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DHA Valley Islamabad – Bluebell Block Map

DHA Valley Islamabad - Bluebell Block Map

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DHA Valley is a completely secured gated community where amenities of life are being provided with a world class approach. The residents of DHA Valley will have access to a world of international services, which are exclusive to DHA residents only. The master plan also includes the following projects; DHA Valley Overseas Block, DHA Homes, DHA Commercial Avenue.

DHA Valley provides inimitable lifestyle with free & secure environment surrounded by the beauty of nature and providing exclusive amenities of international standards..

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  1. farooq sheikh says:

    Please could you assist me as i am wanting to know information in regards to my land i have on phase 2 bluebell in dha. Is their a contact number you could give me to call your department? please let me know


    f sheikh

    • shah says:

      the price of blue bell sector is going in profit. If u interested to sell ur plot i can purchase it.
      If u r interested to locate numbers u can search for DHA, Islamabad, will get it there.


  2. Syed Amin says:

    When Bluebell will be hand over.
    What is the status of Overseas block.

  3. farhat naeem says:

    what is latest position & future of bluebell dha valley islamabad

  4. zafar says:

    I have lost my open file in dha valley blue bell can you assist me regarding the process to could back

  5. Hasham Shah Khaggah says:

    Sector F Corner near World Trade Center.
    Sector G Corner,Facing Park near Revolving Chok,
    Sector H 3 Side Coverd Plot in Street 12.
    Contact: Hasham Shah Khaggah 0335-7555509 (HASSAN ESTATE) Rawalpindi-ISlamabad Phone: 051-5709230,
    Sikandir Malik 0333-0523362

  6. Engr Faheem says:

    I want to buy property for me in DHA Valley. If anyone is looking to sale his plot 8M in Bluebell, please contact me.


  7. kaleem ullah says:

    DHA Valley very nice project but to much late, but speedup after the militory GHQ involvment.

  8. reputation of defence housing authority has been ruinrd by bharia. it is not only late but seems to be a biggest fraud of asia.THIS MUCH AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES 4 TIMES IN SUCH TIME DEPOSIT.NOW BHRIA WANT TO PLAY TRICS WITH INNOCENT PEOPLE MAY BE SAVED BY DHA AS THE PEOPLE DEPOSITED AMOUNT TRUSTING DHA

  9. load says:

    Many have thought-about the fleeting fancy that that is so…
    however establishing doubtless this notion as the foundational
    and apparent disposition concerning the institution of education is one other

  10. ali khan says:

    blue bell 8 marla corner needed. any serious seller. fresh open , 11 paid instalments. please contact 051-5730008.

  11. Syed Adnan says:

    I promised in my post on DHA Valley, I am here with more updates. According to the information I have procured from sources I trust, development work is underway at a faster pace in certain blocks. This suggest that when possession is handed over, it would be for more than just DHA Homes. The developer’s preference for development is perhaps based on the location of these blocks as well as their existing development status.
    The blocks that lie closer to DHA Phase II Extension and Kallar Syedan Road are being developed at the moment. These blocks include Bluebell, Rose, Magnolia, Oleander and Lilly, while development work in Sunflower has been completed. Although this suggests that property possession in Sunflower should be offered soon, unfortunately this is not the case. So generally, information about possession in DHA Valley is as vague as ever.
    There is also no update regarding the DHA Homes constructed a while ago that were being renovated in 2015 in anticipation of possession. From the DHA helpline I have learnt that development work is almost 90% complete in the mentioned blocks but my sources quote different figures. Per my knowledge, development work is about 50% complete in Bluebell, Magnolia and Lilly while Rose and Oleander are 70% developed. This, in other words, means that 100% of the area of these blocks is cleared of litigation and plot file owners can be sure of getting possession whenever it is offered.
    Since I have been covering the project for many years now, the site of Dhodocha Dam and the blocks it might affect also concerns me. If the dam is not moved to the proposed site, which falls between Bluebell and Snowdrop blocks, Tulip and Rose Block might need relocation. Rose Block is 70% developed, which means that some area of this block will be relocated, while chances are that Tulip might shift to a new location altogether. Nothing can be said for sure about the dam’s site as the authority concerned is currently preparing its feasibility report.
    Interestingly, Bahria Town’s offer for alternate plots in its projects in Karachi and Rawalpindi seems to have simplified the situation for the developer as almost 15,000 plot owners from DHA Valley have been moved to these projects. With 15,000 less plots to worry about, the area required for the dam’s site might as well have been cleared off, but where exactly would the dam be located? I have been unable to get this information from the DHA office.
    In terms of the access road, development work is currently underway at a road that runs through Oleander, Magnolia, Rose, DHA Homes and goes all the way to Bluebell. This road will initially offer a dedicated and spacious entrance from Kallar Syedan Road to these blocks. The fact that pace of development work is speedy in blocks that lie along this road suggests that we might get to see possession handover of more than just DHA Homes, and that too perhaps within a year.
    Conversely, there is no development work going on in Bougainvillea and Daffodils which share a boundary wall with Oleander. However, there is nothing to worry about because the completion of this road will naturally make development work indispensable in these blocks.
    The vague situation is certainly frustrating. Even though the developer announced possession handover of DHA Homes in December 2015, we haven’t come across an official update in this regard.
    However, I am convinced that the dark days for DHA Valley are over. My conviction rests on the fact that thorough development work is on in around five blocks and Bahria Town is getting the needed assistance to provide a direct entrance to the project.
    When these blocks located on the Kallar Syedan side of DHA Valley are developed and handed over to the respective owners, development work will be initiated in remaining blocks which include Jasmine, Daisy, Eglantine, Gloxinia, Iris, Lotus. Marigold, Zinia, Lotus and Snowdrop. If the expected timeline for possession handover is met, we should be able to see development work initiated and carried out at a similar pace in the remaining blocks. In other words, it is a matter of less than five years for the entire project to be ready to offer rewards to the plot owners, insha’Allah.
    In the end, I would once again recommend that you shouldn’t sell these files. Instead, transfer them to your names and wait patiently to reap good profits.
    more info 03330516323
    or vist https://www.facebook.com/Dha-Valley-Islamabad-109683129422981/info/?tab=overview

    • sultanfayyazahmed kayani says:

      it seems to loly pop given.Allottees do not have any concern with bahria as the deposited money with DHA beleiving it as a business company. only DHA is responcible and non else. This project was expected to be handed over in 2012 but nobody in this country is there to take action but requested to high authorities of ARMY who reputation is at stake.

  12. For sale dha valley Islamabad file…..
    Levendar 5 marla corner 11 paid fresh open
    lotus 8 marla 11paid
    lily 8 marla 11 paid
    all files fresh open with orignal slips for more detail feel free to contact me….

    +92 331 302 55 11
    +92 347 92 31 225

  13. sheikh Muhammad aslam says:

    Present status of Blue bell sectar dha vally islamabad

  14. M.M.SAJID says:


  15. Ahmed says:


  16. Fahad says:

    I want to buy 5 marla plot fresh open 11 installments paid in daffodils. If anyone wants to sell plz contact after 4 pm. 03155101501

  17. SOFIA RIAZ says:

    I have 05 Marla plot in Bluebell Sector Street 11 for Sale

    • Ahmad Butt says:

      Mam, give me a call for the best p[rice of your plot. You are also welcome for any inquiry you have regarding DHA Valley. You can join the most updated whatsapp group “Dha Valley Islamabad”. message me to let you add in this group for updated rates of your plots.
      Ahmad Butt
      Contact whatsapps +923365534345

  18. Ahsan Asif says:

    I have lost my open file in dha valley blue bell can you assist me regarding the process to could back
    +16577134511 whatsApp

  19. Ahmad Butt says:

    Chairman baharia town malik riaz chairman baharia town along with other officials visited dha valley for the opening ceremony of the grand mosque in dha Homes and possession of the first phase will be announced very soon.
    Ahmad Butt

  20. Abdullah says:

    I want to buy a 8 M residential plot located on bullivard+ corner.. quote ur price if any 1 selling

    • sultanfayyazahmed kayani says:

      big fraud with poor people

      • sultanfayyazahmed kayani says:

        where are suoervisory authorities and why they are silent kia dam banay kam wali baatbhae

        • Ahmad Butt says:

          Sir,lot of work is bein done in valley these days. Oct 27 the opening of grand mosque of dha homes was made by Malik Riaz and dha officials. Soon u will hear the good news not later than this December.

          • sultanfayyazahmed kayani says:

            sawal hi paida nahen hota this is the biggest fraud of century. It was advertised by DHA not by bahria we paid amount to DHA only and not bahria then why clarification is made by bahria group. DHA IS ANSWERABLE TO PEOPLE. DHA IS SILENT IN MATTER LIKE …….VES

  21. Abdullah says:

    I want to purchase 8 M resedential plot in bluebells at bullivard + corner.. if any one selling, quote price

  22. Ahmad Butt says:

    Any of the Bluebell allottee of 5 marla want to sell his/her plot can contact me.I m purchasing bluebell 5 marla plots these days. Contact forbest price in town.
    Ahmad Butt

  23. Ahmed says:

    Allah KI Zaat kabhi maaf nahen karay gi in logon ko. DHA velly fraud / DHA multan fraud / DHA Pishawer Fraud and in the end DHA Bahawalpur fraud.
    Pakistan ki retaired Armi Pakistanion hi ko loot rahi hay.
    in par allah ka azab nan nazil ho to aur kiya ho

  24. Qaiser says:

    Looking for plots in DHA Valley in Blocks Rose, Tulip, Daffodils, Oleander, Jasmine, Lilly, Jasmine & Sunflower. Only Owner please… No agent.
    My contact: 03343043093

  25. Qaiser says:

    Looking for 8 marla plots in DHA Valley in Blocks Rose, Tulip, Daffodils, Oleander, Jasmine, Lilly, Jasmine & Sunflower. Only Owner please… No agent.
    My contact: 03343043093

  26. Ahmad Butt says:

    all those who want to sell or purchase bluebell 5 marla plot can contact me.

    ahmad butt
    WhatsApp 03365534345

  27. Muhammad Imran khan says:

    How much is profit on DHA valley Bluebell 5M plot. I have paid all 12 installments pl reply soon pl

  28. Imran says:

    What’s the price of Lotus block 8marla plot.(corner blvd)

  29. Mohsin Ali Awan says:

    Sale my plot size 5 marla very reasonable price serious buyers contact me.
    Whatsapp: +923313025511

  30. Khan says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy for 8marla Boulevard open file .
    Please let me know at wjdnawaz@gmail.com

  31. Malik says:

    Hi there i would like to buy 5 marla plot in dha valley in any block kindly contact me on 00447443855514 or umairm12@gmail.com

  32. Ali says:

    Bluebell 8 marla corner 12 paid
    Urgent sale demand 20lack

  33. shahid says:

    what is status of 8 marla Olainder block. prices?

  34. M.Y Khan says:

    I am intrested to buy a 5 marla home in DHA valley, anyone intrested in selling Please contact me. Thanks

  35. Sumain says:

    I’m selling bluebell 8m transferable plot, demand 25 Lac. contact: 0300-5211581

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