DHAToday’s Exclusive Interview of “Syed Salahuddin Haider” – CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

Syed Salahuddin Haider is God-Father of Real Estate (Baba-e-Real Estate). He is a complete success story. A Man with principals, ethics and innovations. He changed the culture of Real Estate Industry in Pakistan and gave new dimensions to this sector and its people. He is very well know personality not only in his field, but in the whole business industry of Karachi and even internationally.

He is a complete school. He conducted many classes in his own office for the learning of Real Estate Agents of Karachi by bringing professionals from different walks of life to share their experiences by which a common man can learn and apply those to their own career. There are many big names in the Real Estate industry of Pakistan who start their career from Mr. Haider’s office and take basic learning of Real Estate from him and today they provide their services to the industry in such a professional way.

DHAToday's Exclusive Interview of Syed Salahuddin Haider - CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

Tell us who you are?

I’m Syed Salahuddin Haider, CEO of 21st Century Real Estate. I founded this company in 2001 and serving the Real Estate Industry by a proven track record of more than 25 years; through a qualified business team and expertise of international backup support. I’m also very active in CSR activities, in promotion and fund raising.

I completed my Elementary & Secondary Education for 12 years at School and College in Karachi. Got Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Karachi in 1964, then got Degree in Bachelor of Laws from University of Karachi in 1970. In August 1984, I did the Sales Person’s Course in Real Estate from Education Unlimited, New York U.S.A. Over the years, I have attended hundreds of Conferences and Workshops within Pakistan and Abroad.

When did you decide to pursue a career in Real Estate?

In 1977, I got into real estate mainly as a Investor as I was looking to buy 2-3 plots in Defence at that time. Before starting 21st Century, I founded V.I.P. Estate Company in 1983 and made it Pakistan’s Largest and the best Real Estate Agency.

21st Century Real Estate provides investment services to a network of businesses and individual clients. We engage in commercial and residential real estate brokerage, consulting and advisory services to owners, investors, managers and developers of real property. Pride in the fact that 80% of our clients are repeat business or referrals from satisfied clients.

DHAToday's Exclusive Interview of Syed Salahuddin Haider - CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

What are the Top Three Things that separate you from your Competition?

  • Marketing & PR.
  • Commitment to Service.
  • Minimum Commission of 1.2 Million.

What has been challenging as a Realtor?

I have set the stage to change the face of real estate, one agent at a time, by empowering agents with an innovative brokerage model that is already revolutionizing the way they work to help them achieve a new level of efficiency, increase their knowledge, and stand out from the rest, resulting in extraordinary services offered to all customers.

What does it take to be successful in Real Estate?

We need to provide a one-stop-shop to search, analyze, purchase, manage, rent, and sell properties in Karachi especially Defence Housing Authority and Clifton; in order to generate great results with timely and transparent solutions to customers and investors.

We must work on the principle of trust and the constant pursuit of providing the highest level of services to the clients. Firmly believe that the only way to gain the trust of clients is to be straight forward and to continue track record of achievements.

DHAToday's Exclusive Interview of Syed Salahuddin Haider - CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

Got the “CEO of the Year Award” in CEO Summit Asia 2013

Tell us about your Professional Memberships and Affiliations?

  • Member of International Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives, U.S.A.
  • Registered International Member of International Real Estate Institute, Arizona, U.S.A.
  • Charter Member International Real Estate Section of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.
  • Eminent Fellow of American Biographical Institute, U.S.A., 1995 (F.A.B.I.).
  • Member, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Member, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Member, Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) Pakistan
  • Member, Management Association of Pakistan.
  • Member, Marketing Association of Pakistan.
  • Member, Arts Council of Karachi.
  • Member, Horticulture Society of Pakistan.
  • Member, Orchid Society of Pakistan.
  • Member, Pakistan Institute of Management
  • Paul Harris Fellow Rotary Club of Karachi.
  • Member, Kiwanis International, Pakistan.
  • Member, Defence Authority Club, Phase-II, DHA, Karachi.
  • Member, Karachi Boat Club.
  • Member DA Country and Golf Club, Karachi.
  • Member, National Sailing Centre, Karachi
  • Member, Clifton and Defence Real Estate Brokers Association
  • Ex Member, Housing Advisory Group (HAG) of State Bank of Pakistan
  • Member, Consumer Protection Council, Karachi.
  • Life Member, Defence Residents Society, Karachi.
  • Member, Harvard Club of Karachi.
  • Member, Karachi Council on Foreign Relation, Economic Affairs and Law.
  • Member, Pakistan Japan Business Forum. (PJBF)
  • Member, Pakistan German Business Forum.(PGBF)
  • Member, Pakistan Italy Business Forum. (PIBF)
  • Member, Pakistan France Business Alliance (PFBA).
  • Member, Pakistan Belgium Business Forum. (PBBF)
  • Member, Pak-UAE Business Council (FPCCI)
  • Member, Pak-Morocco Business Council (FPCCI)
  • Member, Pakistan Russia Business Forum. (PRBF)
  • Member, Pakistan Srilanka Business Forum. (PSBF)
  • Member, Pakistan Australia Business Forum. (PABF)
  • Member, Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum. (PMBF)
  • Member, Organization of Pakistan Entrepreneur in North America ‘OPEN’ Karachi Chapter
  • Founder Member, PILAP (Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan)
  • Member, Cupola Foundation.
  • Member, English Speaking Union.
  • Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee on Real Estate Matters.
  • Member Executive Committee – Management Association of Pakistan.
  • and many others.

DHAToday's Exclusive Interview of Syed Salahuddin Haider - CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

Tell us about 21st Century Business & Economics Club?

21st Century Business & Economics Club is a forum of business leaders and professionals based countrywide who meet almost every month at different Hotels at Karachi, to provide humanitarian services, to encourage high professional and business standards through intellectual interaction, and by arranging talks and seminars of eminent business and economics speakers from private and public sectors, also visiting Companies and Institution to witness their practical working.

In 21st Century Business & Economics Club, we normally select group of 275 to 300 CEO’s, top personalities relating and effecting industry, engineering, business, commerce, economics, finance and society meet for frank discussion and updating at presentations, talks, seminars, panel discussions etc.

Your Top Residential & Commercial Area of DHA Karachi? Any investment advice?

Simple Answer! Phase 8 for both Residential and Commercial.

How do you see DHA City Karachi?

Very Positive. I would suggest everyone to invest in it.

DHAToday's Exclusive Interview of Syed Salahuddin Haider - CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

What do you envision yourself doing 10 years from now?

Growing 21st Century Real Estate, I believe in business and economics networking, making more related friends, exploring related business opportunities in Pakistan and abroad.

Your Top 5 must visit places in DHA Karachi?

Any Message you want to give to the readers of DHAToday?

Grow your money comparatively more through Real Estate.

DHAToday's Exclusive Interview of Syed Salahuddin Haider - CEO of 21st Century Real Estate

Syed Salahuddin Haider with M. Shafi Jakvani (CEO – CITI Associates)

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  1. Excellent and very Impressive personolity

  2. NAZAR ABBAS says:

    Very Impressive. Got wide experience and he is a successful personality.

    I am new in the Real Estate field and wish to work under the supervision of a great personality like Mr. Syed Salahuddin Haider.


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