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Directors Meeting of ‘DHA Cogen Power and Desalination Plant’ Held at DHA Karachi

A meeting of DHA Cogen Board of Directors chaired by Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali was held at DHA Head Office to formulate a tangible strategy for early rehabilitation of DHA Cogen (Power and Desalination) plant.

The members of DHA Cogen Board including reps of commercial banks (HBL, UBL and Faisal Bank) who are investors and stake holders of the project attended the meeting and discussed the complex and complicated financial, investment and functional related issues involved in revival and rehabilitation of Cogen plant. There was a consensus in the meeting on the need to find some tangible, bold and imaginative solution of the problem to make the Cogen plant operational at all costs.

DHA Cogen Power and Desalination Plant

Administrator underlined the need of resolving the issue in a pragmatic and dynamic manner to salvage the non functional Cogen Plant which is a strategic national asset with huge social values attached to it. He emphasized on integration of financial stewardship, technical knowhow and managerial skills for resolving the teething problems of Cogen plant while at the same time safeguarding the interests of investors. He reiterated that in large public interest, DHA will play a lead role in getting the process of rehabilitation of Cogen plant expedited at all stages to redress the problem of acute shortage of water and electricity in DHA/CBC areas.

The meeting ended on a happy note which rekindled a reinvigorated hope of early rehabilitation of DHA Cogen Power and Desalination Plant.

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