Diamond Nursery – Indoor Plants a Breeze Away!

Interior decorations focus on furniture designs and placing. The concept is to make optimum use of the space available without cramming the room, giving a claustrophobic feeling. Irrespective of the size of the home, some aspect of greenery has to be added; not only does it adds colour, but livens up the entire space.

Diamond Nursery DHA and Clifton Karachi - Indoor Plants a Breeze Away!

A cool chilly shade from trees or surrounding plants is calming for the nerves. A general prevailing idea is that greenery in a home has to come from trees or plants planted outside a home. A general trend is noticed; people either shifting before or after in their new homes will set out to buy common plants and trees for their gardens.

Besides plants pots of flowers are often seen lined across drives or entry ways to add colour. But a thought that must cross one’s mind is that, people tend to spend more time inside their homes that outside. All the greenery and décor done outside has little or no effect on the ambience and atmosphere inside. A fairly monotonous interior decoration often seen in homes is a space filled with thick bulky furniture. The irony being all plants and pots inside homes are placed to fill up spaces and add colour only.

The idea has now changed and the perspective has shifted to indoor plants being the center of attention instead of furniture. But there seems to be a problem, not many people have a lot of information about indoor plants other than a few enthusiastic tree huggers. For all those people who are novices to indoor plants, choosing the right one for their homes is somewhat rocket science.

Greying hair over which indoor plant to buy is not advisable, instead people can head over to Diamond Nursery located at Main Korangi Road. Diamond Nursery is Pakistan’s largest nursery dealing in imported plants and flowers. Annually 30 containers are imported for Karachi alone.

Address: Main Koarangi Road, Phase 2, DHA Karachi.
Email: farhandiamond@hotmail.com
Phone: 0322-2222213 and 0300-8237083 (Farhan Yaseen)

They deal in wholesale and retail of imported plants only. Indoor plants from China, Thailand and Hong Kong are imported and sold to local retail businesses or to customers. At diamond nursery the greatest variety of imported indoor plants are available like nowhere else.

Diamond Nursery DHA and Clifton Karachi - Indoor Plants a Breeze Away!

To begin with is the lucky bamboo, which is ideal as an indoor plant. It requires moderate levels of care, but it adds a whole lot of persona to the living space. Lucky Bamboos at diamond nursery can be bought for around five (5) to twenty thousand (20) depending upon the size of the plant. Great heaps of novelty is added by the lucky bamboo plants with its twisted and curly stems which form a sort of mesh together.

Some bamboo stems may be placed in water in vases and placed around corners to brighten up the space. Besides bamboos, people can opt for hanging plants in pots if short of space. Air plants are unique and exotic which could be hung in mid-air with threads.

Diamond Nursery DHA and Clifton Karachi - Indoor Plants a Breeze Away!

While at Diamond Nursery, people, be it the novices or the enthusiasts will fall for indoor plants like Croton, Yucca and Areca Palms which though large in size are aesthetic. Ideally since the plants are all imported from countries which share a somewhat similar temperature like ours, they will be easy to maintain and care for.

Diamond Nursery at Main Korangi road is a must visit before taking decisions about buying common indoor plants for your homes.

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