DHA Vigilance Saves a Family

DHA Vigilance is known as the Eyes and Ears of DHA which maintains a strict vigil in the Housing Authority and is always ready to respond to the help and service of residents. The mobile vans of DHA Vigilance constantly patrol the area to ensure secure and peaceful environment in the locality.

Recently two dacoits attempted to loot a family traveling in an auto rickshaw in DHA Phase-I and subsequently deprived the husband and wife of their belongings. However the rickshaw driver saw a DHA mobile on a routine patrol in the area. He shouted and asked for help in the difficult circumstances. The mobile van of DHA Vigilance immediately rushed to the venue and in a daring encounter managed to overcome and apprehend the fleeing muggers who were subsequently handed over to the local police.

DHA Vigilance is committed to provide safe, secure and hassle free living environment to residents in DHA.

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