DHA Vigilance Conducts Raid on Sheesha Parlor

The proliferating menace of Sheesha smoking in DHA is damaging the vitals of society. Sheesha smoking is poisonous which is not only injurious to one’s general health but is also detrimental to the growth of healthy, lively and disease free society. DHA Security and Vigilance is taking effective and prompt action against sheesha parlours operating in the Housing Authority that are encouraging the menace of smoking particularly in the teenage lot.

DHA Vigilance got the information that M/s Café Glow Night (ex Kuwaiti) located at Do Darya, Phase-VIII was running sheesha bar. DHA (S&V) mobiles took prompt action and conducted a surprise and decisive raid on the sheesha parlour. During the effective operation they confiscated 11 x Sheesha (Huqqas) from the venue. The owner of the said hotel was given a stern warning not to repeat such illegal activity in future and to abide by DHA bye laws.

DHA Vigilance is committed to provide secure, safe and peaceful living environments to DHA residents. It will continue its efforts to close down sheesha parlours operating in the area.

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