdown the heavy investment on import of elite varieties of Ornamental and crop plants by employing the tissue culture technology.

DHA Tissue Culture and Research Lab

The lab starts functioning in 2011 after all the equipments and supplies , initially it was aimed that the ornamental plants should be tissue cultured as this was the primarily demand of the residents of DHA.

In order to do so plants like Croton (Codieaum Variegatum), Ixora (Ixora Coccinea), Anthurium (Anthurium andraenum), and Lily (Lilium regale) were used for tissue culturing and within a span of one year by the Grace of Almighty Allah, the lab was able to multiply around 7000 plants in the growth room and almost 500 plants were now acclimatizing in the Green house for subsequent selling to the local market. In the coming year this lab will focus on the multiplication/ tissue culturing of exotic Orchid and Banana varieties.

DHA has hired a Biotechnologist (Ms Asma Nasib) as a Lab Incharge for the facility who has over 1 years of experience in the field of tissue culture, she not only setup the whole lab and green house but she also been able to train the staff for there need in the lab. In the coming future the lab would also being expand for the training of human resource in this facility.

DHA Tissue Culture and Research Lab

DHA Tissue Culture and Research Lab

Information published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

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  1. farooq ahmed says:

    do you have any facility for short cource in tissue culture.plese send me complete information about it.thankx

  2. Mona says:

    Do you have any vacancy at Tissue Culture lab ? as i am an agriculturist and wanna gain some sound knowledge about plantation.

    thanx in advance.

  3. haroon says:

    Any contact no please. I want to inquire growing apple plants through this technique 03342499744

  4. we are making slide/block filing cabinet

    supply in akuh LNH dow university , shifa international hospital islamabad,


    muhammad iqbal asim

    03212206609 asimmiqbal@yahoo.com

  5. samreen says:

    I’m a Ph.D scholar from botany department of university of karachi doing research in plant biotechnology lab of pcsir looking for job opportunity if u have any vacancy then kindly let me know

    • jalal sanjrani says:

      madam samreen I’m a farmer having some area of my own fields I have tried once to produce but fails . I want to produce banana tissue culture plants for my fields kindly send me procedure .kindly guide me that how much quantity of agar agar powder ,MS media ( murshiage and skoog) powder required for one litre distilled water to dissolve and is there any other chemical required ,I want to produce banana tissue culture plants kindly send me literature .thanks

  6. Zeeshan haider says:

    Respected Sir,
    Kindly, Send your queries of lab Chemicals/Consumables, Glassware, Life sciences/Chemistry other & Instruments @
    Zee scientific works Karachi

  7. Amir says:

    I have recently done BS Hons in biotechnology from Abdul Wali Khan University. And also have 8 months experience in plant tissue culture. I am looking for job vacancy. Is there any opportunity plz let me know.

  8. Warisha Nadeem says:

    Im doing B.S hons in Biotechnology (in 3rd year). Im looking for internship in DHA tissue culture and research lab and want to get work expierence .Please inform me if there is any opportunity. Thank you

  9. Bushra asad says:

    Aoa…… I m doing m.phil in biotechnology from Quaid e Azam University….and Currently I m working on tissue culturing of wild and medicinal plants….I m looking for internship in DHA labs for experience….

  10. Bushra asad says:

    If there is any…..plzz inform ….thanku

  11. Aveen Asif says:

    Asalam o alikum i am a biotechnology student have interest in agricultural area . is Any job available in PTC LAB?if not so please tell me about internship?

  12. Sabika Zaidi says:

    I am a second year Biotechnology student please let me know the details regarding internship in tissue culture lab.

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