DHA Valley Islamabad – Bogenvelia (Overseas) Block Map

DHA Valley Islamabad - Bogenvelia (Overseas) Block Map

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DHA Valley is a completely secured gated community where amenities of life are being provided with a world class approach. The residents of DHA Valley will have access to a world of international services, which are exclusive to DHA residents only. The master plan also includes the following projects; DHA Valley Overseas Block, DHA Homes, DHA Commercial Avenue.

DHA Valley provides inimitable lifestyle with free & secure environment surrounded by the beauty of nature and providing exclusive amenities of international standards..

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  1. plese update dha velley islamabad possessions. says:

    plese update dha velley islamabad possessions.

  2. Ashraf says:

    Please update about the development work of DHA Valley Overseas block. How can get possession of the plot

  3. Ashraf says:

    I have requested from time to time about the status of development work/possession of the plot but my request has not yet been acceded to due to non-cooperative attitude of the officials of customers care department.

    Please advise me what can I do.

  4. How to get the latest updates an status of the project. Pls reply.

  5. shahid iqball says:


  6. AZIZ says:

    i want to know status of my plot in boganvilla,
    please sent me plot vise map, as the one on website is imcomplete.


  7. Ali says:

    bhaiyo theme park bhe bun raha hae bogenvialia block me jahan ap k potae or potia ride liya kure gae.

  8. safdar says:

    i have a plot in dha velly oversesse block in bogan villah block please tel me abbout development if any thanks

  9. naveed says:

    Friends Don’t worry you will get it in 2015 inshallah…!

  10. Muhammad says:

    Friends, any update on the possession of Bogen villa plots? its been more than 6 years and still we have no clue about it. is there formal announcement from DHA managment?

  11. Muhammad says:

    kindly share updates if possible

  12. dammar says:

    Bhayio malik Riaz ka Karachi bahria town aap Kay paisoon say ban raja Hai. He wohee paisa Hai Jo aap logo on nay DHA valley overseas ko mad mein dollars mein pay KIA that.

  13. Ashraf says:

    How can we forget the DHA.

  14. Ashraf says:

    Kindly share information about the development work of DHA as early as possible.

  15. Syed Mujtaba Gardezi says:

    For sale and purchase in DHA Valley Islamabad or you need any kind of updates or information.
    Please contact us:

  16. sajid mahmood says:

    sir i have plot in dha overseas block dyo 01656 can i know this plot in bogan velly 1 r in 2 and tell me about develepment

  17. sajid mahmood says:

    i want sale plot in dhe velly in overseas block 03325873479

  18. hamza says:

    What’s going on with this project. …can you please update us on this progress. ..

  19. Muhammad says:

    This blog looks absolute ridiculous to me as no one dare to reply. Looks like DHA management is just hiding around like a mouse in its some shitty hole. I haven’t seen any reply from DHA staff to any Of the questions asked by many pplz in last one year. VERY SAD

  20. javid says:

    dear Sir i want sale my plot in Dha vely overseas block begon villa front of park any person want contract me my email

  21. Shahzad says:

    I want to buy a 4M plot preferably on the Avenue 2 (A or B Block)Bougenvilla. Please contact by text message ONLY at 03215578922 with the location of your plot along with asking price. Plots with ALL DUES CLEARED WITH DHA will be preferred. Thanks

  22. m shafiq says:

    i want 2 sale 8 marla plot in boganvilla
    all dues clear

  23. sohail malik says:

    i want sale my plots in Dhavelly overseas block begenvelia 03348869572

  24. shafaat Hussain says:

    please any update regarding the development & price of 8marla plots of DHA bogan villa overseas block & Marigold block.

  25. Aziz ur Rehman says:

    A. Akm. I am interested to purchase one 5 Marla corner plot in overseas block. Any body want to sale then please reply with demand.

  26. safdar says:

    dear fiends i have a 5 marla plot in dha velly bogan villa and i have paid three instlament when i contect with dha authority they said yur plot in canneseled now what shoul i do please any frd tell me about

  27. ashraf says:

    Please let me know the status of development work of dha valley overseas block.

  28. taj youns says:

    aslam allikum any one wainted to 8\5\marlah cash sale dha villey pls cant 966,551559388\whatsapp can beee,best regads tajyouns

  29. Abdul Aziz Mirza says:

    Asalam o alakum sir i have a plot 8 marla (30*60) in Bogan Vella DHA valley overseas block all dues are clear from last three year sir is its any update of either i keep it or sale it. please suggest me.


  30. Zahid says:

    Hi friend I have a 5 marla plot in dha islamabad in bogan vella any one ask the rate of corner plot

  31. Mohammad younas khan says:

    I want to know my plot status in bogven villas…

  32. Faraz says:

    Unfortunately in DHA Valley – specially in overseas block, there is no development work is seen. Even there are no roads built in 07 years. you can confirm it with Google Maps.

  33. Faraz says:

    For information, please call 08000 3424.

    I called DHAI they told that transferring of plot from DHAI to Bahria Town will have several kinds of charges which also includes Difference of Price of both plots (of course Bahria Town is expensive).

    They told that, DHAI will start giving possession in DHA Valley-Overseas block from December 15, but they have no authentic information from which block the procedure will start….still there is long waiting for plot owners.


      let all the member register a case against the DHA and claim for the damages mental and financial losses i am ready for any kind of help.thank u.

  34. Khurram Kiani says:

    Apni hasraton pe paani baha k soo ja.

    case wo bhi DHA per. hahaha…..forget it

  35. sardar ammad sabil says:

    03122778007 WHATAPP VIBER IMO

  36. Salman says:

    kindly update for possession for Overseas Bogan Vella 5 Marla plots and update if any office is available in Karachi for others corresponding like file transfer etc.

  37. anjum pervaiz says:

    kindly update for possession and development in bogan vella I have 8m plot in 80 feet road both side open all dues clear please email me anjum623b@hotmail.com thanks

  38. Abdul Majid Mohammad Sharif says:

    I have a shop in DHA Commercial Avenue, is there any one who can locate it where it is originally situated and purchase it.

  39. zulfiqar says:

    please any body update what is current situation in bogan villah any devolpment done or not yet

  40. Mohammed Qamruzzaman Khan says:

    I have plot in Bougenvila, when it is possible to get it and start construction.



  41. Rehan khan says:

    i need information about the development of DHA valley in Bogenvila. kindly send me the information

  42. Shakir says:

    Dear All,
    Mohammed Qamruzzaman Khan / zulfiqar/ anjum pervaiz / Salman and others,

    Kindly note that, you just make yourself happy cause you have plot in DHAI.
    I hope inshallah may be your next generations will got otherwise better you forgot it because if you always remember about plot may be your body got some sickness like blood presser or sugar etc so i am requesting you be relax and take it easy.

    your well wisher


  43. Syed adnan Gardezi says:

    Dha valley sale/purchase on cash payment.
    For detail you can contact on

  44. Raid Saleem Ansari says:

    We have all invested our hard earned income and that too in USD $ in this project. I suggest we approach our embassy in respective countries and ask them to escalate our case to the government to intervene in this matter. Let it be known that we expatrates have remitted foreign exchange towards the development of our country.

    We all jointly need to file a petition and soon.
    Please comment and lets move forward together


    • Muhammad says:

      I am ready to join

    • Faisal says:

      Me too ready but do u trust this GOVT? A friend told me that malik riaz has taken all our money and spent on Bahria developement but God knows what ll happen. As per news Gen Raheel Threatened Malik riaz to return the money or face consequences now lets see as Raheel shareef is not there.

  45. please send update for bogenvillea updater.

  46. Ahmad Butt says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I deal in Dha Valley Islamabad. If you want updated price of your plot or have inquiry about Dha valley, just give me a call.i can give you recent photograph of the Dha valley project.
    Ahmad Butt
    Contact WhatsApp +923365534345

  47. Ahmad Butt says:

    Dear sir/ madam
    A good news for Dha Allottees. Development work is going on in Dha valley with tremendous speed. For updates call me.
    Ahmad Butt

  48. Shaheen says:

    Gullu Butt…jane do

  49. Ali says:

    Any news about dha overseas block

  50. Ali says:

    Any news about dha overseas block in 2017

  51. Abubakar says:

    I want to sell my 5 marla plot at bogen villa . My contact number +92 333 2368735

  52. Shaheen says:

    Jo qomain apnay mohsin ko zaleel karti hain (i.e. Dr. A.Q.Khan), waqt ki qeemat naheen janteen, wada wafa naheen karteen wo barbad ho jati hain.

    Allah in (DHA/Bahria) par reham karay.

  53. Farooq says:

    Dear All
    I want to sale my 5 marla plot in B/V overseas black,
    Whatsapp, 00971 50 5117893

  54. Zia ud din says:

    They are making us fool

  55. Syed Kazmi says:

    I want to sell my 8 merla plot in B/V cornor boulvered. Contact 0316863600.

  56. Sehrish says:

    I wanna purchasd 8 marla bogenbaila plot pl tell me the price to me .03335295911

  57. waqas safdar says:

    urgently required 4 marla commercial in Bogenvilia send me confrm option 03349278741

  58. waqas safdar says:

    urgently required 4 marla commercial dha valley in bogenvilia block send me conform option please 03349278741

  59. waqas safdar says:

    Sale & purchase DHA VALLEY ISLAMABAD



    • zahir says:

      I have 5 Marla plot in bogenvella, last payment $730 deffered by DHA rest all paid. Let me know how much i can get at this stage and what is the status.

  60. Arfad says:

    Agar ap boganvilla,sunflower ya Mongolia blocks main plot sale kana Chayen to you can contact me.03015132831

  61. Arfad Malik says:

    Zaheer sb please contact me on whatsap 03015132831

  62. shazia says:

    I want to sale my plot .5marla corner.Bogan Vella.Give your offers Freely here

  63. Usman Azeem says:

    I have 8-marla plot in Sunflower block in DHA Valley Overseas block. i like to sell this plot. Pl let me know the current market price.


  64. Nadeem Mughal says:

    03002612293 WHATAPP
    03358100045 call

  65. A.B.AWAN says:

    Dear All,
    I purchase two plot in DHA with trust that my investment are save because army manage this property, but actually I am losing my confidence with DHA management because they not care about us up-to-date no body officially contact/inform that, what is next DHA management plan to accommodate all effected oversee valley /they eat our hard earing money as other department doing without any embarrassment.so I request all of plots purchaser no need to wait for DHA reply , they will not reply because they not consider to us as a???????????????? I advise you plz plz plz don’t invest any money in upcoming projects related to DHA/A???. Invest any other place.

  66. Ahmad butt says:

    It’s very sorry to say that now dha has no plan to handover any plot to its valley members. Dha Valley is being adjusted in bahria town karachi 5m blocked files. So no future to valley now. It’s decided n understood now.

  67. Nasim Akhter Khan says:

    plese update dha velley islamabad possessions. says:
    Dec 12, 2018 at 07:40:36 pm
    plese update dha velley islamabad possessions.(DYI-046276)


  68. yahya wyne says:

    please up date dha bogen villa over seas block development status

  69. KAMRAN Hussain says:

    Dear all DHA VALLEY effecties. There is a compaign or struggle being in place for last 02 years and people those are associated with that compaign are now in process of settlement and possession. Please do contact or search for DHA VALLEY AFFECTIES GROUPS. ON facebook or on Twitter..

  70. Farooq Ahmad says:

    I received RE-Ballot 2 intimation letter for plot in Bogan villa, against my 8 marla plot in overseas valley, now they are asking for service development charges around 4500 USD, my question is worth to get transfer for new allotment and pay the charges, any one can tell me if any development work is going on there.
    Thanks and best regards.

  71. Abubakar Ijaz says:

    guys i have resident plot in bogan valley . please tell me what to do , i live in karachi and cant go to islamabad to deal with it. please any advice ? and if anyone interested in buying

  72. Muhammad Faisal Jabbar Chaudhry says:

    Hi Friends, what is the development status for DHA Valley Overseas Boganville Block Islamabad? I have already paid all dues on or before time.

    • Muhammad says:

      Now you need to pay SDC charges and he can obtain details from DHA Valley Islamabad office. You can call or email them. These are about 4000USD charges scheduled in quarterly installments till May 2022. Best of Luck

  73. Hassan siddiq says:

    Hyy. Can any one update is the development process is completed?. When DHA going to give possession? Any info update?

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