Diploma in “Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management” by PIM


In today’s cut-throat competitive market environment, organizations can not afford to just satisfy customers. In order to win and retain customers, an organization needs to delight customers. This situation demands marketing and sales professionals to thoroughly understand their customers’ needs and wants and provide them a complete solution better than the competitors.


To retain customers and to open the window of opportunity for the future business, a close and professional contact with the customer has always been demanded by this cut throat situation.


  1. Marketing environment and strategic focus of the organization
  2. Environmental factors affecting sales and profits
  3. Introduction to marketing concepts
  4. Understanding customer/consumer buying models and processes
  5. Market segmentation and profiling
  6. Competitor analysis
  7. Formulating marketing and sales strategy
  8. Customer relationship management (CRM) and service requirements
  9. Role of the sales professionals in implementing the marketing strategy
  10. Critical competencies for sales professionals
  11. Designing and Managing Channel
  12. Channel Designing/Management: Application through Case
  13. Distributors ROI Management
  14. Product-Sales Management Interface
  15. Challenges in Multi-Channel Distribution
  16. Channel: a strategic and operational view
  17. Channel perspective to increase market share
  18. Goods flow and channel flow
  19. Key players and their roles
  20. Preparation and delivery of the sales presentation
  21. Negotiation
  22. Sales forecasting and budgeting
  23. Territory development and time management
  24. Cost benefit analysis of sales function
  25. Conducting sales audit


Lecture, group discussion and assignments, case studies, videos, and guest speaker’s sessions.


This program is designed for all front line and middle management professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in marketing and sales operations and who are interested in embracing them with the latest concepts and practices in the field of marketing and sales to enhance chances for their promotion.


This Program is of four-month duration. Classes will be held on Sunday (10:00 am to 4:00 pm).


The fee for the entire program is Rs- 54,000/- (Fees are Exclusive of All Taxes).

Venue: PIM Karachi
Starting Date: 29th August, 2021 (4 Months)
Time: 10am – 4pm
Days: Every Sunday
Investment: Rs 54,000/-
Event Link: https://www.pim.com.pk/product/diploma-in-marketing-sales-distribution-management-khi/

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