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DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley IslamabadDHA Valley is a housing project by Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad launched in 2008 and located adjacent to DHA Phase-II Extension on Islamabad highway. The project is a joint venture of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town and Habib Rafiq Private Limited. It is planned to be a secure gated community with parks, utilities, shopping and commercial areas, schools, mosques and hospital.

The master plan also includes the following projects; DHA Valley Overseas Block, DHA Homes, DHA Commercial Avenue.

DHA Valley is connected to Islamabad Highway by a six lane DHA Expressway which spans through the major phases of DHA Islamabad. To see the detail maps of DHA Valley’s sub-projects, follow the links:

DHA Valley Islamabad – Master Plan

DHA Valley Islamabad - Master Plan

Click on the image to see the high resolution version

DHA Valley Islamabad - Master Plan

Click on the image to see the high resolution version

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  1. yousaf kamal says:

    kindly send latest update about DHA vally.
    & lily Block

    • Arifullah Khalil says:

      MAB Awan :slam brother , plz take this step against the management i,ll be with you for this case , the management promised that possession will had to given to alottees in 2011,but now 2014 has been passing in waiting,but project is still there.
      plz take this step with full confidence.lot of member will have to join us in this campaign. We support you.

      • AKHTAR ALI TAHIR says:

        i will also join all of you people

        • i will also ready join with other people says:

          We all have to talk with DHA for compensation due to delay.

          • anjum pervaiz says:

            I am also with you

          • Mushtaq ahmed says:

            We all have to hire a lawyer

          • yasir says:

            i am also with u.

          • Syed Amir says:

            Dear All,

            We should really raise our voice against this issue otherwise nothing will happen, I am also with you.

          • Tariq Soomro says:

            I am living abroad and wanted to know how to get compensation. I m with you too.

          • I’m with you all, if any one can help to launch a Facebook page to highlight the issue and concernes of DHA Valley effectives.


          • Ashraf Balkh says:

            Dear friends in 1st week of May 2016,I visited DHA Valley Main Office,met the officer who is looking after DHA Valley Customer Services, he couldn’t give a satisfactory answer as to when they will complete different blocks, how ever he said that work in overseas block in progress but for sure it will take long time.
            I also went to site office and they took me near the land but still one can’t reach any block due lack of connecting roads, they are always claiming tall through Zameen.com and Dha today, please don’t believe them, they are misleading us because of their own interests.
            Writing on line or making face book page wouldn’t be very effective.All of us must write to GHQ, OPF & Federal Ombudsman etc. We have to send many and frequent complaints till the matter is resolved.DHA and Bahria are not bothered to attend our complaints. Regards.

          • Mohammad Ahmad says:

            AA. I m a property dealer n deal with DHA valley. I know that all of you r much worried about your investment in DHA valley. My observation is that DHA will still take long time on this project. And investments will be stuck in valley. My opinion is you better sale valley files n take out your investments. Many other projects are there to invest.

          • Mrs. Tariq says:

            Whatd the problem with these people who will pay for the late schedule no contect at all

        • Aftab Ahmad says:

          I am the one joining you too,this plane drove us crazy
          No more patient enough is enouhg

          • Ghulam Abbas says:

            i am also with u because the time of 9 years is too much time to develop it, but still today not prepared any structure to rehabilitate it, please put a plea to supreme court for justice

          • anjum pervaiz says:

            I am also with you if you need need my help please email me I am living in usa

          • Ahmad Butt says:

            Sir, bad time of Dha valley Allottees is over now. Work is being done in valley n hopefully in December possession will be given.
            Ahmad Butt


          • Mirza Afzaal Beg says:

            I am also with you people

          • Hafiz Abdul Qaddous says:

            I visited the office of dha valley on 20 feb 2017 the condition of development is very slow and no one officer could me answered satisfactory about possession

      • Husnul Maab says:

        I will also join and we all must take action and get money for the years 2012 till to date as a fine. As they promised to handover the plots but not done as per their plan.

        kindly co operate all members.

        • saber says:

          any body adivse me that i have open file of my plot in dha valley, should i transfer it to my name?
          secondly we all member should join hands with each other and rise our voice in front of ISPR. let’s protest.

          • shah says:

            Assalam o Alaikum
            If you want to keep this plot for long periods then transfer on your name other wise leave it on open file.

          • sultan fayyaz keyani says:

            salam to everyone. if we delay installment either plot is cancelled or fine is imposed. if we put such amount in bank we get more than double. what the governmwnt has done to secure its public from lutera,s

          • Younus Shaikh says:

            You can make transfer of your DHA Valley plot on your name? The plots are on file only or it has numbering and can be transferred to our name? How much is DHA transfer charges? Is it good time to buy in a plot in Bluebell? Or it is bad investment? I can buy and wait for 2 yeRs to see outcome! Please advise. Jazak Allah. If anyone is interested to sell his plots of 8 marla, please contact me via whatsapp: 00966554788140 or email me. Thanks

          • naeem azhar says:

            please let me know what is your demand on my phone number ms estate 03315540108

          • For sale and purchase in DHA Valley Islamabad or any kind of information you need,plz feel free to contact us:
            Syed Mujtaba Gardezi

      • We are selling / purchasing of DHA Valley
        5/8 Residential plots
        4/8 marla commercial plots and
        DHA Home 5/8 marla for a best offer contact


        • zia sheikh says:

          Yes. I have one dha home 8-Marla and one 4-Marla commercial in dha phase 2- extension, Islamabad. I am interested in sale of the above two properties, pl. Let me have some idea about sale prices. In case some suitable price, l may consider. Just trying to get the latest information. Thanks

          • Muhammad RAFI Chaudhry says:

            I have a 8 Marlas plot in BLOCK IRIS I want to sale plz me and guide me thanks

          • syed mujtaba says:

            Salam sir,
            I am interested to buy these properties.
            please contact me at cell number.

          • shah says:

            4 marla commercial in which block?
            Can I have your contact number?

          • Dear Zia sab,
            Please send me details about your plots and homes.
            InshahAllah i will give you best and confirm offer to you.

          • Mian Muhammad Ashraf says:

            Dear brother aoa I am interested to purchase a DHA home in DHA Valley. Please let me know its exact number to enable me to visit it. You may contact on Cell No.0331-5131962. thanks

          • Zeb Maseed says:

            Salam Brother,

            Please share the desire information which you mentioned in your kind message……. we have clients for purchase the DHA Plots (8 & 5) Marla Residential and Commercials…… if you have please message me or mail me.

            Zeb Maseed

          • Khalid mehmud says:

            Hi I just saw your info on the blog you can contact me on 03145335571
            I am private buyer and only here for 5 days.
            So a call would be appreciated

          • For sale and purchase in DHA Valley Islamabad or any kind of information you need,plz feel free to contact us:
            Syed Mujtaba Gardezi

        • Yousuf says:

          I want to sell my 8 Marla main boulevard plot at bouganvila and 8 Marla DHA Home main boulevard. Allotment letter has been obtained for both.

          Your Offers?

        • Muhammad RAFI Chaudhry says:

          I have 8 marla plot in Iris block rate plz

        • Zahir Malik says:

          Hi Mr Syed

          I have an 5 marla plot in DHA valley in boganvella and location ins corner. I am currently in Dubai and would like to sell it. All my dues paid only the last installment which is deferred by the DHA.

          Pleas let me know the status as i had open file which is with me in dubai, but it is not valid as more than 6 month time passed.

          Looking forwards you response.

          • Mian Muhammad Ashraf says:

            Dear Zahir Malik Sb aoa. I am interested in purchasing of file. please let me know its number to better assess its price. Thanks You may call on viber 0331-5131962 from 6 pm. to 10.00pm. Thanks

          • Asif says:

            i want sale 5 marla plot# 130 street no 8 dha elegant block


          • salam brother i wana purchase your plot if u r dubai i will gave payment in dubai
            my cell number

          • Rizwan says:

            im also in dubai i m interested in yours plot plz call me 050 4280748

          • Zahir Malik says:

            Hi I am now interested to sale my plot, contact me if interested on my Dubai number 050-5176052
            I have an 5 marla plot in DHA valley in boganvella and location ins corner. I am currently in Dubai and would like to sell it. All my dues paid only the last installment which is deferred by the DHA.

          • SAB says:

            I am Interested to Buy 5 Marla in IRIS, LOTUS, LAVENDAR, LILLY, OLEANDAR. Pls contact me here on email (sheraz.bari@gmail.com)


          • Waseem says:



        • muhammad H Akbar says:

          I want to sale my plot on urgent basis . it is 5 marla in bogen velia

        • Ehsan says:

          I have 5 marla corner plot Oleander Block in my name (not open file) want to sell it what is the price.

        • Muhammad Safeer says:

          I want to sale my plot in dha valley sector englantine. My whatsapp no is 00923445441119. Only available on whatsapp

      • Aftab Ahmad says:

        I would like to you freind
        I have the same problem i paid
        Off all the installment and not
        Hand over yet promise was in three
        Year to complete the project

      • Irfan says:

        I am also a victim of this so called DHA housing authority but living in abroad….please get together for further step.as we can get the compensation.

      • Mohammad Akram says:

        we were thinking and hoping to get possession in 2011 and then 12 and then 14 and now 16 almost to its end and until now no hope. Big robbery!!!. Where is NAB?
        I would say if even whole applicants join the group to file the case, nothing will happen. This is group of big and powerful mafia and they know what can be done and what not. Therefore they don’t worry

        • saeed ahmad says:

          im thinking to buy home at Dha.after hearing ur complaints in connection with possession so now i should nt buy.kindly advise,thnx

      • saeed ahmad says:

        which compain?

      • Hafiz Abdul Qaddous says:

        I visited the office of dha valley on 20 feb 2017 the condition of development is very slow and no one officer could me answered satisfactory about possession

    • DHA Valley Islamabad 5/8 Marla residential, 4/8 Marla commercial, 5/8 marla DHA Homes and 02 marla shops.
      For sale and purchase please contact us:
      Syed Basit Ali Gardezi

    • DHA Valley Islamabad 5/8 Marla residential, 4/8 Marla commercial, 5/8 marla DHA Homes and DHA Phase II Ext.

      For sale and purchase please contact us:
      Syed Basit Ali Gardezi

    • Dear respected sir,

      About DHA valley Islamabad you have a 08 Marla plot and my offer to you is 1.5 lac profit from the paid amount.
      For more details please contact us:

    • shadil aman says:

      dear management team,

      please let us know with the latest updates.since 2007 we are waiting for plots and now 2015 after 08 years we could not not get our allotments in DHA Overses Valley.
      we would appreciate and pss our message to Mr.Malik Riaz we are also poor people and we spend our earning s on this plot and waiting for allotments

      thanks appreciate for your prompt action

      shadil aman

      00971 55 223 48 42

    • Abbas Khan says:

      Gentlemen!…. The dha project is in dispute between dha authority and the original land owners and a court case is going on between the two parties. I have confirmed this information through a social worker whom I have authorised to follow it up with dha, I have two 8 Marla plots. I am residing in Dubai and can not follow up the issue from Dubai, hence some one is required in pakistan who should follow it. If you are willing, you may send me your details and I can ask my representative to follow it for all of us. We can also decide how to compensate his efforts upon his successful follow ups. For sure nothing up front as i have agreed with him, only if he will help us to get the possession or to get our mony back with out any cuttings and with current exchange rate and if possible with profit from the date of last payment. Please advise if you all are interested hiring the social worker that I have referred to. I can share with you his details should you want to work it out through his assistance. Thanks, Abbas Khan

    • Aftab Ahmad says:

      I have my plot in dha valley
      Sector v over seas block and
      Havnt hear any thing about that
      I am with you if any question please
      Contact me at my email aftab0376@yahoo.com
      Aftab Ahmad

    • syed hammad akbar says:

      hi sir i m hamad from zia realestate working as a dealer we r dealing in dha valley islamabad.sir this is the best time for invest in dha valley is a great advantage for you to invest here so d,nt mis that the rate of the valley is shot day by day.you can lucky if you invest here.
      lilly 5marla 12 paid corner 575

    • syed israr gardezi says:

      Aslam o Alaikum we are sale purchase of dha valley islamabad 5/8 dha homes %/8 residentail and 4/8 commerial if you are desire you investment in dha valley contact with us
      syed israr gardezi
      Zia real estate
      dha 2 islamabad

    • Zahir says:

      I want to sell my plot in Gernal category at DHA Valley (Plot No. 76, Street No. 57, Oleander Block, DHA Valley). All the 12th installments & other charges are CLEAR.

      Interested buyers may contact: zahir772@yahoo.com, cell: 0300-5383812, Watsapp: +92 300 538 3812

    • Syed says:

      Respected Members Asalam-o-alykum
      I’ve booked 8 marla house in DHA valley overseas block and paid all the installments on time.
      After completed all installment i went DHA valley couple of times with span of year or two but i didn’t find anything remarkable progress in work.
      I phoned couple of days back they said by end of this year 2016 they will start balloting for allotment.
      I asked them why balloting i paid my installment why should the balloting they not give any staisfactory answer of any my question, inlcuding when electricity,gas and water connection available.
      I know most of them facing similar scenario, but i believe that selling files is not a good idea because they hold our invesments more than 3 years ago and will get some instrest from bank or may they are using our money in someone where else.
      Please share your comments about this issue.

    • Muhammad Faisal says:


      We are hearing the rumors that DHA will give the possession in this month..Is it true??

  2. MAB Awan says:

    I visited last month (Nov 2013) this project (DHA valley overseas block )site and my view is that this project takes more five years to complete or???, really very slow progress on ground, so for very poor performance related to this project , I am planning to register a case against DHA management, because they delayed too much to handover plot for construction and not given any specific date when they will be give us plot for construction. Imagine if we delayed to submit our installment then ???

    • filza says:

      are the people living in the finished houses or not? do u think buying a house in dha valley for living purpose is a good idea?

      • Muhammad Arshad says:

        this is fraud done by most corrupt Bahria town and DHA

      • Maliks says:

        Dear as apprehended no living yet as area is not live able due to incomplete project and lack of living facilities plz

      • Syed Mujtaba Gardezi says:

        This is a good investment for at least 01 or 02 year & also very suitable for residential.but its completion and will be able for resident with in 2 or 3 years.
        For further details please contact us:

        • mohammad saleem says:

          please tell us exact story i m from karachi and invesrted in islamabad , what is future , to keep or to sell , are u state agent ,iyes i will call u

    • Liaqat Ali says:

      @MAB Awan :slam brother , plz take this step against the management i,ll be with you for this case , the management promised that position will had to given to allotyee in 2011,but now 2014 has been passing in waiting,but project is still there.
      plz take this step with full confidence.lot of member will have to join us in this campaign.

      • Sheikh Rauf says:

        I live ovearseas u guys will have my moral support i have 2 plots.. and it doesnt seems like its gonna be ready in 10 years unless they develop one block to make people looks its progressing..
        We sud strongly condemn and take it to court .

        • arshad says:

          Listen brothers…I would propose that members make a committee and all members make donations and take the case to media and Court…we need to make a legal struggle…Friends on the forum can suggest how this is possible…just complaining here on this site will bear no fruit…

          • Sheikh Rauf says:

            Thats true we would not gain thing oit of complaint but donating is another issue people already losing time and involving lawyer would be another issue plus all those curreption and stuff specially made me nervous about spending media sounds better and safe since in my circumstance .. i dont know people sud suggest more so we know how many people out there… just wondering how cud these dha stuff let us complaint but dont make any comments to calm complainant down.

          • Mrs. Tariq says:

            I am with u all

        • mujtaba says:

          Hi.if any one want to sell from UK . 8marla or commercial. Please leave your contact no.thanks.mehmood

        • a.ahmed says:

          is there any news about dha vally??? when r thy giving possessions,, of any block? i ve 4 marla commercial plots in bogan vila,, 5 plots,,, worried about the future,,, if u have any news plz share it , thanks aftabik@yahoo.com

        • a.ahmed says:

          recently on facebook i saw in dha vally video, they r saying that sunflower block is ready for, construction, and they are waiting for the first owner to start construction,
          how they can say this if there is no development??//?/////?////?////

          • Sheikh Rauf says:

            Salam! This is hard to judge whats on the ground. When i visited on march 2014 it was kind of underdeveloped how cud they finished it..my concern is why there isnt any official comments or any conference its been over 5 years it sud be ready by now. We have been waiting to develope our house but in march is doesnt looks like they gonna hand over with in 2 years.
            Any up date please post the link of youtube.
            Thank you

        • saifullah says:

          dear shaikh sahib in which block you have plots so i can give u better advice

          • maina says:

            i have 8 marla plot in oleander block what is the situation there. when r they going to start it

      • amjad says:

        what we do plz tell me

        • Asim says:

          Wait and pray to Allah and go online into dha valley website and request them for follow up if every body I mean every body who have access to Internet keep email them hopefully Allah will do it

          • Rahat says:

            The email on their website doesn’t work. The email gets undelivered. I am abroad so don’t know what to do. I had to change my residential address so if they send any mail, I can get it.

      • liaqat ALI says:

        DHA valley is the valley of fraud

      • silver sand properties says:

        all concerned
        this fraud was done by bahria town with the help of dhai corrupt officers.
        no one can catch the culprits
        the whole nation is corrupt
        i have learnt that bahria town received 64 billion for development but used this money some where else in their own projects

      • bisharat ali says:

        yes I am also effected with this dha fraud,,,no possession,,when ever we call customer support they so no date announced,,and in progress..no one is here to protect the right of purchasers in Pakistan against these fraud giants…looting with both hands ,,Pakistan is heaven for these dacoits..

    • izhar ahmed says:

      If you make case , I shall also contribute for expenses.

    • F B says:

      Most of the innocent overseas made full payments except last instalment, i sent few courierd mails but all were ignored, they don’t care and dont bother to reply even. Bahria and DHA management fooled innocent overseas Pakistanis after receiving payments in Dollar.I wish some one honest in Government sees our emails and make them do some thing about it. Ground reality is that development work is stand still since long.Best wishes to sufferers.

  3. MAB Awan says:

    Dear i will not recommend , but if you are planing to buying then you must visit physically before reaching anydeal and see the quality of constriction and surrounding area.

  4. MAB Awan says:

    Dear I will not recommend, but if you are planning to buy then you must visit physically before reaching any deal and see the quality of construction and surrounding area.

    • arshad says:

      Brother Awan
      I have one 8 marla in overseas block but i have heard nothing from then and the installments are finished. Have you been handed over the attorney of the plot. what is going on? can you share some details. we in UK think that it is a fraud?

    • Muhammad RAFI Chaudhry says:

      I am Also with u and ready to contribute It is unjustice I request Malik RiAz to look in to matter. Keep in mind many prsyers only acepted one of them
      . BuD Dua acpeteacpeted GOD at once thsnks

  5. Rizwan says:

    I have a Plot (5 Marla) In Iris Block and in March 2013 I got Provisional Allotment Letter from DHA. What should I do now ? Any body guide me ?


    • mehboob alam rana says:

      dear sale kar do .I have willing colege as well… and if do so then please visit a markeet as well before taking a decision….

  6. Muhammad Anwar Awan says:

    Hi Guys
    I give you the idea about DHAI,just keep for your grand son only the way to do.

  7. Amjad says:

    why? market dealer very fast buying dha velly plots on immidiate cash basis dear friends plz think

    • samra says:

      Dear Amjad ,

      agreed 100% that why are the dealers showing too much interest to buy plot’s .
      I booked 5 marla plot in overseas block and clear full payment but after 2 year still no news from DHA side .
      yesterday one dealer offering me 850000 .
      plz if u have any news let me know

      regards samra

      • ashfaq says:

        The possession is announced January 2016, that is why dealers are looking for profit. check Google maps for latest development made.

        • Anjum pervaiz says:

          As I am in usa I have 8 m plot in main road dealer offer me less then I paid all dues clear can someone let me know latest development thanks

          • Sheikh Rauf says:

            I am planing to buy a plot for shop, if any one intrested please feel free to contact me with detail of shop and price
            or whatsapp

          • shah says:

            Assalam o Alaikum
            Can you confirm which block?
            How many instalment paid?
            If still available can you email me your contact details?

          • Anjum pervaiz says:

            Plot no 77 street 5A 8 m boullaward both side open one side 80feet road other side open for ground all dues paid

          • Engr Faheem says:

            which block?

            If anyone is looking to sale his plot 8M in DHA Valley, please contact me.


          • Khawaja Sohail says:

            Salaam hope you all are fine. If anyone want to sell his plot in dha valley can contact me. Thanks

          • Sheikh Rauf says:

            please add me on whatsapp if you have your price in your mind
            00974 7790 9367

    • Asif Gardazi says:

      Dear,AMJAD DHA valley is a low cost project therefore dealers are selling purchasing. if any 1 want to sale or purchase he can contact us at this number 03315136699

  8. Ali says:

    I think the prices going high and high day by day as DHA will be finishing development by the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

    • Ali Nisar says:

      Ali sahib kisi din zara chakar to laga ka aien aap valley ka phir mujhay ptana ka 2014 ya 4015 tak…janab ya agley 10 saal ka plan ha..5 saal ka to Dha Valley Office ka staff pta raha ha ka ji 5 saal main wo bhi hopefully ham pocession da dain ga r jo mujhay 9 sa 10 saal ka nazar aa raha ha..to how could u say ka ji in next year pocession miley ga..i recommend u strongly ka aap zara aik visit pori valley ka ker ka to aien

  9. farman ullah says:

    In Sha Allah by the end of 2014 dha present prices will be doubled and probably trippled.

  10. Sheikh Rauf says:

    i have visited DHA Valley this month 2nd March its been 7 years since we got involve with their Valley. i have 2 8 marlas plot, they are extremly slow but there is some work on ground it will still take atleast 7 to 10 years to develop if you are planing to live their its a good investment for kids and beautiful location too..one good thing about DHA that , it is not fraud..

    • Mubashir says:

      ASA, Bro Sh Rauf, 3 days back i also visited my sweet DHA valley, yes u r right development is in progress, but u know how ? For example If a block is of 800 plots or 2 km length, so they have made roads of Justttttttt 200 meter length of few blocks. Will it suffice ?

  11. Dr Rahmat says:

    the mixed reactions on this page confusing us more. some of the comments are very encouraging but others are heart breaking. One thing is sure, DHA valley plot prices are UP and at some location, crossing double of the original prices. it is pleasant smell of good things in DHA valley.

    • Ali Nisar says:

      Dr sahib there is no pleasant thing going on in Valley..i think u did not visited the sight..Dr Sahib ya jo prices kuch blocks main increase pa hain na!! ya sirf investors ki game ki waja sa ha r bht he artifical ha..bht jald 4 to 5 months main jo blue bell r aik adh block profit main hain na wo bhi minus main chaley jaien gay..DR sahib Dha ney game khalie ha ham civilian ka sath

    • Syed Mujtaba Gardezi says:

      For Sale and purchase or need any kind of information about DHA Valley Islamabad.
      Please feel free to contact us for details:
      Syed Mujtaba Gardezi

      • Muhammad RAFI Chaudhry says:

        People r much worried about their investment in DHA Valley. I have learnt in minus. Please inform me correct price about IRIS plot 11st 12 I am 60 years old and much worried after 6 years investment.

  12. aqeel khan says:

    I have read the comments and feel there is lot of confusion in the Allottees /buyers and intrested peoples ,that whats happening in DHA valley .
    guys there is no need to worry abt the development progress will exelerating in coming days.

    • Haroon Khan says:

      Dear Mr. Aqeel,

      Can you please elaborate how do u know that the progress will be accelerating in coming days? I have recently bought a file in this valley but the prices are going down… would love to know how and when things will be picking up here!

      Looking forward to hear from you!

    • Muhammad Humza Naeem says:

      Me and my family members have 6 plots of 8 marla …from 7 years our investment is on stake …But an on duty major journal (family member) have advised us to wait for 5-6 years ..its a game of DHA ..they want maximum people to sell their plots on low price ..so that dha can re perchased maximum plots ,,,after purchasing maximum plots then they will do developmental work with speed ..and then they will re sell plots at very high price ( 50-60 lakh) ..my advise for everyone is to wait for 7-8 years 🙂

  13. ASQ says:

    i have heard from a dealer that plotting being done is not final n they are going to reallocate the plots …
    comments plz …as i hav a 8 marlas plot in blue bell …

  14. m akram says:

    What r the prices of 5 marla plot corner plot in dha valley rose block?what will b the future of dha valley?

  15. m akram says:

    I want to sale a plot in rose block?can i get a good price now?

  16. naeem says:

    whats the price of 5 marla in lavender. i want to seel.8 instalments paid

  17. Asim says:

    Everyone listen. This is not a normal behaviour of DHA. Something is wrong.

  18. T.S. Qureshi says:

    Dear Overseas Workers,

    The DHA valley and DHA Homes are the schemes with no land.
    So, just forget about the completion of these schemes and look for other places to give shelter to your kids when you come back after long hard labor.

    DHA has lost its credibility.

    Just leave it to Allah the almighty….and wait and see how these cruel are being punished. (insha Allah).

  19. Mubashir says:

    Its very interesting , i visited DHAi site & in contacts us i found that they have established Offices in London, pairs & Dubai.
    I just want to ask them few Question:
    What for they have opened these offices ?
    Have they given the desired / expected results to those – who trusted them, spent there money who book plots,
    Have nt they felt any Shame while establishing these offices ? & increasing expenditures & wasting money in Adventures ?
    DHA London Corporate Office :
    Dubai Office :First Choice Realestate, 206 ,Arcade Buildin, Al Garhoud P.O. Box 36618, Dubai, United Arab
    Emirates. Tel : +92 51 5788515
    London office No. 215, 2nd Floor, Marble Arch Tower 55 Bryanston Street, London W1H 7AA
    Paris Office : IG Finance & Property Services
    5. Rue Anatole France, 931120 La Courneuve 129 Ilford Lane, Ilford Essex, IG1-2RN, London.
    Tel : +33148375033 , +3368541227

    • Haroon Khan says:

      Agreed 200% but the thing is that they have become totally shameless. I wonder why they don’t do or feel anything no matter how much we criticize.

    • a.ahmed says:

      how come its pakistan s number in dubai office?// 0092515788515 is it dubai office? nmbr?

    • samra says:

      dear Mubahir ,
      I lived in Dubai and for your info now no body is answering from first choice also , the great MR MUMTAZ change is cell number .who was collecting draft from overseas Pakistani.
      some how I catched him then very nicely the first question he asked (HOW DID YOU GET MY NEW CELL NO)he didn’t give response he told me plz directly call or visit to DHA he don’t know anything .
      so what do u say now. 6 years passed but no progress no answer from them

    • Mubashar says:

      for your informaction Dubai office is close

      we visit this bulding as per your adress bur no more office for DHA

  20. Ali Nisar says:

    kiya drama ha yar guys ya DHA waloo ka main aaj gaya tha sara DHA valley visit kiya mujhay fraud r aik bht bara scam hota dikhaie da raha ha property sector main…bad main ya Dha waley kahain gay ka bahria r habib rafique fraud ker gaya ha dha waloo ka sath r case laga ha adalat main phir ham loog aik lambey dewani muqadmey main pahans jaie gay…mujhay qasam kha ka kahta hoon sixth sense meri kah rahe ha ka ya bht bara fraud honey laga ha anqareeb

  21. Ali Nisar says:

    aik r rola b ha wo ya ka inhoo nay zameen (available plots)say zada plots logoo ko sale ker diye hain r ab pocession agar datey hain to in ka liye rola ha..izi liye jaan ka development ka kaam bht bht zada slow ker rakha ha..bahana genuine ha ka ji plots develop nahe ha to pocession nahe da saktey..bht he bara fraud ha..han payments phans jaie ge bht he zada logoo ki r phir 6 ya 7 saal bd scheme cancel ker ka principal payment wapis karain ga ya dha waley

    • Haroon Khan says:

      Dear Ali,

      Agreed with the damn slow pace but the thing that you are mentioning that selling more plots than they actually have might not be true because at many occasions they had the option to cancel plots of individual based on non-payments and balance the required plots and available plots equation but they didnt cancel and gave warnings instead. lets see what happens now.

  22. Ali Nisar says:

    Guys soo hazar batoo ki aik bat regarding DHA Valley scam..Aqal mand loog apney apney plots sale ker ka nikal rahey hain iz gandage say r bewaqoof loog DHA Valley ka plots ki prices ka up honey ka w8t ker rahey hain..sach ha lalich insaan ko lay dhoobta ha..

  23. Ali Ansari says:

    Respected all brothers and sisters
    I need 8 Marla in Bluebell…Rose or Tupil
    @10 Lac… oneday cash payment…


  24. Nadeem says:

    Ali Nasir mujhe tu app koi property dealer lagtay ho jo vlaue kum ker kay buying kerna chahata hai. as prices are going to up in coming months………..
    aur han app appnay personal kam ma apni sixth sense use kia kero

    • Ali Nisar says:

      ohh Nadeem main property dealer nahe hoon..dosrie rah gaie baat ka meri 6th sense to wo aqal mand samjh sakta ha..budhoo kaam zahan ghabi r nikhatoo admi bhonkta ha bakwas kerta ha aqal mandoo pa..comming months main main prices up aik bemar zahan ki nishani hain..r akhrie baat Nadeem batey ya page valley py comment kerney ka liye ha soo valley pa comment karoo mujh pa nahe..r jitni khuda ney tumhain aqal di ha us ka mutabiq tum utni he bat ker saktey hoo iz main tumharie galtie nahe ha..ok

      • Sheikh Rauf says:

        Salam sir jee larnay ki kia zaroorat hai.. or aap dono masha’Allah samjdar hain pehlay hi loog apni property ko lay kay frustated hain or yahan larai ka silsla shuru nah ho jaye..
        Truth is property is on awesome location pace is slow as turtle now dha and bhariya sud compensate every one. Admit their mistake. We all should demand their apology and compensation.

  25. Ali Xaman says:

    Civic agency fails to reclaim prime land lost to DHA

    ISLAMABAD, May 7: For the last six years the civic agency of Islamabad has failed to reclaim the prime land along Islamabad Expressway that was gradually taken over by the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and sold out.

    According to senior officials in the Capital Development Authority (CDA), in 2005 the DHA started taking over the prime land in Humak, Sihala and Rawat, which was acquired by the civic agency back in 1963-65 to develop the Islamabad Expressway and an industrial area.

    The land was then sold to Bahria Town. It was not until sometimes later in 2006-07 when villagers of these localities registered complaints with the CDA against the occupation.

    However, it was too late by the time the CDA started pursuing the matter. Documents available with Dawn show how the DHA then committed to the civic agency in 2006-07 that it would compensate it by allotting about 700 kanals of developed 500 square-yard plots each against nearly 2,500 kanals of undeveloped land it had taken over.

    But how the land exchange deal between the two authorities was reached in 2006-07 was unclear because there was no provision in the CDA by-laws to share land.

    This was why senior officials in the civic agency saw a flaw right there. “That was their trick. This is millions of rupees worth prime property along the highway. Instead of buying the land, they gave us land in exchange,” said a senior official in the CDA directorate of land.

    The reason officials found the deal dodgy was the fact that the 500 square-yard plots that the DHA had offered in exchange at its Phase II Extension project only existed on papers.

    “The Phase II extension project of DHA has been shelved. The files are worthless because the property is as undeveloped today as it was six or seven years back,” a source said, explaining how the land acquired by the CDA was worth lots more than the value of the 700-plus kanals offered by the DHA in exchange.

    The documents also showed how the authoritative DHA wanted to compensate the Capital Development Authority at the same rate the lands were acquired back in 1963 and 1965 instead of the current market rate.

    Under directions from the chief justice of Pakistan, who had taken notice of the case, a sessions judge conducted an inquiry into the matter in January, 2010.

    The inquiry officer raised objections to the values of properties being exchanged and the fact that the DHA had decided to transfer less plots to the CDA than what had actually being agreed upon.

    Worst still, the CDA failed to follow up on the offer given by the DHA. “We lost key properties in 2006-07. And there has been no correspondence since then by CDA with DHA. The Capital Development Authority had decided that the 700 plus kanals offered by the DHA could be auctioned to generate revenues,” explained an official in the CDA planning wing.

    The Cabinet Division, which overlooks and supervises operations of the CDA, described the delay in pursuing the case with Defence Housing Authority since last six years as, ‘Glaring act of fraud, mischief, daytime robbery at CDA, causing severe loss to the national exchequer’.

    In a recent Board meeting, the CDA chairman directed the member estate and member planning, director estate management and the directorate land to confirm the status and location of the plots allocated by the Defence Housing Authority.

    “We are trying to ascertain the status of the case,” said Tahir Shahbaz, the CDA chairman.

    Elaborating on why the CDA was revisiting the case, he said: “It was a fraudulent deal from the start. They took prime property from the CDA and gave us land that will probably fetch the authority peanuts.”

    The case had been referred to the planning wing to contact the DHA through the director land survey for verification of the site and status of the plots to prepare a comprehensive report.

    The documents show how in Sihala the CDA had acquired more than 530 acres in 1963 and 1965.

    In Rawat, the total land measuring more than 135 acres was acquired for Islamabad Highway in 1963. And in Humak, 768 acres was acquired to establish an industrial area.

    When contacted, the public relations section of the DHA declined to comment.

    Please Visit: http://www.pakwheels.com/forums/non-wheels-discussions/215636-whats-happening-dha-valley-islamabad


  26. Asif Nazir says:

    Jis tarah humain Malik Riaz ney DHA valley Islamabad mein bewaqoof banaya hai, Allah k ghar poori umeed hai Karachi walon ko bhe issi tarah banayen gay.

  27. ijaz says:








    • Kamran bhutta says:

      yar baat to theek kehtay ho laikin awam ki majboori hai CDA bhi kuch nahi deliver kr paa raha.
      Akhree Option BT aur DHA he bachtee Hai
      Lihaza Behtreee issee main hai kay Awam sastay Rate per kharid lay.

  28. saleem says:

    bhayo apni kismat per bharosa rakh ker plot ko rehne do kiya jane apki aulad ke kam aigi aud aap ku dua deinge ke abba ne achha kaam kiya marte marte ak plot prime location per de gaye

  29. dha valley says:

    I am Dha Valley located at islamabad r main aap sab say aik bht important baat kahtie hoon ka main ney increase nahe kerna..so meri prices day by day decrease hoon ge..and further more i am a scheme with no land no development…soo if u want to sale ur plots to ker doo nahe to rakh loo r mujhay isi tarha pittay rahoo..i will not increse my prices

  30. Imran says:

    I have 2 DHA Valley Islamabad plots.

    Zinnia(CATEGORY: BOULEVARD), 8 Marla = PKR 25 Lacs.

    Rose A, 5 Marla(Corner Plot behind commercial area)= PKR 26 Lacs.

    Contact: 0092 302 2264887


  31. amman says:

    dear brother rates up ho raha hain ap log in ka faida utha ka sale kardo nahi to ya log phr rate decrease krdain ga
    ap log aj markeat rate dakhain jo file aik lakh profit pa tha ab wo 2 plus chali gai hai just ak mnth aur wait krka sale krdain

  32. a.ahmed says:

    i ve 4 marla commercial plot,, in DHA VALLY,, BOGAN VILIA…
    WHAT IS THE CURRENT market price?
    any offere????

    i want to sell it urgently..

    contact aftabik@yahoo.com


  33. Tashfeen says:

    Kia baat hai, rate increase ho rahay hain aur yahan kaha ja raha hai ke bech do bech do. Sub real estate agents ki game hai specially hum overseas baithay logon ke saath.

    • naeem says:

      Well all the discouraging comments are from dealers who are buying himself! Hold on just it is going to pay off!

  34. Noaman says:

    Dear All i need 8 marla plot in DHA Valley 10 LAC payment on the spot

  35. Noaman says:

    Dear All i need 8 marla plot in DHA Valley 10 LAC payment on the spot contact me through email engr.noaman@gmail.com

  36. Amjad says:

    I am thinking of buying a 1 kanal plot in DHA Phase 2, Sector K. Should I wait or buy now? and what should be a reasonable prices. Seems like asking prices are 75-85 Lac.

    Thanks fo
    r your help.

  37. Z Khan says:

    8 marla commercial plot for sale. details:

    Plot 130 lilly sector
    Avenue 8
    Block A

    Inbox me your offers and contact details please @ zeek1978@yahoo.co.uk

  38. Muhammad Amjad says:

    kindly send latest update about DHA vally.
    & lily Block

  39. shehzad says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    The real estate business is being run by the illiterate decoits who couldn’t do well in education and couldn’t make their careers. All of them have become the property dealers. They are looting the common people and even the well-educated lot of the country as GREED has no boundries. Housing schemes like DHA and Bahria gained credibility in the beginning, but now they also have started looting the masses. DHA Valley project is a living example of my point. My advice to you all is that please never trust anyone, remain contented with what you have, don’t aspire for too much. After all, this is a temporary life, we have to leave this world one day. Then the never ending life is going to begin. Let us book some plots in HEAVEN (JANNAT) by fearing Allah and obeying His Prophet’s teachings.
    Thanks brothers and sisters.

    • DKFJKDF says:

      If someone has rapped your most loved one, does’t mean that everyone related to this profession is illiterate or tricky.

      Whatever you are howling, is not according to the teachings of Islam.

      Whatever you wrote reflects that you are the most illiterate,crazy, downcast and low-caste person on earth.

      May curse be on your thoughts!

  40. faizan says:

    5 marla corner plot in dhai valley in oleander block st 66 plot 10 for sale serious buyers only

  41. Rauf says:

    ASA All,

    I want to sell my DHA Valley 5 Marla Corner Residential Plot in IRIS-B Block immediately. If any one interested please call me @ 0302-8241568.

  42. Rauf says:

    5 marla corner plot in dhai valley in IRIS block st 85 plot 64 for sale serious buyers only

  43. Mustafa says:

    I think, in next 10 years will double the price, by than droller will be touching rs 200.

  44. Abbas says:

    Aslam Alikum;
    Dear All, its suggested that we all have file a case against DHA, bcz i visited in july DHA valley still there is no progress and its take 10 years more to get possession.

    plz make a list of all plot holders with their contact detail and email address then as a team we have to file the case.

    I have a 8 marla plot is rose block, all instalments paid already. anyone wants to buy then just send me ur offer.


  45. Imran Shaikh says:


    I have two plots 8 marla Zinia and 5 marla corner plot rose block. My father is in lahore currently to sell it out in 1 week. Please contact me if anyone wants it. My number is 0302 2264 887.


  46. Aamir Ali says:

    ASA All,

    I want to sell my DHA Valley 8 Marla Corner Residential Plot in IRIS- 5/Iris Street No. 78 immediately. If any one interested please call me 0321 9412545.

  47. Aamir Ali says:

    ASA All,

    I want to sell my DHA Valley 8 Marla Residential Plot in IRIS- 5/Iris Street No. 78 immediately. If any one interested please call me 0321 9412545.

    • Sohail says:

      v have wasted almost 6 years in waiting…now it does not worthy to sell in onay ponay. ..One thing just keep in mind that once the procession of any block is announced the price will go up as rocket. .now the sc has released their accounts and the issue of daduca dam is also resolved… expect a good news soon

  48. nasir iqbal says:

    I have a 8 M plot in Oleander sector DHA, if any one interested in buying, just drop me a mail.

  49. Imran says:

    Mr. Mubashar, you have been contacted but no reply from your side

  50. Raja zakir says:

    I want to purchase 8m bluebell
    Range 11.5

  51. mujtaba says:

    Required 5marla plot in olender or boganvilla. Please leave details. Or if any body interested to exchange with bahria karachi plot. Prefer uk sellers.thanks

  52. mujtaba says:

    Hi.i want to sell 8marla plot in overseas block. Boganvilla. UK based.if anyone interested please give me offer.thanks

  53. Hamid says:

    hi, i want to sell 5 marla plot in iris block, all dues are paid
    contact 0346-8622022

  54. imtiaz says:

    Dear All, we must contact to media and court both otherwise they will feelbjust cool. What about DHARNA program??????

    • Sohail says:

      Agreed with your opinion bro…that we should involve court & Media and even dharna infront of DHA office otherwise they will keep us dormant for another decade.

  55. AHMED says:

    urgently for sale 4 marla commercial.. bogan villa,,, dha vally.. all instalment paid……….. offer plz

  56. AHMED says:

    4 marla commercial.. plot,,, for sala,, boganvilla…….dha vally,,,,,,,, all instalment paid,,,, any reasonable offer,, will b appriciated,, aftabik@yahoo.com

    • Muhammad says:

      Dear Sir,
      Please send me details, location, sector and demand of your plots in DHA Valley.
      I am Muhammad from UAE, and looking for some affordable residential / Commercal plots in DHA Valley

      +971 56 1439912

    • shah says:

      Assalam o Alaikum
      If is still available how much you are looking for?

  57. ZAFAR says:

    any body wany buy 8 plot in maree golg call me 0300 4140193

  58. Kazmi says:

    I have 8 marla boulevard cornor plot at Green Valley for which want to sell. What is the current price to sell.

  59. Imran says:

    I have 3 x plots for sale. All 8 marla, one is a boulevard plot. Anybody interested can contact me with a good price details available on request. Email address imran@amcolians.org

  60. saber says:

    I have plot in DHA Valley in IRIS sector. It is an open file. Any one suggest me to transfer on my name or not? Kindly also advise me when it will be handed over. I cannot visit the site. I will be very thankful to you.

    It has become too late. I don’t think that development will be complete even after one decade.


    Muhammad Saber

  61. ishtiaq says:

    hi, I am selling my 5 marla Res plot in Jasmine block. demand Rs 10 lakh. plz contact at 03458544134

  62. Nadeem Khan says:


    I got 2 plots of 8 marlas and when probably we will get it. From discussion above I am quite confused as why some one will risk his money if there is some problem with development. Can I know what was original promise from DHA hand over. We should form joint forum to secure our rights. Dont let them fool us.
    Nadeem Khan

    • mujtaba says:

      Dear mr khan.future is bright for dha valley but after three years.it will be fully developed by 2020.when dha valley is fully developed inshallah 8marla plots will worth around 80lak to crore .

      • mr butt says:

        i have 5 marla resd plot in eglintine block fully amount paid plot no 82 street 9, now i want to sale plz give me rate regds mr butt mob no 03215667873 send me msg

  63. Amin says:

    Dear Mr. Mujtaba, what u expect price of DHA Homes 8 Marla after completion. Right now it is available for 51 to 55 lakh?

    I agree with Ur analysis that project will be developed by 2020

  64. Sohail says:

    Hi have rcvd an email from DHA Valley which is posted here for your info:

    Kindly keep on posting your views and news on this thread to be in touch with each other.

    Dear Member,

    Kindly be informed that development work in DHA Valley is proceeding on a good pace.
    Grid Station building is almost complete. Gas pipeline is being laid along the DHA Expressway and major bridges and culverts are in different stages of completion.
    However, Plots can only be handed over to the members after completion of development work and provision of services. Necessary advice in this regard shall be rendered in due course of time.

    Assuring best of our services.
    Muhammad Kamran
    Customer Support Representative

    DHA – Islamabad
    Office: 111-555-400 (1302) |Fax: +92-51-5788086| |E-mail: info@dhai- r.com.pk| |URL: http://www.dhai-r.com.pk|

  65. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    May God Make DHA Management understand the gravity of poor people who purchased the files?


  66. Muhammad Amjad says:

    I am selling my 8 marla corner plot in lily block.Please email if you are interested (m_amjad1969@yahoo.com)

  67. Sohail says:

    The below article may help to understand the current progress in DHA Valley


  68. talib says:

    i have a 5 marla plot in magnolia block
    if any buy contact me

  69. FOr sale and purchase in DHA Valley Islamabad.
    5/8 Marla residential
    4/8 Marla commercial
    5/8 Marla DHA Homes
    Please contact us for cash offer
    Syed Mujtaba Gardezi

    • Hussain says:

      Please provide me with all the details of total amount of 8 marla, any other charges, when is the posesssion Expected any other plot at reasonable price i want to invest. please mail me all the details at hussain_awan1@yahoo.com or whatsapp at 00966501423942

  70. Rizwan says:

    Dear Friends,
    I have a plot of 8 marla in lotus block. All dues are cleared just last installment remaining.
    My demand is Rs. 2,250,000/-
    no brokerage please.

    • akbar says:

      I want to sale my 8 marla corner plot in TULIP sector. Can any property dealer/friends give me a wild guess about its price?

    • naeem says:

      dear did u receive offer for ur plot.i do have a corner plot in lotus sector.can u send me the latest price or assesment.i want to sell it for twenty five lac Rs.all dues are paid.looking forward for response please.

    • taj says:

      mr rizwan pls try to cant me,whatssapp 966,551559388,regads

  71. I interesting to purchase 3 or 4 Marla commercial plot any body have please contact me on my Email adrass dr.waqarkiani@gmail.com

  72. Syed Hassan Raza says:

    Asalam o alikum dear friends I want to sale my dha valley 5 marla general file in lavender block open on 11 sep 2014 all dues clear…contact me for offer 03335268220

  73. Ijaz says:

    Dear Friends

    I have a plot in IRIS block, anyone who is interested to buy it can contact me on my cell. 0334-980 8228

  74. NAVEED IQBAL says:

    Whoever interested to sell their 8 Marla plot in DHA Overseas Block. Kindly sms or email me your demand , plot number, Block, Street.


  75. khawaja tahir says:

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    • Hussain says:

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  77. moazzam says:

    i want 8 marla plot in dha valley. please me lowest price to purchase. contact no. 0313-5709458

  78. Faisal says:


    What would be the price for 8M plot in Sunflower.
    What is the best telephone number to contact the DHA about Valley project.


  79. Arif Kamran says:

    I want to sale 8 marla marigold plot on first best offer. 11 installment paid, fresh open. contact me 03009144551

  80. RASHID says:

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    PLEASE CONTACT ME AT – 0322-2224999

  81. mustafa says:

    Anyone want to sale 4 marla commercial in oleander Or Lilley please leave massage and price.

  82. saber says:

    when pocession will be given. it is too late now. as per my knowledge there is no glimp of future atlease next three years.

  83. Mustafa says:

    Three to 5 year still good enough, by than 8 marla price will 60-lac.

  84. Hussain says:

    Please provide me with all the details of total amount of 5/8 marla residential plots preferably corner, any other charges, when is posesssion Expected i want to invest in this project so please guide me.
    mail me all the details at hussain_awan1@yahoo.com or whatsapp at 00966501423942

  85. naeem says:

    kindly furnish price of 8 marla corner plot in dha valley lotus sector.thanks.

  86. nazar hayat says:

    My son has an 8 Marla plot in Overseas. What is this talk about Fraud & Bahria involvement.

    Kindly let me know.

    nazar hayat

  87. bisharat ali says:

    yes I am also effected with this dha fraud,,,no possession,,when ever we call customer support they so no date announced,,and in progress..no one is here to protect the right of purchasers in Pakistan against these fraud giants…looting with both hands ,,Pakistan is heaven for these dacoits..

  88. Huma says:

    Still no
    Updates about iris block..

  89. Mujahid Hussain Malik says:

    Dear All,

    Kindly note that, we all together contact with ISPR and tell all story to Maj Gen Mr Bajwa and also to contact Respected General Raheel Sahib,
    so guys if you want to sport me I will tell you how to contact with this both personality’s.


    Mujahid Hussain Malik


  90. Sohail says:

    Mujahid Sab…I being an overseas supporting your intended action and i hope every affetee of DHA valley will have the same opinion. So go ahead and leave the results on Almighly Allah…

    • saber says:

      Dear All,

      I send Msg to ISPR web site, but nothing happen. I visited the site few days ago, I want to share my information with all you guys that still nothing is happening there, if same position remain than consider that we all have lost out money. I have a plot file in IRIS. such a painful thing to feel that dha valley is fraud. it is fact. Anybody advise further what should we do????


      Muhammad Saber

  91. AKHTAR ALI TAHIR says:

    dear all members we should arrange a protesst in front of Press club Islamabad, all members should join this and arrange that how we can contact with other so after this protest and meeting we will make a commitee to raise this issue with media and courts , we should wake up for our rights .
    CELL : 00923224123496

    • mustafa says:

      There is no justice, 7 years gone now hope for another 8years. When its lunched dollar was 64 after an other 8 years dollar will be approximately above 200.what investment bought back in 14-15 years?
      All corruption


    • Muhammad Nawaz says:

      I am agree with you for protest.

  92. ishti@q qur@shi says:

    wanna buy a plot in dha valley. if anyone gonna sell 8 marla corner boulevard plot let me know n wanna know the prices as well plz….

    Kind Regards,
    Ishti@q qur@shi

  93. Aamir says:

    Hi there

    I have 2 plots in DHA Valley, 8 Marla and 5 Marla, I want to sell.

    Please contact me if interested.


  94. Hussain says:

    Any one willing to sell 8 marla residential corner preffered in oleander or Lilly blocks preferably. 2 plots needed any one want to sell please send me the details along with final price at hussain_awan1@yahoo.com thanks

  95. Anjum pervaiz says:

    I allotted plot in dha velly overseas block already paid all dues still waiting for possession I am living in usa if any one want to go to court or anywhere I am with you

  96. Anjum pervaiz says:

    I am willing to sell 8m plot in bogenvelia main Bullaward all dues cleared fully paid plot both side open you can email me anjum623b@hotmail.com or call me usa 201-887-7253

  97. Furqan tariq says:

    Slam I want to knw about Dha valley Islamabad daffodil when thay r gona alot plots

  98. Anwer says:

    Dear investers
    This is time to raise our voice against Dha management,
    Let us set a date to protest in front of dha office .
    Dharma is another option , more suggestions welcome . No more delay please

  99. Muhammad RAFI Chaudhry says:

    Detail about developme t

  100. Muhammad Usman says:

    I am also ready to take action in courts against DHA; for not handing over the possession intime and for the delayed development works.

  101. Hassan says:

    Dear All

    We cant resolve this delay on internet…we have to organize a collective protest.

    Akthar above and myself will take lead as someone has to do somethig. All you have to do is SMS me or Akthar your name so that we can maintain a list and as soon as we reach around 1000, we will call a protest.

    Please sms me on 0345-8599000 saying “DHA Valley Protest” so that i can keep you saved in my phonebook. All of you also please do the same and get in touch we as many people as possible – we need 1000 atleast to make a difference here.

    Please lets do something of our hard earned money.


  102. Syed Mujtaba Gardezi says:

    DHA Valley is a housing project by Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad launched in 2008 and located adjacent to DHA Phase-II Extension on Islamabad highway. The project is a joint venture of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town and Habib Rafiq Private Limited. It is planned to be a secure gated community with parks, utilities, shopping and commercial areas, schools, mosques and hospital.

    The master plan also includes the following projects; DHA Valley Overseas Block, DHA Homes, DHA Commercial Avenue.

    DHA Valley is connected to Islamabad Highway by a six lane DHA Expressway which spans through the major phases of DHA Islamabad.

  103. AFTAB AHMED says:

    sir we are with you go ahead ,, its too much,, we cant wait more,, we must raise for our rights,,, my number oo971563837757 we join hand with you sir

  104. Farrukh Humayun says:

    Dear Gents,
    The delay was inevitable at the time of launching of project. we trusted on DHA name & invested our hard earned money. the worst part is that there is no feed back from DHA management for this delay & furthermore no tentative date of hand over the possession. We, as living abroad can’t pay visits to them on regular basis, hence request to all those people living in the vicinity to gather & at least protest against DHA to get the electronic media attention. We haven’t seen any complain in any of the most viewed channels like ARY, GEO etc. we would appreciate if some one can approach to them & request them to highlight this issue in their channels just to stir DHA.

    • javed Iqbal says:

      Dear all
      Assalam o alikum
      Farrukh bhi main aap say agre karta hon , DHA plots k baray main ager soon progress hum logon ko chahiye to humain soon seriously step lanain hon gain , otherwise DHA more play with us , yeh baat bilkul sahi hai keh jo log abroad main hain , yeh log hamesha pakistan nahen hotey,
      abhi hum sub ko mil kar is problem ka solution nikalna hai, meray hiyal k mutabic hamain 2 ya 3 step zaror othnain chahiye,,,,,,
      1-kissi tarekey say Malik Riaz sahib ya oon k betay tuk approach karna chahiye,,
      2-kuch members ARY GEO SAMA chennels walon ko call kar k DHA office k samnain road block karna chahiye ,,,pur ammen reh kar ,,,
      3-wahan par ye baat kahain keh MALIK RIAZ sahib say baat karwa dain , woh hamari problem sunnain , phir hum log hut jain gain….
      4-Media walon ka hona bohut zarori hai,,,,
      yeh hum sub key genuine problem hai,,,,
      Allah hum sub key madud karey,,

      • Muhammad Rafi Chaudhry says:

        It is great advise. We have to do something otherwise investor never help us. We have already waste a time. I am with u. Thanks

  105. Rashid says:

    If I wanna sell my 5 Marla plot in Bluebell,DHA Valley how much I can get for this, please advice.

  106. Hi, my name Younus Shaikh. I am interested in buying 8 marla plot located at Bluebell Block. Please contact me via whatsapp at 00966554788140. I will deal with the only file that has no arrears and clean up to date records and receipts of each payments. Thank you,

    You may contact via Email: younushaikh@gmail.com

    Best regards,
    Younus Shaikh
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  107. mudassir says:

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    any good demand

  108. Anwar says:


    Aao baghartoo valley ki progress k baray mai kuch to information do.


  109. Muhammad RAFI Chaudhry says:

    Be careful. It should be very careful in the sélection of words. No doubt I am also worried about such delay. I am an 60 years old man. Let We pray for management to do something for old people.

  110. ali says:

    Dear All,

    I am interested in commercial plot in DHA Valley. If any brother is interested to sale, kindly give me your contact number or email me at sabernwl@gmail.com. Thank you all and stay blessed.


  111. shah says:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    I need 8 or 4 marla commercial plot in Lilley or Oleander block I will pay resionabe profit please contact me by email chickenhutuk@live.co.uk
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  113. Asif says:

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  114. Asif says:

    eglantine 5 marla plot
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    any good demand
    contact me

  115. F B says:

    Assalam o alaikum, Dear buyers please exercise extreme caution, before buying visit the site, see the state of development and meet few agents, some of them will guide you correctly.The majority of overseas Pakistanis either paid all instalment or in some cases last instalment is not paid on the advice of DHA. Since 3 to 4 years DHA Islamabad is not responding to our courier mails even.It seems that overseas Pakistanis were crooked and fooled by above trio. I will appreciate if my claims are refuted by concerned authorities.
    Any member visited the site specially overseas blocks please do wrote few lines and up date about the state if development.
    Thanks and regards.

  116. mansoor asad says:

    Required 8 Marla in oleander..
    Contact 03035755181 asad

  117. tariq tarar advocate says:

    Dear readers. I want to buy 8&5 marla homes in dha homes .Please send me email with full detailed information and final demand
    tariq tarar advocate

  118. Imran Khalid Wahla says:

    Respected sir,
    Please up date me about dha velley block Eglentine , plot no.20, street no.21.

    • mohammad ali says:

      Now inshahallah DHA valley give good news to all overseas Pakistan I hope I have plot in magnolia 7 street 8 mala category general demand reasonable 18 lacs direct from owner call 03323156932

    • mohammad ali says:

      Salam inshahallah DHA valley price boost I like to sell my plot 8 mala category general dha valley Mongolia street 7 demand 18 lacs only if any serious buyer also all installment paid open file call 03323156932 direct from owner

  119. Hafiz says:

    Dear All,

    Im interested to buy DHA 5 marla house, If any owner want to sale or advice as many experts around me to advice me regarding this investment.

    Cell: 03009272210

  120. Hammad says:

    I want to buy 4M commercial plot in DHA valley on cash and urgently.

    Let me know if anyone interested selling it with best price.

    Thanks & regards

  121. tariq tarar advocate says:

    Dear readers. I want to buy 8 marla3 bedrooms house in dha homes islamabad .if some one want sell his house please send me details and contect me. Regards. tariq tarar
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  122. tariq tarar advocate says:

    Salam.dear readers.
    I think the progress of work in dha valley is very poor and it will take 2/3 years to hand over the possession of dha homes. Tariq tarar

  123. M Sohail Tariq says:

    I want to purchase a plot of 8 Marla in DHA Valley.
    Please tell me any one willing to sale
    Contact 0333 5511100

  124. saber says:

    Dear All,

    you are all requested to please update about DHA valley development. thanking you in anticipation!

  125. faizan says:

    arround 1000 homes would be delivered in september as per mgmt. but as per my prospective it would be delivered in december 2015 what i saw today after visiting the site.

  126. faizan says:


    please read the above mentioned article to understand what Malik Riaz do

  127. This was a very funny investment due to lucurative incentives by the management.I after retirement invesyed with hope to get some good return,But it was surprise that neither the possession given nor any incentive for the delay,instead threatened messages have been conveyed that the plots will be cancelled if installments are not paid.Kindly all investers are requested to write to the management for early possession with out any penalties due to no reason of individuals.Regards to all. Lt Col (R)Mehdi

  128. Tasadduq says:

    I want to buy 8 marla DHA Home in DHA valley. Direct sellers to please contact. Cash payment.

  129. DHA Gujranwala best invetsmint time
    1 kanal and 10 marla Files Available
    Rana Abubakr

  130. I need a commercial 8 marla in Tulip or Oleander block.plz contact wd me on my e-mail address wd final price. miqbal 1961@hotmail.com .

  131. IMTIAZ says:


    • Sahil Tarar says:

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      Sahil Tarar

    • F B says:

      Imtiaz Sahib Aoa,
      I am interested in selling 8 marlas plot in Sunflower overseas block. Another 8 marlas plot for sale in bogenvilla block.All instalments are paid except last one. Please give your offer if you are really interested. Regards. Fahim Ashraf. fbalkhi@yahoo.com

  132. Bilal Mehmud says:

    Anyone want to buy 8M plot in DHA Valley – Lilly block please contact directly at 03335132486. No brokers.

  133. safdar ali says:

    ihave buy a plot in dha velly over seas block i paid 3 instalment to dha velly when i fear about dha managment they are not giving us possession of plots so i stoped payment to dha and still they have not giving possission to alloties and they make fine to the alloties and now they have cannencelled plot so iam wory about my payment wich i have pait to fha how i can get my payment from dha athorty please any body gide me pleaes thank a lot

  134. Muhammad Rafi Chaudhry says:

    I have a 8 Marlas plot in IRIS BLOCK DHA VALEY I want to but sell it Plz inform ira price thanks MUHAMMAD Rafi Chaudhry

  135. Murad Khan says:

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  136. Khurram Ansar says:

    I want to sell my plot measuring 08 Marla in Jasmine Block DHA Valley with corner boulevard.Interested and genuine buyers nay contact.


    Khurram Ansar

  137. Khurram Ansar says:

    I want to sell my plot measuring 08 Marla in Jasmine Block DHA Valley with corner boulevard.Interested and genuine buyers nay contact.


    Khurram Ansar

  138. syed says:

    5 marla residential plot in Lavender dha valley Islamabad required.

  139. syed says:

    5 marla residential plot in Lavender dha valley Islamabad required. serious sellers may contact on my email.

  140. Noor says:

    Want to sell my 2000 Sq yard plot in DHA city Karachi. If interested, please contact

  141. Zulqarnain says:

    Assalam o alaikum. I hv plot in dha valley. I have all deposit slip so plz tell me what wil be ist step now, how i can open the file , normally to open the file, how many days r required thanks a lot

  142. Engr Faheem says:

    If anyone is looking to sale his plot 8M in DHA Valley, please contact me. Preferable Blocks are Bluebell, Rose, Tulip, Gardenia, Daisy, Sunflower.


  143. Asif says:

    5 marla residential plot in Eglantine dha valley Islamabad
    i want sale please sent your demand

  144. abdul muiz says:

    what is the timing for dha islamabad main office

  145. mir arif yakub says:

    the dha valley site is basically a water fill/pondage area for the dam closeby….the dha and bahria grabbed the land and sold it to public and started making villas….the court asked them will these villas be swimming in the water dispelled by the dam….what will be the decision no one knows…nab/fia are the ones to come to our assistance and tell us what next…why arent they following case and bring it to its mantaqi anjaam….perhaps the present saviour of pakistan the army chief save the public and millions of their investments and take our duas….and finally nothing will happen if we do not get together and rally in front of ghq …lets get together soon…any date in mind….

  146. Malik says:

    Dear All,
    There is no update on official DHA website. Why DHA management is quite on this issue and not publishing the current situation. If they dont have money to spend on this project then how they can start new projects. Shame on DHA management for looting the hard earned money of Pakistani people.
    The funny thing is that they are imposing fine on late installment but how they will justify for their delays.

  147. Amir says:

    Assalam o alaikum

    I would like to buy a 8 Marla plot to build my house, I am looking for advice, how long it would take to start construction? and how much is the cost for the plot?


  148. kaleem ullah says:

    No thanks

  149. kaleem ullah says:

    Dear All, DHA valley jo 2012 men hand over hona thi, project itna late ho chuka hay magar DHA managment ko koi shsrmindagi nahen. DHA Oasis karachi shiru kar diya hay. O bhi pehly aik project to complete kar lo phir dosra dtart karna. Magar afsoos pakistani awam ko aur tang kiya ja raha hy

  150. Rahat Shakoor Rao says:

    I have 2 plots in DHA valley, I have paid all the due installment and membership card fees, but since long time i didn’t get my membership card or any feed back for DHA Islamabad.

  151. Syed Ali Kazmi says:

    AOA – I am looking to sell my 8 Marla plot located in Sunflower Block. I dont really need the money but would consider if I get a tempted offer. All installments and surcharge is clear and nothing outstanding.

    Text/Whatsapp me on: 00447951089543

  152. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Dear All

    Today on 28.10.2015 DHA announced possession date 15.12.2015 for DHA Valley.

  153. Muhammad RAFI CH says:

    They will give possession of Hills

  154. Fahim Yousuf says:

    What is the status of development work and updation of market prices in DHA Valley.

  155. Khurshid Khan says:

    I have a 8 marla plot in DHA Valley Overseas , Sunflower Block.
    100% paid. Plot is in my name.
    Give me the best offer.
    One news I heard from someone Bahria Offering alternate plot to DHA Valley Overseas is it true? Someone received email from Bahria (Remember DHA Valley Overseas is joint venture with Bahria Town)

  156. Farid ahmad says:

    I want to sale my plot five marla corner plot levandour want best rate
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    • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

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  157. Khalid khan says:

    Sale purchase of dha valley on cash payment

  158. Khalid khan says:

    Sale purchase of dha valley on cash payment

  159. SAB says:

    Need Help, I am new Investor for DHA Valley ISB, anyone can give me honest opinion to invest here or not since its already delayed and lots of controversies and rumors running in the market for this DHA project. Why people above are selling it, if it is long term investment so how much expected time to give possession?


  160. Muhammad Jamil says:

    any body want to sell commercial plot in rose contact me through email

  161. Abdul Rafay says:

    I am interested in 8M plot in Bluebell area, please inform me about the price and status at Site


    • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

      Dear Abdul Rafay;
      if u want to purchase in blue bell or any other blok file plz feel free to contact me on following cell numbers.

      Syed Adnan Gardazi
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    • Shan says:

      I have got 8 Marla plot in blue Bell want to sell
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      Serious buyers plz

  162. My instalement is due but Cash deposit Slip of DHA Valley is not available in HBL Kashmir Road Rwp. I try more times to inform at telephone number 0515788296 but the number is no reply. So please send deposit slips in the concerned bank so that we could deposit the amount. Please also tell the progress of development work. Thanks.

  163. kk says:

    I have 8M plot in Bluebell and 5 Marla DHA homes. all installments for both. I want to sell them. anyone know whats the market trend and current prices? please help.

    • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

      Dear kk I m ready to provide you current situation of market.i give you better offer as compare to market plz feel free to contact me on

      Syed adnan Gardazi
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    • Sardar ammad sabil says:

      Sir I will give you the best price plz contact me 03122778007

  164. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Dear All,

    Can any body tell me the current price of Gloxonia Block 5 marla general plot, I see a tweet of Mr. Malik Riaz that prices of DHA Valley increased upto 30-40%.

    Best regards,
    Saeed Ahmed

    • Sardar ammad sabil says:

      Sir rate is little bit batter but not very good for any kind of information about dha valley plz contact without any hesitation 03122778007 sardar ammad sabil

    • Sardar ammad sabil says:

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  165. DHA Valley Islamabad 5/8 Marla residential, Commercial 4/8 Marla and 5/8 Marla DHA Homes.
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  166. Shadil says:

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  168. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Dear All AOA

    As per Malik Riaz Hussain tweet possess of DHA Valley customer give in next week

  169. Syed adnan Gardazi says:

    Dha valley files sale/purchase on Cash payment.

    Syed adnan Gardezi
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  170. Ahsan says:


    I want to sale my DHA Valley plot in Gloxinia block 5 marla 11 paid. Corner plot near to main boulevard 120 feet. Please contact urgent sale reasonable demand.

  171. Ahsan says:


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  173. Fuzail says:

    I have a 8 Marla plot in Oleander block. I am willing to sell it for 18 lacs. Or close.

  174. masood ahmad says:

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  176. kashif says:

    can any body tell me the price of 8marla eglantine corner/11.5 paid open file price.

    Thanks in advance

  177. Rashid Malik says:

    DHA Phase II Certificates Available
    DHA has Successfully Completed Phase II from sectors A to J, and Sector K to P on the Other side of Express way, all that area from A to P is Ready for Inspection & Residence.
    For the investors who want to Invest in DHA upcomming sectors in near future they have a chance to Purchase DHA Certificates of Phase II (Extension side) ….ON THE VERY SAME AREA
    Paid Certificates: All Development Charges Paid – so number of plot is allotted
    Unpaid Certificates Due in next 2-3 years by DHA: – so number of plot is not allotted

    Certificates Available

    Center Poin Plaze
    Office#1, Opposite Bahria Entrance

  178. DHA FORUM says:



    Centeral Point Plaza
    Office#1, Opposite Bahria Entrance


  179. Abdul says:

    I wan to sell my DHA Valley corner 8 Marla plot in Marigold. Please advise me @ arskito2008@gmail.com, What is price?


  180. Ali Ansari says:

    Anyone who want to sell their 5 Marla Corner Plot transferable please contact me full demand with block name
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  181. Faisal khan says:

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  182. Fatima says:

    Assalama Alaikam
    I need info about some blocks which are already acquired .. How we can find out the development process.

  183. Syed adnan Gardazi says:

    DHA VALLEY residential, commercial; homes sale purchase on cash payment.For detail please contact.

    Syed Adnan Gardezi
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  184. Hamid says:

    This nation is full of shit. Dump them in a hole. Fuckers including DHA and corrupt General!!! Ass holes

  185. Nadeem says:

    Dear All,

    Any person interested to purchase my plot in DHA Valley SUNFLOWER block with 8M plot size. serious buyer can contact me at mcsnadeem@gmail.com

    Nadeem Shahzad

  186. DHA Valley Islamabad
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  188. Ahmed says:

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    • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

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    • Sibghat says:

      Hi Syed
      what is the current status of overseal valley?
      how much i can get for my 8m plot in overseal valley Sunflower block?

      • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

        Aoa sibgat.i required oversease block files on cash.if you want to sale you can contact.
        Syed adnan Gardezi
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  190. Shahid Iqbal Lone says:

    I have two plots 8 maralas each, One in marigold and other in Iris block. I want to sell them. Presently I am working in Saudi Arabia. Please interested send their offer on my e-mail.


  191. Akhter Malik says:

    Dear All the prices are getting better in Oleander and adjacent blocks because of the new links road from Kallar Syedan side, current rate is almost 5 Lack profit and this will shoot immediately after the completion of this link road.

    • Zahir Malik says:


      I have 5M plot in BoganVella, can you tel me what is the price now int he market.

      FOR any kind of information about dha valley islamabad .for sale and purchase or information about any block of dha valley. Dha home s.about development. Plz contact us without any hesitation. For sale and purchase plz contact us we can provide you best offer of your plot.
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  192. H.J.B says:

    Hi, I have 8 Marla (Corner) – Tulip Block. Please share update regarding this blocks future after dam construction.

    • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

      Sir if you have any querry regarding dha valley you can contact with me anytime without any hesitation.
      Syed Adnan Gardezi
      03335634154 (whattupp)

  193. babar says:

    this is the high time that the fraud made by DHA should be taken to the court, DHA is pathetic.

    • SAB says:

      Is it true that DHA Valley sale purchase is increased or its just Real Estate people hikes? any hope that they will really deliver plots? My agent saying that buy now in future all blocks price will be double after first possession of any block in 2-3 Months? Pls. guide and serious suggestion.

  194. Malik says:

    SAB can you please share the contact no of the real estate agent you mentioned? I also have a file, need to get advice.Thanks

  195. shehzad says:

    My dear innocent overseas Pakistanis,

    Assalamoalaikum. Please remember one thing! All the property dealers, housing schemes developers all befool us. We are a very easy prey to their greedy tactics. All these bloody money grabbers loot the innocent people who want to have a house of their own but because of the tricks and dishonest connections between real estate developers and dealers, the worst sufferers are overseas pakistanis.
    DHA Valley has also looted us in the name of DHA (A pak army project) but I’m sorry to say our army has also lost its credibility by introducing such schemes.

    In future please remember never to invest in Pakistan
    Never invest in Pakistan

    • Syed adnan Gardazi says:

      DHA Valley sale/purchase on Cash payment.
      if you have any querry regarding Dha valley you can contact without any hesitation.
      For details please contact us.
      Syed adnan Gardezi
      Feroze Estate
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  196. Syed Aamir Shah says:

    i am looking to purchase 5 and 8 marla plots in DHA valley .
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    • SHADIL AMAN says:

      i intended to sale my 5 mals plot in bongenvela intrested buyers can contact me to fallowing mobile number in Qatar


  197. Syed Aamir Shah says:

    i am looking to purchase 5 and 8 marla plots in DHA valley .
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    regards Aamir syed

  198. ROSE BLOCK 5 MARLAS CORNOR 1200000 says:


  199. Syed adnan Gardazi says:

    Dha valley Sale/Purchase on cash payment.
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    Syed adnan Gardezi
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  200. Asmat Khan says:

    if any body give the updates about marigold sector dha islambad………….plzzzzz

  201. Farhan says:

    Can any expert confirm, whats the market value of Bogenvelia 8 marla residential plot? I am willing to sell mine.


    I want to sell my plot 8 Marla in IRIS Block hope profit 5,00,000/_ Anybody i interested. Paid all installment

  203. Syed adnan Gardazi says:

    Dha Valley Residential plots Commercial plots Dha Homes sale/Purchase on Cash Payment.
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  204. Abdullah says:

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  205. Umair Arif says:

    I have 8 Marala DHA home, in DHA valley. open file , fully paid. I am asking 61 Lacs. Please email me if your interested.

  206. Suhaib says:

    Hello all
    I just visited the DHA vally oleander block on 10 May 2016where homes are constructed the development is rapid from kalar saidan side. Property agents are trying to demoralize the present owners as most of them are living abrode and dont know the factual position. Please b patient and keep ur hopes alive dont through ur investment like this you have waited so many years just wait a year or 2 you will earn a lot of profit. Thnx for reading. Suhaib Siddiqi

    • Amin says:

      Yes it’s a game of patience. Slow & Steady wins the race.

    • Syed Amir says:

      Thank you Suhaib for sharing your observation & information, Really appreciate your effort.

    • shadil says:

      many thanks brother for updating us it is really long way waiting for us and hoping that will get some benefit after long wait,
      and again since you visited there what abbot other plots progress ? we can start construction?

      I would appreciate for your reply.

  207. Azhar says:

    hi all

    if i sale transferable 5 m plot of IRIS Sector, what will be the price which i gained

    • Adnan says:

      Dha valley Sale/Purchase on Cash payment.
      For detail please contact:
      Syed adnan Gardezi
      03335634154 (whattsapp)

    • Nouman Ahmed says:

      Mins one Lac on paid amount but my advice is wait and don’t sale it now wait at least one year

  208. Nouman Ahmed says:

    For sale purchase in Dha valley plz contact us Nouman Ahmed from S.n.S Real Estate contact number 03335542846

  209. shazad khan says:

    This is too much I block my amount in this duffer society .. Shame on u Dha valley Islamabad this my last and first mistake to invest.. I py triple rent of house waiting of possion letter.. Shame on u shame on u Dha Islamabad valley shame on u..

  210. Shakeel Ahmad says:

    Dear respected, Assalam-o-Alaykum; I am selling my rectangular plot which dimensions are 54 x 90 = 4860 Square Feet located at Hakla Road Sector E-18 Opposite Block A Gulshan-e-Sehat in Islamabad. Motorway is 300 meters far from this plot and it is at a very prime location not in depression in any way. After the formal inauguration of Islamabad Airport its price/worth will be many times higher. So, the real investors are invited to buy this property for a great return in coming months. Contact me for more details @ my cell # 0314-9506500.

  211. tayyab says:

    Aoa everyone
    please tell me i am purchasing file in lilly for 12.95 lakh with 11 paid, what is the meaning of 11 paid and how much is required further to be paid. I am confused is it a safe investment?

  212. Syed Sajid Gardezi says:

    DHA valley Islamabad
    4 & 8 marla comercials
    5 & 8 marla residentials
    5 & 8 marla DHA Homes
    for sale/purchase please contact.
    Syed Sajid Gardezi

  213. Maha says:

    Hi Salam!
    Can anyone plz update abt the daisy block and overall progress abt dha valley plz
    How much more to wait before possesion in real starts..?

  214. Bilal says:

    How long it will take more for the possession of DHA homes?

  215. Rizwan says:

    I have 5 Marlas in IRIS Block. Plz convey Rates and advise. Registration # is DYI-003734



  216. Fahad says:

    My advice to all affecties of DHA valley is first to gather infront of isb ptess club with justified demands including date f possession, compensation etc.
    Meantime find the right mailing adress of GHQ and send complaint on it and share this adress with others.

  217. Fahad says:

    Plrade launch your complaints on ISPR website through contact form as well as written application on their adress

  218. Shaheen says:

    Please forget about DHA valley or DHA Homes, just consider your hard earned investment is gone drain.

    Please do not buy any thing at DHA valley or DHA homes.

    There is nobody stronger than the land mafia in Pakistan, they are not afraid of almighty Allah.

    • Ashraf Balkh says:

      Dear Sufferers AOA,
      I’m also a victim of DHA/Malik Reyaz and Habib Rafique, since DHA received all payments therefore, we must send our complaints to GHQ Rawalpindi, Chief Minister Punjab, Ombudsman Rawalpindi and NAB Rawalpindi. Members are in thousand and if few hundred complaints are lodged, am sue action will be taken.Kindly don’t forget to send it to GHQ and explain the matter and suffering due to DHA’s inefficiency.
      Only writing on internet will do nothing. Please approach above offices and ask for quick justice.Specially overseas Pakistanis got to be active in sending complaints to them.Best regards.Ashraf B

  219. Afzaal Sharif says:

    I am interested to sell my 5M plot in Bogenvelia. All installments has been paid.

    What is latest price?


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      • Mian Muhammad Ashraf says:

        Dear Gardazi Sb aoa. I have a plot in Marigld 8 marla. Transferable what price ? Please contact my cell No.03315131962

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  222. shahid javaid says:

    Can any body tell the future of Bogonvalia as I have 3 plots over there.
    Plus what happened to the proposal to transfer a plot in Baharia.

  223. iqbal says:

    Dear All ,
    I want to buy two nos 4 marla Commercial plots in DHA Valley Islamabad, if any body want to sale please contact my uae no. +971509732998

  224. mustafa says:

    Assalam o Alikum

    I want to sell my 8 marla plot#98 Boulevard Road#4 ROSE block. All dues clear and have the provisional allotment letter. please send your offer at: khattakm@yahoo.com

  225. Mohammad Ali says:

    I have corner plot in lily 8 marla all dues 12 installments paid and i have provisional allotment letter to please send me your offers as i want to sell it and lily is one of the block possession expected soon.

    my email is xdjalix@gmail.com
    Whatsapp is 00353862002009


  226. sohail says:

    I want to sell 2 x 8 Marla plots in Marigold. One is fresh open all dues clear. 2nd is 11 paid transferable, main Boulevard plot. All interested to send Offer at rrsohail123@yahoo.com.

  227. Ali Jamal says:


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  228. Rizwan says:

    I want to sell my 5 Marla residential plot in Iris Block. All dues are clear.

    kindly send your offer at badarrizwan67@yahoo.com

    Thanks & Regards

    Badar Rizwan

  229. Akhtar Ali says:

    Dear I want to know about the current status of DHA Valley, is there any transfer offer valid to Bahria.

    What is the current price. why DHA not taking interest to develop this sector.

    DHA asking to poeple for late charges is there any fine imposed to DHA if they not completed their work on time and many peoples suffering.

    Why not government taking action against DHA Valley.

    Please send me update if any.

  230. Usman Azeem says:


    I have 8-Marla plot in Sun flower block and i am desperate to sell this plot at 25% lower than market rate.

    Anyone interested pl contact me.


  231. ZAHIR says:

    8-Marla Oleander Block, DHA Valley for sale.
    Please freely contact: 0300 538 3812. E-mail: zahir772@yahoo.com

  232. ashraf says:

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  234. Syed adnan Gardezi says:

    Dha Valley Sale/Purchase on Cash payment.
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    • babar says:

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      • Zahir says:

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  235. We provide short term land investment in side DHA Homes for 2-3 months with assured profits, all lands on GT Road from Rawat to Mandra and cheap form housing lands around DHA valley and extension with good futuristic prospects.

    We also provide land for agriculture at as low as 135’000/- a kanal with in 30-35 minutes from Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

  236. Syed adnan Gardezi says:

    I want to sale 5 marla plot in bluebell sector transferable.if anybody who want to purchase can contact with me on

  237. Ahmad Butt says:

    Call for updates
    Ahmad Butt

  238. Azhar Iqbal says:

    Hi all

    if any one can tell, what is the latest possession status in dha vally.

    how much more time will be needed.

  239. Aqib Abbasi says:

    I want to know what is the current progress in dha valley daisy block how much time required to complete this project. what is the current price of 5 marla plot

    • Ahmad Butt says:

      daisy block is under development but work is being done properly now.daisy 5 marla plot is around 2 lac profit. hopefully in this December rates will rise with the possession . bluebell magnolia and sunflower these three block are almost ready for posession.

      • Sheikh says:

        i went to Isb specially to visit our plots and people there were telling us confidently that end of the year you will receive your plot and i am talking about 2013.
        they are still saying the same thing, they manage smartly cuz most of us lives in foreign and they are managing it quietly no one raizes its voice cuz non of us have time to follow law suites.
        so we are just like a sitting duck if we receive we be Thanks God and if we didnt then all we gonna do is scream on net.
        it still needs 3 years in 2020 they will start handing over mark my words.

        • Ahmad Butt says:

          dear mr sheikh.
          may i know that u physically visit the Dha valley or just talk with people in islamabad? i guess u didnt visit it. if you go there these days you will know how swiftly they ate doing their job. i strongly believe that in coming month they will announce one or two blocks possessions. i mentioned earlier that the inaugural ceremony of jamia masjid in dha homes was done in 27th october.
          sunflower,bogunveli and bluebell is almost ready for possession. dha homes r ready for possessions. if anyone want , i can whatsapp u the clips of ready dha homes.
          Ahmad Butt

          • Sheikh Rauf says:

            Good day,
            Thank you for your concern Mr. Ahmad i did come and visit in 2013 it was not even 20% completed and they took us on tour where they clain end of the year it will be or 2014’s start.. every end of the year they claim next year they will hand over and begning of the year they says by dec. its been 10 years buddy. we have been waiting i cud have bought anything 10 years ago and they cud tripple the investment by now and here we been suggesting by people sell it. we have this lizard in our mouth that we cant swallow or throw.
            We are waiting since we have no other option the money i had to built houses here i spent it somewhere els:).This is what happend when they keep chaning their stances.
            Are you official of DHA or dealer Mr. Ahmed?

  240. Malik Azhar Ismail says:

    I want to sale 5 marla plot in iris block transferable.if anybody who want to purchase can contact with me on

    Azhar Malik

  241. Qaiser says:

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  242. Qaiser says:

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  244. Ali Muhammad says:

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  245. Akhter says:

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    • Syed adnan Gardezi says:

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      Syed adnan Gardezi

  246. Jamil says:

    Dear all suffered Pakistanis

    What happened in past in DHA Valley, just forget it. Please show your passion, and wait for reaping, I am not property guru, adviser, but a common man, but I believe, this project definitely will give reward in case of investment purpose , and a good peaceful, beautiful , location in case dream living . So don’t throw your plot: Onay Ponay “but wait till maximum 2018

  247. shakeel says:

    hi i am livin indubai, i have 8 marla plot in sun flower block but no any update pls give any update thanks.

    • Syed adnan Gardezi says:

      Dha valley residential plot Commercial plot Dha homes sale/purchase on Cash payment.
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    • Syed adnan Gardezi says:

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      For more detail please contact
      Syed adnan Gardezi
      Feroze Estate(Dha athorised agency)

    • HASSAN KAMAL says:

      dear MR,SHAKEEL in comming two or three months dha is giving posession to one block at that time file prices will gain some value that will be ur time to sale ur asset.
      as for u to know my brother is also in DUBAI and also stuck with his investment here.
      i gave him the same advise.ca email me on hassan4119@gmail.com

  248. AHMED says:


  249. SYED RAZA ALI says:

    Dear brother

    I am interested to buy DHA home .regarding this any information .please let me know


  250. sohail says:

    aoa…. i visited the Dha valley in the last month.Dha homes are almost in a finishing mode.Bluebell,sunflower and one or two blocks are about to complete,working is swift and will be ready for possession in just 2 or 3 months… so dont loose your hopes,high return for your investment will be soon.

  251. Ayaz says:

    @Sohail, are you agent or dha employee?

    @Ahmad Butt, can you post the images here of overseas blocks for which possession will be given this year?

    Is there any official update on the possession ?
    What is the process of opening file, i have paid all the dues?

    Thanks in anticipation


  252. Khan says:

    Some one needs to take the charge from the army. And give the development to some one who can manage it. These fouls don’t know what they are doing? And probably using the money to buy cars for their families, just like they painted the yellow cab in black and later used those for their families. Pak army is a mafia which is almost holding 80% of the assets of this country.

    • Ashraf Balkh says:

      The main culprits are Bahria Foundation and M/S Habib Rafique, these two are responsible for the development obviously DHA Islamabad received all payments from us and they are are to hand over the developed plots, unfortunately DHA Islamabad is not bothering about its commitment.We have to pressurise DHA Islamabad to deliver the developed plpts quickly.

    • Sheikh Rauf says:

      DHA is kind of mafia run by alot of people from different back grounds mojority is retired Army. it was design to build a society for people who are in Arm force. civilian came later cuz we get alot more money.
      we have to realize they people in Army are from us or from our society. it was my life time investment which i bought 2 plots with. we sud blame ourselves instead of the only organization we have. i dont suggest anyone to blame Army cuz of the investment we expect to be double which i believe it is.
      please dont criticize Pak army they are still better than million others in Pakistan

  253. Ahmed says:

    Any update about block SNOWDROP development and possession.

  254. Asif says:

    status of Marigold block. 40 percent is cleared for development. what about rest 60 percent?

  255. qasim says:

    hi dear all, i have also a plot of 8m in overseas valley. i lives in uae, am still w8ing the news about compleations of overseas block. i dont know howlong have to w8 more.owww God Please help us……
    Guys if some one is willing to lead us, we r with him and wil support him to fight our case in all the related platforms.

  256. Ali Ansari says:

    Totally fraud and failed project….

  257. Mohsin Ali Awan says:

    Soon Possession….
    Dear valued clients we are offering you a best chance of safe and highly profitable investment in the most famous and charming block of Dha Valley Islamabad.
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    There are 5 & 8 Marla Residential Plot.D.H.A valley Contain On 20 Block Which Are on Different Location ,Prime & Height Location Project .It,s Joint Venture Of Bahria Town & D.H.A . D.H.A Valley provides inimitable lifestyle with free & secure environment surrounded by the beauty of nature and providing exclusive amenities of international standards. DHA Islamabad combines quality, excellence and International standards to give luxury of living for Overseas Pakistanis. DHA Valley Overseas Block, exclusive residential plots of 5 & 8 Marla are located at prime location.

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  258. Ali Ansari says:

    Khuda kay liey sir…..
    DHA Valley ki possession ki bat na karain….
    Next 25 year ka project hay……
    aur yeh General Raheel Sharif jaisay General
    kuch na karsakay…..
    ab DHA Valley ko bhool jaing……

    Yeh DHA kay chehray par aik badnuma dagh banta jaraha ha yeh project…..
    Allah sab ko hidayat day….Ameen

  259. Mohsin Ali Awan says:

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    I need property in dha can you give me information about your plot and your price

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  264. Shaheen says:

    Aah ko chahiye ek umr asar honay tak
    Kon jeeta hay teri zulf ke sar honay tak
    Tamam umr qayamat ka intezar kiya
    Gazab kia teray wadey pe aitebar kia

  265. Mansoor says:

    Why cant our respectable Chief Justice of Pakistan take notice of this fraud. Why cant our Chief of Army Staff take notice of such fraud by army officers (may be retired but still getting benefits like pension out of defense budget).Why media is so quite about this scam by DHA team.

    • Sheikh says:

      Dear brother,
      i would like to scream with you too in same manners but the sad story is that we all live away from home even if we have links we cant do anything people who sell their plots i think they are smart but those who still have they are smarter.
      we sud be patience insha’Allah khair.
      i dont see any hope i visited DHA valley twice and all those workers lie they gives you hope to keep this investment. they have no idea how we made these property.
      May Allah give them hidayat (ameen).

  266. Nj says:

    Jo bolta hay ya bol sakta hay, uski qeemat pay ker deta hay Malik Riaz. Trust me, he pays in billions !

    Media, adalaten aor retired Generals sub ko milta hay blackmailing aor black money men sey hissa.

    Aap log yaqeen nahi krtay, na kren lakin Itni sadgi se budhoo na banen.

  267. zaheer says:

    i would like to sell my 8 Marla plot in DHA-Valley belubel block, need send me best offer at zaheertanoli74@yahoo.com

    • iftikhar says:

      what is your demand and contact no and plot details

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      • Ali says:

        I want to sell my Five Marla Plot in DHA Valley in IRIS. I purchased this Plot to construct my sweet home but…. Selling it with broken heart. My contact number is 03025387738 (Whatsup only)

  268. Ahmed says:

    Hi.i would like to sell my 8marla p lot in Boganvilla.street28.plot no8.if anybody interested please WhatsApp on my no.00447804644741.prefer from UK.Thanks

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  269. Shujja Khan says:

    Well according to expert assessment DHA Valley seems to be doomed due to Riaz Malik.

    Basically Riaz Malik was Grade 3 Tube Well operator in Army MES. He started with small contracts and cheated in several contract in MES and HMC. His fate change after repairing gate of Admiral Mansur residence and Baheria Town takes it birth.
    In General Musharaf era, Riaz Malik BT was about to doomed due to financial trouble however BT was given a new life by connecting and hiring ex-Army Officers.

    In 2007-08, Riaz Malik BT was again in financial trouble as all its projects were not performing. However Kayani proved to be god send angel for Riaz Malik and then there was boom in Baheria Town.

    The money collected for DHA Valley and DHA City was handed over to Riaz Malik and he invest it his Baheria Projects. All Baheria project even started after DHA Valley have been completed and occupied.

    During Raheel Sharif era ; he said kill me but I do not have even a penny. Therefore Baheria Launch in Karachi and several other cities along with DHA. MQM is crushed because they take 30-40 % of every project in Karachi. The work slowly starts on DHA Valley after they collect money from launches in Karachi and other cities.

    After Raheel Shareef ; the pace has definitely slowed down. Now Riaz Malik double shah game will come its end and logical conclusion due to following reasons.

    Firstly it has so many competitors. Earlier it was clean sweep for Baheria.

    Secondly Govt official kick backs expectations from Baheria is tremendous.

    Thirdly there are rift between Baheria partners in loot just like thieves fighting over booty.

    Fourth and most importantly, I do not think he will be able to find another Major Kamran Kayani. Because the country can’t afford another Gen Ashfaq Kayani ; the architect of NRO and the one who opened doors for Zardari and Nawaz.

    Fifth Land grabing mafia is no more sustainable for Baheria because the black money has direct link with criminal’s n terrorists. Legend says Mr Ghazi sister/daughter is married to someone among Taji Kokhar. Taji Kokhar was punch man for Baheria Town Qabza Mafia.

  270. Nadeem Shahzad says:

    Asalam o Alikum to All

    I have 8 marala plot in sunflower block. Planning to sale. Please send me email as serious Bayer. mcsnadeem@gmail.com

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  274. mohammad says:

    I have 2 plots 5 marla in daisy and 8 marla in oleander , can u tell me latest situation how much price

    • Muhammad Ashraf says:

      Dear please send me all details of your plot on my e-mail for confirm offer or on cell no.03315131962. Thanks

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    I can pay 5 lac for 5 Marla plot and 6.5 lac for 8 Marla plot. In market at dealers prices are bit high . If there is any opportunity within my financial framework plz contact me.

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